Shooting at 14th and V St, NW 2:35pm Thursday

I happened to be eating at Taco Bell on 14th and U St, NW right when this all went down. The photo above is loading one victim who was apparently shot in the leg. He was conscious at that time though I saw a nasty blood pool on the corner of 14th and U St, NW.

DCfireems tweets:

“Update – 14th & U St NW = EMS transported 2 priority 3 to area hospial – non life threatening MPD investigating”

I also tweeted from the scene @PoPville.

I spoke with a woman who was at Martha’s Outfitters at 14th and V and she said she heard 3 or 4 shots. One of the wounded then apparently walked down to 14th and U St where he was picked up by the ambulance above. The scene turned chaotic and orderly very quickly. Chaotic in the sense that all the civilians were trying to figure out what just happened and orderly because the police closed off the streets very quickly. Before I left the scene 14th St, NW was closed all the way from T Street up to W. Additionally U Street was closed between 13th and 14th.

It was eerie to see 14th St, NW closed in the middle of the afternoon:

14th St, NW looking north from T St.

Lots more photos after the jump.

14th and U St, NW

14th and U St looking north

U St closed between 13th and 14th

14th and U St, NW from the east

A family waits it out at the corner of 13th and U St, NW

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  • likely a couple of hipster lawyers arguing over the current tax proposal….oh wait it’s just more hood rats who were likely eating cheap fried food and buying yet another pair of basketball shoes to add to their worthless collection

  • Spring Break!

  • 1st PoP – why were you eating at Taco Bell? 2nd and in completely unrelated news I am opening a “New and Used Bullet Proof Vest Emporium” at 14th and U. I would appreciate you business.

    • PoP, get some dried black beans, a stack of corn tortillas, and a pressure cooker! Much cheaper and healthier than Taco Bell. If you’re feeling fancy you can add salsa, avocado, lettuce, shredded cheese, etc.

      • Can we please ban hipsters and pretentious foodies from this forum?

        Yes, everybody knows how to make tacos. If we wanted to make homemade tacos, we would do so. Not everyone cares about your stupid organic vegan ethos.

        The reason Taco Bell is a billion dollar national chain and Sticky Fingers is one store full of emaciated hipsters is because Taco Bell is demonstrably better.

        It serves food people actually want instead of food people begrudgingly eat because they feel indebted to Gaia.

        You are not superior to anyone because you know how to make a taco.

    • Don’t let them tell you not to eat delicious Partial Meat Product! I Gordita’s the most delicious 78% meat I’ve ever eaten.

      However, this does support my theory that bad things seem happen when you eat Taco Bell

    • Listen, folks, sometimes you just have to make a run for the border and get a Taco Bell. I don’t, but some people do.

      Actually, sometimes I break down and need the McDonald’s breakfast, with their giant-smushed-tater-tot-thing they call a hash brown. Happens a couple of times a year. So I understand.

      Oh, the secret shame of fast food cravings….

  • Hipster lawyer?

  • and this is why I will not live in DC.

    • Right, because shootings never happen anywhere else…

      • This conversation again?

      • Apparently crime doesn’t happen in VA?

        • Actually, compared to DC it doesn’t. 2010 murders in Arlington = 2, Alexandria = 5, Bethesda = 0, Silver Spring = 12…..

          Do notice that a great majority of the murder in DC happens in Jim Graham or Marion Barry’s ward.

          • Jim Graham likes it that way. Or at least he likes his young boys that way. Emphasis on young.

            Sad that the rest of us suffer endless crime so he can get his kicks.

    • Not that I want PoP to lose followers, but I have to ask why you’re reading a DC blog that caters to DC residents 99.9% of the time?

    • We didn’t want you anyway.

    • Because you don’t like Taco Bell?

    • @anaon…but your read a DC-centric blog? You make no sense.

