“Beating incident last night at 8th and S St, NW”

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From the MPD listserv:

Three young black males were seen beating and kicking a young white male last night around 2 am near 8th and S St last night on the sidewalk of the 1800 block of S. We heard the disturbance outside, I opened our front door and screamed at them to stop. One of the assailants aimed a gun at me as the victim fled on foot and the other suspects piled into a waiting car. The police responded quickly, although everyone had already left the seen.

No idea about how the incident started, but if anyone has any information about this crime the police (and the unknown victim, no doubt) would likely appreciate it.

Terrifying. There have been no responses by MPD or others as of 10am. I’ll be sure to update if/when more info becomes available.

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  • Was this across from the liquor store or church? What side of the street?

  • thank god for the neighbor. probably saved this guys life.

  • There isn’t a liquor store at 8th and S. You’re thinking of 7th. 8th and S is rather secluded. I hope the victim is ok and the perps are caught.

  • Gang initation time. Pile in the car in SE, drive around the city, find a white boy to beat, beat him, and you’re in. What’s next? The jaw of a young white woman. The kids in this city suck. They are going to make such good fathers someday.

    • You are a stupid narcissitic racist – if you think that Black people generally go around looking for white folks to beat up, you’re nuts… chill out – the sky is not falling…

      • the only race this commenter identified was white people as victims. You’re racist to assume that whenever people talk about young punk thugs they must mean ALL black people. Chill out.

      • while this comment was really distasteful, you should do some research on gangs. initiations can range from beating/killing a stranger to being beaten yourself to (if you’re a women) being gang raped by the gang you’re joining.

    • Probably fathers already.

  • They’re nice boys and they went to church today

    • [email protected]

  • If onlythese kids had jobs and more summer programs everything will be alright. I’m sure their Becky it’s will all say how they are good kids.

    We should just build a freaking 30 foot wall around SE. Send every kid over 20 with a criminal record and air drop food and guns once a week.

    I’ve never been raciest untill I moved to DC. But seeing how the black community in thisi city refuses to admit their own problems, countinues to blame the goverment for not providing for them and refuses to take stand up and takenaction makes me sick.

  • Racism makes you feel better about everything, I’m sure.

  • It’s not racist to point out that if a group of white kids went around beating random black kids they would be considered hate crimes.

  • No, racism dosn’t make me feel good about anything. However I hate the fact that I now feel like I have watch my back any time I see a black man when I am in DC.

    I’m 30 years ol, and a combat vet Marine officer. I can handle myself. But I am now forced to be suspicious of all black men. And that is not fair to me or any black man who has no bad intentions.

    • True – this is the way I often feel in DC.

      I’m also a huge proponent of “guns for nobody”, but every day I live in DC, I start wishing more and more that I carried a gun.

      Then again, I don’t walk outside at 8th and S past 9pm, so I’m probably fine…

      • Where do you walk around past 9 pm? H St? Adams Morgan? Things like this can happen all over the city, which is what is the worst thing about it. This blog is full of people saying “be aware of your surroundings.” As many people on this post have pointed out, part of that has come to mean being aware of black men and their proximity to you. I don’t assume that every black man I see on the street at night is trying to mug me or attack me, but you have to be aware that there is that possibility. I don’t consider myself a racist and I feel terrible about doing that, but I also know that the reality of the situation is that ignoring your gut in those situations can lead the being a victim like this poor guy.

        • You are ridiculous and asking for an ass-whooping or a lifetime of paranoia. Yes it can happen anywhere but I’m way less concerned about my surroundings in Foxhall than in Congress Heights.

    • Relax sir. You should be no more suspicious of all black men as black men should be suspicious of all white men. Considering, your race’s long standing history of rape, abuse, mayhem, and slaughter in America; you shouldn’t be so quick to stigmatize an entire group based on the actions of a few.

      Crime is crime no matter where you are on the globe. You are a 30 y/o combat vet, which means you likely served in the middle east. Are you also suspicious of every Muslim you see? That would seem more logical.

      • The fact remains that while all black men are not violent criminals, virtually all of the violent criminals in this city are black men. As a white person, I’m uncomfortable acknowledging the inherent racial implications of feeling this way, but I’d a damn site rather be uncomfortable than a victim.

        • There’s no denying your claim. However, the fact remains that most blacks are still suffering the fallout of 500 years of a planned and systematic breakdown of their families by a predominately white-run government.

          Since the days of slavery, blacks have been treated less than human. They have been beaten, raped and murdered by the millions at the hands of white Americans. The same white Americans who created drug infested, and poverty-stricken neighborhoods. It’s laughable that you are so AFRAID of what your ancestors created.

          By the way, save the rhetoric that blacks have it good in this country. Are they supposed to be happy that you chopped off their hands and gave them a lifetime supply of band-aids? Even better…whites don’t force blacks to commit crime. True, you don’t. But, you built projects next door to liquor stores, and then flooded the inner cities with massive amounts of guns, PCP, Heroin, and Cocaine. (Matt P seems to be very familiar with this strategy)

          During the 60’s and 70’s when blacks were finally starting to become unified as strong and proud people, you murdered their most prolific and out-spoken leaders.
          So, to you sir, your lack of comfort is miniscule in comparison to the lack of comfort that blacks feel everyday of their lives.

