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  • bfinpetworth

    Nice thought. But Christians need never forget that many gays were persecuted in those camps too. Gay hatred is an ongoing extension of what happened in those camps. Stop fighting against gay rights, marriage equality, adoption rights (see Catholic Charities) and THEN I’ll applaud this conciliatory effort.

    • You should take care not to lump all Catholics together. I’d be willing to bet that the vast majority of Catholics are in support of gay rights, marriage equality, and adoption rights.

      • bfinpetworth

        Well, you have a choice of what church you give money to, so as long as you claim the Catholic Church as the home of your faith, I’ll assume you are supporting the church’s efforts to persecute me. I strongly recommend you find another church to give your money to if you are, indeed, in support of gay rights. Otherwise, whether intended or not, you are part of the problem.

  • I agree. It is a beautiful and moving piece of art memorializing a horrible and tragic event, but the words of Pope John Paul II ring very hollow given the Catholic Church’s over zealous, irrational, and ongoing persecution of gays and lesbians. Attitudes of the kind exhibited by the Catholic Church hierarchy are what lead to events like the Holocaust. The Catholic Church hierarchy can teach whatever they want in their churches regarding homosexuality, but when the Church hierarchy actively get involved in the civic and political arena to fight every and any non-discrimination policy for gays and lesbians proposed anywhere in the world (even employment non-discrimination), it perpetuates the kind of intolerance that leads to predictable and dangerous results.

    • Your characterization of the Catholic Church’s approach to homosexuality is inaccurate. The Catholic Church takes an inclusive approach towards gays and lesbians, and merely oppose homosexual act (http://www.stmonica.net/gay-and-lesbian). That is hardly overzealous or similar to persecution. Of course, it has nothing to do with the holocaust.

      • bfinpetworth

        But it has everything to do with the continuation of gay harrassment, discrimintion, and violence. You can’t separate the Catholic Churc or many other christian churches from this TRUTH! How do you separate being gay from the “homosexual act”? Rediculous red herring.

  • Hey, this is at my school! Hooray for Catholics!

  • Not all Christian denominations are the same. I’m sorry you’ve been excluded elsewhere. Really want to be WELCOMED? GLBT always welcomed out and open, couples, kids, etc., along with everyone else, at Luther Place Memorial Church, DC off of Thomas Circle. Check it out. It really is different. Augustana Lutheran also a great place for GLBT esp. if you like the high church traditions.

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