    • jburka

      Gee, when I was a kid living in a fairly tony part of Bethesda (next to the then FBI director, around the corner from a senator, etc) there was a murder at a house behind mine. Clearly Bethesda’s not safe either…

      • When I lived in the nicest part of Arlington there were a string of sexual assaults occurring in my neighborhood. I was scared to go outside alone at night.

    • Are you into hard drugs and walk around concealing a firearm? Because if you do, you’re in danger in Washington, DC. The odds are against you and you could very well end up dead. You’d be right not to move here. Otherwise you’re just a fool. And a troll who lives in Virginia and comments on a blog about Washington residential life.

    • this isn’t the comment section.

    • While I don’t support him, I think dodger’s “this” is that, even in the most desirable, high rent neighborhoods in DC (maybe excluding those that are actually west of the park), shit like this can go down, and while everyone is pissed off, it isn’t unheard of. If this were to happen somewhere in CH, H St, Bloomingdale, etc., we’d all be mad because we live in and love these neighborhoods, but the truth is that crime is still an issue and will continue to be as our police force is reduced this year.

      However, with all it’s problems, I could never bring myself to live in Virginia. At the end of the day, you still have to be able to live with yourself when you look in the mirror.

    • Just wanted to point out–for the umpteenth time–that living in the exurbs is more dangerous for middle-class folks than living in the inner city. The extremely close-in suburbs are safest of all. At least until the city finishes gentrifying.

      • I used to live in Alexandria and spent 2-3 hours commuting every day. I think my chances of getting killed or injured in a car crash were much greater than my chances of getting shot now that I live in DC. Plus my stress levels are way lower.

  • This is really terrible… why were you eating at Taco Bell?

  • I bet if you created checkpoints on all arteries leading in/out of DC from MD you would stop 95% of all shootings in DC

    • Are you really that dumb?

    • You’re clearly new to the city..
      Having grown up in PG county, I can tell you with a fair amount of certainty that it was mostly super rural and hardly ghetto up until about 20 years ago. DC was the problem post riots and has only recently entered it’s “golden age”. So bottom line, we still have a lot of these losers living in the city (and no, I’m not being racist/classist).

      I do think this city will be unreal in 10-15 can feel and see it (despite losers like Vincent Gray and Marion Barry who hold the city back).

  • Terrifying. Doubly so because it appears to have happened right in front of the daycare. And 2 blocks awawy from at least three schools.

  • Man, some people are really going to great lengths to keep the tourists out of our neighborhood!

    • Haha, DC is known nationwide as the murder capital of America. I think tourists just expect this as part of the experience. That’s not gonna keep them away from Ben’s.

      • That’s so 1985…
        Do me a favor – After you finish your takeout from the Olive Garden, you should look up our homicide rate compared to other big cities.

        • Yo Chris – I wasn’t saying it was, I’m saying that is what it is known as. People still think that – believe me – I’ve only lived here for about 2 years and from the day I moved, people from back home always ask me about it. Doesn’t really matter what the hard numbers say. Reputations stick.

        • Our homicide rate compared to other big cities is actually quite high! I dislike the suburbs and think that DC’s crime problem is overstated, but let’s call a spade a spade here.

  • With the hot weather and summer approaching, I expect to read and hear more about these type of incidents.

  • Pushers fighting over the desirable Fast Gourmet Chivito sandwich turf. Once you’ve had one you’ll never go back to Rap Snacks and Honeybuns.

  • me

    I live at 14th between V and W and was not surprised to see this when I was at work. It was only a matter of time. And the police sigh whenever I call to try and get them to pick up the wannabe thugs doing drugs on my doorstep and harassing me.

  • How do we know the shooting was gang related?

  • this is horrible. in the heart of the city. a point nearly everyone of us reading know well.

    i hope the the best for the victims.

    • Assuming this was gang related, I could give two shits about the victims. They got shot in the ankles. They’ll be fine. I feel much more sorry for everyone else who was around during the time and was afraid for their own life. It is so nice that everyone keeps hoping the best for these victims, but I really think 9 times out of 10 the victims could just have easily been the shooter had a few details of the story gone down differently.