          • So the very same white Americans who enslaved black Africans also built the inner city ghettos? Damn, that’s some old white men!

            The desire to cringe coupled with the urge to laugh equals me sadly shaking my head at this rambling diatribe. I can’t bother to formulate a response to such foolishness.

          • if by “starting to become unified as a strong and proud people” you mean “burning down the city, especially historically black areas of U street and shaw”, then i agree with you

          • @Michel…you can’t formulate a response, because you know I’m right.

            @Steve…no excuse for rioting except that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Pure anger and frustration over injustice.

          • Sure, darling, that’s it. It’s NOT because your rambling diatribe displayed all of the analytic sophistication of an 8th grade exposition in social studies. Not one bit.

            White = BAD, BAD people!

            Black = constant, unfortunate victim of everyone, and wholly incapable and not at all responsible for any of their own problems!

          • Oh, and Michel…your desire to cringe and laugh at the pain of others is a mere reflection of your demented character, and a warning to the civilized to avoid you at all cost. Your ignorance was also made apparent by your mockery.

          • Just when I thought you couldn’t type anything more assinine, you top yourself. I was laughing at your ridiculous, overwrought writing, not the collective pain of any people.

            Good night.

          • That’s BS. Nobody is forcing them to behave like animals.

          • My family is comprised of first and second generation Americans, so should I feel some sort of guilt because my skin makes me look white? The family of mine and my friends’ escape persecution and genocide from Eastern Europe, came to the US, were treated like dirt and work our way up in society.

            I have friends from Asian and Hispanic backgrounds, whose parents and grandparents escaped terrible situations in their homelands to come to the U.S. and fight for a better future for themselves and their descendants.

            In fact, I know maybe one person whose family roots in the U.S. date earlier than 1900. I’m not saying we can’t be part of the solution, but the idea that there are these two groups: black and white, fighting against each other since the 1700s is absurd. This country is more complex than that, and there are a great many people whose ancestors fought against the system, pulled themselves out of the gutter and made their live better (even the white Irish and Italians faced serious persecution in the U.S. for decades).

            To blame the whole situation on the “system”; families and communities need to look in the mirror and own up to their shortcomings and faults. I know Bill Cosby stirred the pot a few years ago, but he was pretty spot on.

          • my family just got here, didn’t own slaves and all we’ve seen since getting here is out of control black kids committing violent crimes. so i don’t really care about how it used to be, i care about how it is. If a group of white kids went around beating random black kids, there would be an uproar from city hall. when black kids over and over and over again commit violent crimes, it’s because their ancestors were slaves. please.

          • Very little you have said here is factually accurate. In fact, there is very little you’ve said that you could support with any amount of fact-based evidence.

          • My family dates back to the 17th and 18th Century. My ancestors had many slaves.

            What responsibility do I bear for their actions? None. No more than my descendants bear responsibility for me being a prolific anonymous poster on blogs.

        • And this is based on what statistics?

          • Mike, go get yourself a copy of A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn and prop yourself up at Mid City and have a good read. You’re welcome.

        • I’m wondering how the people who think this way manage their every day lives in DC. See a black man on the metro? OH MY GOD HES GOING TO MUG ME!!! See a black man in line behind you in safeway? OH MY GOD HIDE MY WALLET!!! See a black man pull up next to you on Connecticut Ave? OH MY GOD GUN IT, HES GOING TO CARJACK ME!!

          Seriously, have some sense. This city is what, 50% black? If you are so dim as to see all black men as threats, you’d never leave your house.

          • Unless you live in a white area and never leave it (read: many white people). We can laugh about how ridiculous that Glenn Beck adivce of not to go on the Green Line etc. was but that doesn’t mean it unoffcially holds true for many people who live in this city and never leave certain areas.

      • Bullshit.

        • Read more.

          • Read more bullshit? We all know the evil history of this country but the black community is in trouble and it’s worst enemy is it’s self. Not to excuse history but it’s time people got their sh$t together.

          • Thank you for finally acknowledging the evil history of this country, and I completely agree with the rest of your comment.

          • The evil my country has done? What country is innocent of perpetrating atrocities at some point?

            The US is pretty darned decent, since less than 100 years from when we were able to make our own laws, we banned slavery. Many other countries had a stable government for centuries before accomplishing this.

            What about genocide, starting wars with hundreds of thousands of dead, raping and pillaging, apartheid, and all of the injustices that women face across the world?

            Since the founding of our nation, we have been the source of progress, freedom, and peace more often than we have been the source of oppression, fear, and war.

            So dont give me this bullshit about how black people have a hard time in this country because of institutionalized racism. Yes, its a major problem, but its not insurmountable. Its not why there are so many black neighborhoods that are poverty stricken, its not why there are so many black men in jail and so many black women raising kids by themselves. Its not the reason why alcoholism and drug abuse run rampant in poor, inner city, black communities.

