Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Adams Morgan

This rental is located at 1884 Columbia Rd, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“The Promenade Apartments which offers luxurious 1brs, and Studios with breathtaking views of the Adams Morgan Neighborhood, Night Life and Elegant Restaurants. Located on Wyoming Ave and Columbia Rd, the building stands 10 stories tall with balconies, patios, and a sparkling pool that rests on our over sized pool deck. Other Amenities that we offer, which keeps our property at #1 are FREE UTILITIES, a convenient onsite laundry facility, mail box slots and trash chutes on every floor, along with bicycle and mail/package storage. WE ALSO ALLOW SMALL PETS, LIKE CATS!!!!! SORRY NO DOGS

Now Available :1 Large Bi-Level Studio, located on the 3rd floor with beautiful tree view. $1575.00 with all free utilities included. We offer 6,9 and 12 month leasing options.”

$1575 all utilities included sound right?

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  • The pool alone makes it worth it. I had a friend who lived there and it made for one of the best summers of my life. All day by the pool and then just a block to the nightlife. I think I spent all summer within a 4 block radius of there and it was a summer well spent. Also the upper floors have amazing city views. If the place ever went condo I would jump on it for sure.

    • In other words it’s a nice place to live if you’re not the one that’s actually paying the rent.

  • “Bi-level studio?” Whatever does that mean?

    • I believe the living area is sunken and/or the kitchen is a few feet higher than the living area. From pictures, there looks like there is a railing and stairs from which you enter the living area.

  • Emmaleigh504

    A little steep. I’d take it for 1300.

  • That’s a nice looking building and in a nice area of Ward 1. I wonder if there are overcrowding allowed in this building at the price of $1,500.00. Overcrowding in apartment buildings seem to be a problem in Wards 1 & 4.

  • If I could afford it, I would jump on it. Living in my current apartment building is a mess. We have 6 to 8 people living in an studio along with bed bugs. If I win the Powerball tonight, I am out of my current building. I want to live in a nice environment where most of the tenants don’t live like animals.

  • Yikes. Care to share the building name? Why doesn’t your landlordmanagement company take care of the bedbugs?

    • My guess is Justine is living in the Woodner…

      • [email protected]; No, I don’t live in the Woodner.

  • Pool is nice, great location! Do a six month lease for the summer!

  • its definitely an older building, but still… pool+balcony+area+flexible lease = gone by end of the day.

  • I grew up in this building. Its crazy how times change, back then my mother was renting a townhouse in this building for 700 a month. This is a great building. Right by the pool there are like 9 2-level 1 bedroom townhouses that over look the pool. I would have to argue that it is one of the better buildings in adams morgan as far as amenities go…I have seen much worst in this neighborhood go for higher than this. This is what I would expect the price to be.

  • I lived in the Promenade when I first moved to DC from ’95 to ’98. The apartments are a pretty good size with gigantic walk in closets and big windows. The pool vibe is outstanding. It’s like an oasis in the city. Good times.

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