  • I know a lot of people who live in Arlington / Alexandria, that work and hang out in DC quite often. Nothing wrong with those folks commenting on this site.

    On an unrelated tip…I too may have to “cross the river”…I want to buy, and the areas in DC I want to live are too expensive, and I don’t want to live in a “transitional” neighborhood, or somewhere in ghettoville SE.

    • thc: Thank you for staying focused on the topic at hand–a shooting in an area that most of us live in or visit frequently.

  • I would like to say that ankle shootings and ass shootings are all to common from the urban youth who can’t aim worth a damn. Local police departments need to thank these youngsters for their shoddy aim for keeping the murder rate low.

  • The question is why our city leaders continue to tolerate so many well organized and well armed youth militia groups. Just recently the Police Chief announced she has a list of the top 39 most likely to be shot or shoot, in Petworth alone. 60-70 percent under supervision and with long long records of violent crime (like armed carjackings). Why then, if their so well known to the fuzz, are they out on the streets? A city that seems to tolerate children with guns week after week after week.

    • Its an odd equation in the local body politic. Real crackdowns on violent crime would be a blunt edged tool that don’t address the underlying poverty issues, which are another more complicated political issue altogether. A crackdown would also see a lot of black men/boys hauled off in very public fashion and put in jail, which would create a political firestorm and lose a lot of votes for councilmembers / mayor. In addition, a shitload of money is indeed made off the local poverty system, each poor person is worth tens of thousands annually in housing, food, etc. vouchers, some of which then kicks back to the councilmembers / mayor to keep the system as is.

      Think about it, has crime ever been really discussed in DCs political campaigns or council sessions? In the current at large race, has it even come up? There have been maybe 2 – 3 bills proposed in the last 3 years, none of which made much progress or had any real impact when finally passed. If you’re concerned about crime in DC, you’re in a small disempowered minority…

    • They tolerate it because they don’t want to appear to be racist or coming down too harshly on their base.

  • Maybe our new Mayor will fix things! He is good at job-fixing maybe he can take a shot, pun intended at gang violence. Thugs suck and there is no excuse for what “those people” have done to the English language. Have you listened to “them” speak lately…they have become the pit bulls of the human species. What u b lookin at playa

    • And who are “those people” of which you speak?

      • Umm. Thugs? That was the impression I got when I read the first word of the third sentence.
        The RIF truck must have passed your house when they were discussing reading comprehension.

  • an important message for Native American JD and self proclaimed “hipster lawyer”:

    if you call yourself ‘hipster’ its certain that you are actually a douchebag wearing an alternative uniform to, say, jock or bro or goth-kid; or, even more likely you wore the uniform of one of the above before, and you’ve now switched; “i’m a hipster” and you’re a joke

    • by the way: shootings on 14 and v: terrible and scary – hey Native American JD aka “hipster lawyer”: were you there scrapping for business? is ‘hipster lawyer’ a cool new term for ‘ambulance chaser’?

    • anyone who self proclaims themselves as a “hipster” is probably far, far worse than a hipster.

  • I am surprised there are not more shootings with the idiots that hang out at the Harrison Recreation Center all day. It should be renamed the “I moved to PG county and have no job or life so I spend my time reliving the glory days in a park in my old hood center.” For the sake of your old neighborhood, GO BACK TO PG COUNTY…

  • PoP I’m glad you’re OK and I have to say that you always beat WaPo for info when action is happening in my neighborhood (or former neighborhoods). People might slag off hyperlocal blogs in the same fell swoop as dogparks and bikelanes but you’re keeping this citizen informed! thank you!

  • Wow… Just wow. Maybe you should take the time to get to know those people.

  • So I guess nobody saw the bullet hole right above Busboys and Poets?

  • The victim is a student of mine. He’s already back in school.

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