            I’m proud of my country. I know we have a lot more to do to bring about equal opportunity, but I also know that anyone who seeks to blame our country’s history for all the ills in their lives or others, is being myopic and scapegoating the system, instead of empowering themselves to break the cycle.

  • thank goodness lincoln westmoreland is increasing in size

    shaw isn’t violent enough as it is

  • Wow that is a crazy story and right where I was last night.

  • What’s strange is there is usually a police presence outside Lincoln on 8th St during the weekend. Seems pretty brazen to do a random driveby beating which this sounds like.

  • It will neve happen because DC is to far left. (I’m left on most things, but not this). But I would LOVE to see DC allow conceled carry of hand guns.

  • I’ve walked down 8th street on my way home from Town more than once at roughly 2am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning.

    Of course it’s stupid to walk home intoxicated and alone — I avoid doing that myself — but why is the consequence. People aren’t getting mugged, they’re getting the sh*t kicked out of them too. Maybe MPD could move one of the dozens of squad cars from Adams Morgan to this neighborhood on Saturday nights.

  • *edit:

    Of course it’s stupid to walk home intoxicated and alone — I avoid doing that myself — but why is this the consequence?

  • On the topic of race: No politician is willing to hold a mirror up to any community (much less the black community) in Washington D.C. It is political suicide. Remember Gray’s response to the stabbing at African American Family Day at the Zoo? He blamed the police for failing to prepare, the Zoo police for failing to communicate. He expressed that the churches and the schools and community leaders needed to express a message of non violence. At no point did he address the black community directly. I am not racist (as I don’t feel that ever make assumptions about anyone based on their race) but I am also not stupid. If I see people coming down the street or hanging on my corner fronting like thugs then I will treat them like thugs…and wish them death like thugs deserve.

    • Sorry, that comment just proved that you are both stupid, and racist.

      • Um, wrong.

      • It proved he is honest enough to be up front about his feelings, even if hyper-reactive liberals like you object. Keep hiding that head in the sand, and hoping for the government to just hug and educate the violence out of children who come out of violent environments.

        You’re useless to society.

        • me

          Agreed. He was pointing out how ridiculous it is that instead of condemning the people committing the acts, he was telling the police that it’s their fault because they should have assumed that these attacks and whatnot would have taken place. That is so illogical, I don’t know where to start. Does he think that we are in a real-life version of Minority Report?

      • Just honest… I’m resolved to be sceptic until I feel like the socially backward subset of the black community is dispersed. I’ve had black people say and do things to me that I would never IMAGINE saying or doing back. Today at a cross-walk a black man brushed shoulders with my girlfriend, turned on her angrily and said, “Watch yourself white-girl.” We are about 30 years old, generally nice, and non-confrontational… Earlier this year I was walking home and passed a young black man casually slashing tires of the vehicles on my block. No motive… just felt like it. I’m sorry, but I moved to Petworth with an open mind and the black community quickly exposed how naive this liberal mindset is. Call me a racist all you want, but if it were white people committing crimes around here…I’d be calling the cops on them too.

        • “the socially backward subset of the black community is dispersed.”

          Geez. This is chilling. What do you mean by “dispersed”? Forced displacement? It’s interesting that you call for mass human rights violation in the face of a petty insult and property crime — that you can advocate this kind of thing when you claim to “never IMAGINE saying or doing” the things “black people” say to you in the crosswalk. Check yourself. Seriously. Just because you’re saying it online and anonymous doesn’t mean it’s any less hurtful than what the dude said to you on the sidewalk.

          • Frankly, the subset that I am referring to is your enemy as well, whether you acknowledge it or not… Now you want to assume that mass displacement is my angle here, but you are wrong. I thoroughly believe that degenerates have no place in an orderly society. If you make the conscious decision to be a criminal in America you deserve no fixed address. I am vigilant and intolerant of one thing: STUPIDITY, while you seriously defend the people who are going to rob you, assault you, break into your car, sling rock in your backyard, fire guns without care. I don’t know where you live…but in my part of the city people like that do NOT deserve my trust, and some of them certainly do NOT deserve the air that they breath. Let me be absolutely clear about how I feel: If someone is so divested in society that they think nothing of committing a passionless, wonton violent crime against us, I personally think he should be dead regardless of the color of his skin. My stance has little to do with race and more to do with morality and social order… As for the crosswalk comment, my personal feelings are my own, but there is a huge difference between my having a disdain for the culture of criminal glorification and this man’s overt and bitter racism toward my girlfriend. Those are my thoughts… Now go ahead and mince my words and be indignant, if that is how you want to spend your evening. I just hope you locked your car after you parked it.

      • No it didn’t.

  • Blacks beating up white people. What’s new in this city?

  • Um I’m black. And not feeling the beware of black males comments. I’ve seen some whites and Latinos and others that give Me the heebs when I past them. Like the white guy last nite who said he was gonna set me on fire when I passed him walking to my car on Mass Ave near dupont. Shit can happen anywhere to anyone of any race. Just be aware. If I was walking alone and saw three of anyone I’m immediately on guard.

    • three guys in pinstripe suits
      three guys in pastel shirts and khaki pants
      three guys with do-rags, chains, and pants around their ankles

      yes – all equally threatening

    • Oh give me a break. Having a guy say something to you in passing is totally different than actually doing it. And you are on guard when you see three of anyone? You must live in paranoia every second of your life.

      Do really need to get out the stats on the number of black on white crime compared to white on black? I can assure you black on white beats white/Latino/Asian on black crime. Guarantee it.

    • I’m sorry you aren’t feeling it. I’m not feeling that my car got broken into by a black person. I’m not feeling that I had 2 scooters stolen this year by a black person. I’m not feeling that the people in my neighborhood selling drugs are black… and I am not feeling the generally shameful behavior of SOME of the black residents in my neighborhood. No other races are even on my radar here in Petworth… Because no one else deserves to be on my radar. I appreciate that you don’t like our hyper-vigilance… but want to make it clear that this vigilance is informed by experience. Hispanics with tats and du-rags… cruising slowly with loud music are on my radar. White dudes who look unkempt and seem to be aimless in their wandering and looking like they are casing for something to steal, they are on my radar too. A Black guy who is walking down the street holding a shopping bag or talking on a cell phone is not on my radar. A black guy who is sitting on a milk crate near the bus stop but not getting on the bus…who is drinking a clandestine 40 that he stashes in a bag behind a knee level brick wall… that guy IS on my radar. Do you see how this works? It isn’t about race necessarily.

      • ha ha ha, what exactly do you think drunk dude sitting on a milk crate is going to do to you? you need to refine your street sense.

        • He sits their daily selling crack or heroine or weed. He has two younguns 15 ish 16 ish riding on bicycles. They take orders, the guy on the crate gives them doses, and the boys ride around making drop offs. Laugh all you want but its killing my neighborhood (literally). As for my street sense… I think I’m doing A-o-K, and I guarantee that between the two of us I have spent more time dealing with dirty than you have. Even if he wasn’t doing these things, I know that I am not alone in saying that he isn’t welcome in my neighborhood. Where do you live? Can he hang out on your stoop? I’ll give him your address…

    • A black person can’t even say that he/she is uncomfortable with some blatantly racist comments on this blog without you jumping down his/her back? Unbelievable.

      I’ve read countless comments on this blog from people complaining about being called “cracker” or from women complaining about cat calls in the street. But if a white guy makes a threatening comment to a black person, you criticize them for making a big deal about nothing? SMH

      • agreed. you’d think if these people were really interested in solving these problems that they’d highly value her voice. it’s more meaningful than the close-minded conservative ones their spewing forth.

    • that stinks….sorry someone said they wanted to light you on fire. that is awful.

    • this comment is bogus

    • lol. you were being hit on. gimme a fricken break.

  • Emmaleigh504

    These comments make me sad. I hope the victim is ok and the guys that beat him up get caught & punished.

  • POP is there anyway that you can start requiring approval for comments so that racist ones, which unfortunately seem to be increasing in number, do not get posted?Or at least, could you start to delete racist, hateful, misogynistic, homophobic etc comments?
    It is upsetting to read, does nothing to further any real discussion, and increases hate.

    • Not so sure if I agree with censorship. However, I find it very odd that most discussion boards and forums eventually become a virtual arena for blatant racism. It’s even more odd that the same people who voice their opinions so strongly behind the guise of cyberspace would never do such in person.

      • I think comments like- “Gang initation time. Pile in the car in SE, drive around the city, find a white boy to beat, beat him, and you’re in. What’s next? The jaw of a young white woman. The kids in this city suck. They are going to make such good fathers someday.”
        “We should just build a freaking 30 foot wall around SE. Send every kid over 20 with a criminal record and air drop food and guns once a week.” etc do nothing except promote hate and violence.
        More nuanced and honest comments, like “No, racism dosn’t make me feel good about anything. However I hate the fact that I now feel like I have watch my back any time I see a black man when I am in DC.” which still make me upset and uncomfortable can actually promote an honest productive dialog and I wouldn’t want deleted. But the blatant racist comments- yeah they should be deleted.

        • I agree. I think there should be some baseline requirements for people posting blatantly hateful comments. This would also make it the discussion a lot more engaging and less tit for tat.

          My personal opinion is that the new influx (last 5 years) of gentry in this city is the complete antithesis of what DC has been for decades. The lack of social interaction coupled with a huge disparity in wealth increases tension BIG TIME. I’m white and quite frankly, I agree with my black neighbors when an anti-social hipster moves into the neighborhood and only socializes with their friends who come visit. They bring nothing to the neighborhood in many cases.

          • What have you, as an established resident, done to welcome this anti-social hipster? Perhaps they’re not reaching out to you or the longtimers because they haven’t been made to feel like it would be welcome.

          • Oh, yes, I couldn’t agree more. I’d much rather have criminals living next door to me than have people who are unfriendly, or worse yet, just plain shy. People who aren’t sociable all deserve to be beaten to death.

          • It might seem like I’m making a generalization about the newcomers – though most have done more to perpetuate the divide than abate it. My main example is how they don’t even respond when you engage them on the street (sadly happens WAY too often). So there’s no welcoming them to the neighborhood because they clearly want nothing to do with it! I have NEVER seen that before in my life.

            And to the person who thinks my black neighbors are criminals. Don’t be a douche – they are hard-working middle-class whose kids actually respect and are proud of their neighborhood.

          • me

            I think that before moderation of these posts, people should have a unique user name before posting. I’m sick of seeing these “anon” users and not being able to tell if there is multiple postings, etc. As far as I know, I haven’t seen another person post as “me” yet, and though it’s not horribly unique, at least it’s not “anon”.

          • Bloomingdalian- You completely misread my sarcasm. I wasn’t implying that your black neighbors are criminals. The point of my post was that you seem to be much more concerned about newcomers who aren’t outgoing and friendly than you are about crime. Indeed, you seem to be implying that the newcomers deserve to be victims of crime. I was trying to point out the utter absurdity of that view.

          • One further comment: given that you seem to have completely missed the point of my post and incorrectly concluded that I’m a douche, you might want to consider the possibility that you are also completely misunderstanding your new neighbors.

            Just a thought.

          • “Indeed, you seem to be implying that the newcomers deserve to be victims of crime.”

            Where the hell did you get that?

          • Where did I get that? Bloomingdalian is commenting on a post about a white kid getting beaten by several black kids, but rather than focusing on the crime, he/she is complaining about insufficiently sociable white newcomers. And he/she did explicitly blame the newcomers for increasing tension “BIG TIME.” That sure sounds like blaming the victim to me. Maybe I’m reading between the lines a bit too much, but I don’t think so.

          • Other Anon – thanks for the contrarian nonsense.

            The last thing i want to do is tell someone they “deserved” a senseless beating. I, for one, am for more accountability when it comes to violent crimes than what is currently on the books – especially when it comes to minors.

            Get ready, Mendelson – this is your last term.

    • absolutely do not delete comments or require approval.

      • Agreed… I can’t argue with approval… but societal concerns should be confronted no matter how ugly.

  • Hope the victim is doing okay. I know you don’t have any updates, but I know that there have been several beatings of gay men coming from town in the past. Have you contact the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit at the MPD?

  • I think the commenter you are referring is justifiably on guard of anyone on the street with racist apologists like you out there. I’m sure after reading some of these comments he’ll be even more guard. Unfortunately, black men do have to live with a certain degree of paranoia ever second of their lives, which shouldn’t really be considered paranoia since there are people out to get them.

  • Maybe, this is what DC needs to finally wake up the police force. Lord knows they didn’t care when the crimes were black on black. Just saying…

    • I think there are many long-time veterans (of all races) on the police force who would object to your thoughtless, blanket statement.

      • Don’t be delusional Sara. Better yet, read more. Black on black crimes are historically at the bottom of any inner-city’s law enforcement priority list. While, black on white crimes are always treated as a travesty and get the most CAREFUL and EXPEDITED attention. (less than 10 comments about the two shootings yesterday) Make sense?

        • Maybe they’re at the bottom of any inner-city’s law enforcement priority list because they’re so common and seemingly insurmountable. It seems as though crime in certain areas has been so consistent and so bad that the police really have no way of stopping it, so their best bet is to contain it to that area and stop it from spreading to the rest of the city. This becomes problematic with gentrification (as well as for moral reasons which you express in your comment, Anonymous).

          Incidents like the one described in this post are an issue because they occur outside the area of confinement and in an area that is attempting to free itself from such heinous crimes.

          In sum, I agree with your sentiment; however the conclusion you wish to see for these problems are unrealistic.

  • Yeah exactly…
    Can we have a blanket recall please?

  • Not completely unfounded. Look at how much attention the beating got on this site alone, compared to the shooting/murder posted yesterday.

    • true, but you have to admit that the vast majority of it probably comes from the fact that it seems race-related which gives people a chance to air their stupidity.

    • news is also biased towards the unusual. Black on black crime isn’t as unusual as black on white crime. I’d imagine if it was white on black crime, this story would probably have a lot of comments as well.

    • The other reason is that when it’s a black-on-black crime, people tend to assume that it’s two gang members fighting over territory or something like that. When it’s black-on-white, people tend to assume it’s a criminal going after an innocent victim. And unfortunately, both of those assumptions are often correct.

  • For clarification, was this the 1800 block of S St NW, or the 800 block? OP says 8th and S, then says 1800. Which is the typo?

  • Always love the sense of righteous entitlement white folks have about life…. 2.a.m.? 8th and S? OF COURSE I should be able to safely walk home alone on a dimly lit and sparsely populated street!!!

    • Don’t blame the victim- EVERYONE should be able to walk wherever they want at whatever time they want. Do you also think that women who are raped walking alone at 2 AM are acting “entitled”?
      I know, DC is a city and when possible people should act accordingly, but try not to blame the victim. Also, there have been several anti-gay attacks in that area in the past year, so maybe this is another hate crime?

    • Yes, everyone should be able to walk around this city without being beaten.

      So many black people are animals. The closer you are to them the more you realize it. People need to stop making excuses for them.

      • Wow..

        New low – you must be the direct descendant of a plantation owner?

      • How is this comment still here? Have blatantly racist posts become ok?

        Last week I said someone was dumb and it got deleted, but apparently you can call “so many black people are animals” and it sticks around. If I call this guy dumb will my comment get deleted and his stays?

        • Do you think PoP should hide racist comments so that other people don’t have a chance to call them out?

        • Prince Of Petworth

          At 12:24 am I was sleeping believe or it not. I awoke to this string of comments. While, I normally do delete comments like this one to do so now would confuse the thread of all those that responded. Commenting moderation is not a perfect science but I do the best I can to facilitate an honest conversation.

          • But this is not facilitating anything except for racism and possibly violence. How does “So many black people are animals. The closer you are to them the more you realize it. People need to stop making excuses for them.” do anything to remotely promote an honest conversation? All it promotes is fear.

          • What it is facilitating is free speech. You don’t have to agree with their opinion, but you have to accept their right to express that opinion.

            PoP comments facilitating violence? Notsomuch.

          • Fine fine. But this thread, from both sides, has gotten out of hand. There’s anti-white racism, anti-black, America hating, etc.

            All because some group of criminals decided to attack an innocent. That is the real problem, right? The brutality and hate that exists in certain segments of our society?

      • And so many white folks like you, “Anonymous”, are cowards… At least if you identified yourself, we “Animals” would know what type of scumbag racist punk we were dealing with and we could treat you accordingly…

        • Yes, because EVERYONE in DC knows who “Mike” is right? “Anon” does just as much as the name “Mike” in actually telling who people are on the internet. In other words, it’s useless…

          • me

            True, there are a million Mikes, but what about having a user name specifically linked to the email address. Not that anyone on the board could get the email, but that there wouldn’t be a bunch of people creating a bunch of different user names. A bit of consistency would be nice.

      • Don’t feed the trolls!

        C’mon people, you learned that in internet-tough-guy 101.

    • It’s actually a densely populated area. The Lincoln Westmoreland housing complex is right there.

      Earlier commenters were pointing the finger at SE, but this beatdown could have just as easily come from our neighbors at Foster House, 1330, Gibson Plaza or any of the 16 subsidized housing complexes that deliver crime to Shaw.

    • “Who do you think you are? Thinking you should be SAFE?”

  • This is really unsettling. This notion that “profiling is just being careful and sensible” seems to be gaining momentum amongst seemingly rational people. No, it is not reasonable to be afraid when you see a black person walking toward you. Stop rationalizing that. That’s baseless fear. It’s killing progress. It’s INSANE.

    That mentality is the very basis of the kind of racism that really strains social relations. Please stop and carefully consider this strategy for what it really is. It is the definition of judging a person by the color of their skin. “It’s not racist; it’s just my experience.” Your experience is not with black people; it is with crime. A black person didn’t steal your scooter or belittle your girlfriend. An asshole did. Remember that the majority of people in this city are black. It’s a good chance that anything you observe, good or bad, will be done by a black person. Remember that the majority of crime is committed by poor people. Remember that black people are disproportionately represented in the poor community.

    Try to remind yourself that the people you should be wary of are people who actually appear suspicious. There are many indicators we are all familiar with that just don’t feel right. From manner of dress or speaking to outward behavior or the way someone carries himself. These are the things that are tipping off your instinct to stay away. If we were all to treat every black person we see as a potential threat, then we’d be alienating over half of this city. That is not simply a sensible form of self-preservation. It is an unbelievably atrocious affront to any sense of unity we might have left in these tough times.

    • “Remember that the majority of people in this city are black. ”

      while I agree with the majority of your sentiment, this isn’t true anymore.

    • Thanks for this thoughtful response. Too bad there’s not a way to move this to the top of the comments.

    • The incredibly shitty thing about the interplay of socio-economics and race in this city is that, odds are that if you’re going to be randomly assaulted, it’s going to be by a black man between the ages of 13 and 25. Every DC resident (of any race) knows this plain fact. And DC residents (of any race) act accordingly.

      When one of my black middle-aged female neighbors sees a group of 4-5 15 year olds walking down the sidewalk towards her, acting foolish, you can bet her awareness is heightened. And no, that doesn’t mean everyone’s a racist, terrified of the 45 year-old man in a suit on the Metro.

      The 99.9999% of young black men aged 13-25 who are law-abiding get the worst of the situation because 9 times out of 10, they’re going to be the victims of violence as well. And on top of that, they’re consigned to living their lives as suspects.

      Which is why good-intentioned folks who fight as hard as they can to prevent youth offenders from experiencing any consequences when they engage in repeated violent behavior aren’t doing the majority of youths any favors whatsoever.

      • This is probably the most intelligent thing I’ve read in this comment thread thus far. Thank you for being a voice of reason, Dr. Pangloss!

      • Dr Pangloss, i think you have the right ideas on this and i appreciate your comment. The fact of the matter is that black youth, particularly males, are still far more likely to be victimized by violent crime in this city. this is actually the case in most areas of high crime, and has been the case for a very long time There are examples where some of these kids contributed to their own fate, and there are many examples where they are as innocent as many posters here tend to presume for a white victim. Interestingly this imbalance in sensation for black victimhood vs white victimhood contributes to a society where black victims, despite their increased risk and danger, feel more empathetic toward violent black kids than white victims. Because at the end of the day, good kids are going to get lumped in with bad kids simply based on race and natural associations. Many good black kids in this city will have close friends, family that are bad eggs, and it is a lot easier to ask these children to be so virtuous and strong to cut off these people so early in their lives.

        Also, all violent teens aren’t sociopaths like some posters make out and would like to believe. They’re not all hardened soulless criminals. They’re just poorly reared teens, who like most teens, have pissy logic occasionally, are compulsive, egocentric, self centered, short thinking, boastful, and full of hormones and extra aggression. And they’re poor and are accustomed to people around them using violence and intimidation to get by.

        This whole debate raging on this board with some white people blaming blacks as a race and a culture across the board and saying they’re fundamentally flawed are contributing to the divisiveness that keeps us as a broader society from moving forward. And before anyone gets on me, the assailants, deserve to be caught and punished, but locking up criminals is only one small, reactionary step to reducing violence. the real key is to increase standards of living for all residents of DC. Everyone has a role.

      • Great comment. Thank you.

  • So many posts, so little useful information. Such a pity. What exactly was the point of this thread?

    • some people are scared of black people
      some people are scared of white people
      some people just are scared of everything.

  • A certain percent of our population is a lost cause. If you’re raised badly — I mean, really badly — it’s very unlikely you’ll ever develop the level of empathy that keeps one from kicking a stranger’s head in at 2am.

    Let’s say (pulling a number out of thin air), DYRS grads end up in a normal life 10% of the time — not prison or dead. That means in a sense, spending on 90% of the other kids is wasted. It’s best to devote most of the budget to properly identifying the 10% of non-lost causes, so that we can focus on them, while we cut the budget for “lost causes”. Worst thing we can do is create a system that incentivizes crime among youth — which is what we have now.

    I think all these old guard council members were good at some time in the past: Evans, the Mendacious One, etc. But the times they are a’changing. The old guard is crumbling. Thomas has a foot out the door. Brown is a joke. Gray is losing credibility on a weekly basis. Mendelson and Evans are the next two dinosaurs — they’ll fall not because of a scandal, but because the electorate finally outgrows them. We’re maturing; they just stay the same. Critical mass for an overwhelming attitude shift isn’t too far off. Unicorns.

    • “A certain percent of our population is a lost cause.”

      I seriously have zero hope that the entitled white douchebags that attend the $40k universities here will become productive members of society that will better the world. I also seriously doubt that the super-christians will stop living in ignorance and do anything to make this a better nation. additionally, I have trouble believing that the majority of generation x will ever pull their existential little heads out of their own asses long enough to do anything meaningful.

      • While I do not agree with Tres, I will say that I am less concerned about the lost causes of Gen X’ers, Gen Y’ers, trustafarians, and super-christians. Those groups may all be super-annoying and may not contribute much to society, but I am generally not afraid of being stabbed, shot, and kicked by any of them.

        • you may find you’d rather get kicked by them than lose your entire retirement, get run over by them in their giant suvs, have your reproductive rights taken away, or have to listen to anymore effing emo.

          • Dude, don’t blame Generation X for emo. That’s purely a Gen-Y thing.

          • Seriously. Morrissey aside, my people had nothing to do with emo. We’re hair band and good rap! :p

          • Hilariously strained comparison. And by “strained” I mean, constipated sitting on the toilet for 50 minutes after eating nothing but fried mozerella sticks for a month “strained”.

            Pedophiles may fuck your toddler, but Ivy League graduates will charge you excessive management fees for your 401(k).

          • Dr. P –
            Now that has got to be the weirdest post of the day…..

          • technically, Gen X is responsible for Jawbreaker, Fugazi and much of Dischord’s 80/90s back catalog, Sunny Day Real Estate, so yes you are responsible for emo.

      • so you’d correct the quoted statement to read “the entire percentage of our population is a lost cause,” right?

      • So, other than the poster, who obviously adds a lot to society, what superficially easily defined groups are productive members of society?

      • You know what, 8:19… as long as the private college douchebags and whoever else is on your “not good enough for me” list can pay their own rent and groceries and stay out of jail, I’m gonna call that a win.

    • Wow. I can’t think of anything worse than relegating “a percentage” of our population to “lost cause” and making it public policy.

      • What? “Violent criminals”? Given that the percentage is infitesimal, I’d say if we’re going to consign a percentage of our population to “lost cause” status, that’s a pretty good cohort.

      • To be fair to me, what I describe is the criminal justice systems as it exists today (I merely apply the same thinking somewhat more aggressively to those under 18, wards of DYRS). Moreover, there’s no racial or class component to what I describe. We view repeat violent criminals as irredeemable to the extent that we make them spend the majority of their lives in prison. We lock up rapists, murderers, and guys that kick in people’s skulls for many years. The question I’m posing is whether 17 is too young for this punishment — and if so, why. Also, what types of crimes would supersede the age consideration?

        If we are ever going to have a sane, rational conversation about crime, we have to slow down and listen to each other — not be in a perpetual state of anticipating the sounds of dogmatic dog whistles. I could be wrong in my position, but it certainly doesn’t help the discussion to have someone start spouting off randomly about Gen Xers.

  • I really don’t understand why folks aren’t required to reigster in order to post. Yeah it’s not perfect but at least it will slow some of the doucheness down.

    • I think it might stifle comment participation and turn into the DCist where the same dozen or so people comment on every post.

      I wish there were a better way to calm the douchiness though…

      • How about a second “submit” button? Type captcha, hit submit, wait 60 seconds, and then hit “yes” in the “do you really want to post this? I mean… REALLY?” box. Perhaps the “really?” box could be enabled only on select threads.

      • me

        No joke. Doesn’t that Monkeyrotica guy have anything better to do???

  • Rant: 24 hours after the initial post and still no official confirmation that this incident even occurred.

    Rave: At least a bunch of people were able to get their rant on.

  • it’s staggering how many times people get accused of racism on this blog. “racist” appears 19 times in this thread alone! “racism”, 7.

    when i see accusations of:
    go back to _____
    anything regarding intelligence

    i can usually tell that the commentor has very little to add or willing to add to the conversation.

    ya’ll who makes such accusations denigrate the conversation and make this blog less interesting, informative and readable.

    maybe that’s your goal, i don’t know, but you could stand to maybe meet more people outside your comfort zone and definitely earn to judge one another less.

  • I’ve lived on this block for 6 years. I walk around at 2pm or 2am and have never once been accosted, attacked or threatened. Of course, I am cautious and aware of my surroundings, but unfortunately it all comes down to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The 2 incidents where I have been attacked living in this city, 17th/Q and 21st/P, both on a Saturday night with more than a handful of witnesses in more perceivable “safer” neighborhoods. It can happen anywhere and to anyone. My thoughts go out to the young man and I applaud my neighbor for stepping up!

  • Until DC elected officials address race relations in this city, race relations will continue to deteriorate in Washington, DC. Reading many of these comments and in other DC publications, we have a serious race relation problem. I don’t want to see riots in our city.

  • Sometimes I have to check my browser to make sure I’m not on Stormfront after I read some of these hate tinged diatribes.

    Anyways, As a young black male in his early 30s I think I can say with relative certainty, YOU HAVE TO LEERY OF ANYONE ON THE STREETS AT 2AM. Be they black, South Asian or lily white. I myself do prejudge a certain demographic and will proudly admit it. Most roving teens on the street at the witching hour are simply up to no good.

  • I wonder how many victims choose not to cross the street that one time so they wouldn’t look racist. I’ll take personal safety over political correctness any day.

  • White people rob and steal too. So do Asians and Latinos, I just think only certain crimes get reported because of the obvious. RACE!

    Black people do it on the streets.
    White people do it from the computers, etc.

    Cause I can tell you, Tyrone and Lakeisha ain’t the ones who hacked in to my computer and emptied my bank account/credit card. TWICE!!!

    And if all black
    Men should be watched, why did this white dude walk into an area where he saw three black dudes. Shouldn’t he have already been on guard.

    Before you bash me or comment. I’m rambling and upset because I have no answers to this and….I KNOW THE VICTIM. it just hurts to hear this being a black male and having a white friend done this way by black men.

    Point is

    • there are only a small handful of insane people that blame this on “black men”.
      sorry you even have to read their ignorant posts. and i’m sorry for your friend.

      most of us understand that most all of us are not violent people and we should all remain vigilant and critical of the individuals that are.

    • also, how is your friend?

    • @Pissed; I am a 38 year old white male (Italian American). I don’t blame all black men for being criminals. DC have a large black population. Whites do rob and kill too along with other racial groups. However, I would never be out after dark late at night drunk walking in any neighborhood. People have to use common sense in today’s world. Reading many of the comments on here and on other blogs, people hide behind their computers spewing racial hate and how they truly feel about others. Most would never say how they feel in a public setting.


  • Is there still a curfew for kids under 17 in DC? Is it enforced?

  • Guns are the problem. If I was sure that the person who is coming to rob me doesn’t have a gun, I would totally fight. At least I won’t be the only one wounded.

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