Scuttlebutt Confirmed: Luke’s Lobster Shack Coming to Penn Quarter!

Back on Apr. 4th I shared some very sweet scuttlebutt that Luke’s Lobster Shack was coming to 622 E St, NW in Penn Quarter. So it turns out I was wrong by one storefront. They are coming to 624 E St, NW according to Washingtonian:

Last night, New York-based Luke’s Lobster co-owners Ben Conniff and Luke Holden signed a lease and secured permits for a 700-square-foot space at 624 E Street, Northwest, in DC’s Penn Quarter. They hope to open by the end of May.

The menu will be a carbon copy of the one at the three locations in New York City, which in addition to a lobster roll, includes New England clam chowder and lobster bisque from the Maine-based company Hurricane’s Soups, Maine Root soda, and Empress crab claws.


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  • This seems to be the start of a trend down there: NYC restaurants that try to mimic regional food (bbq, now new england fare) opening up shop in DC.

  • And BTW, as a New Englander, I”m very glad to see they’ll be using the split-top bun.

  • I really don’t get the appeal of a lobster roll. I’d rather get a whole lobster (claw AND tail meat!) And I absolutely hate mayonaise.

    • I’m not a fan of the cold mayonaise-based lobster roll. But the warm butter drizzled style is heaven.

  • I know nothing about the restaurant business, but isn’t 700 sq. ft. small for a place like this? Is it going to be take-out only?

  • You actually weren’t even wrong by a whole storefront. 616 E Street is next door, and then there are two doors with 624 E Street.

    You definitely broke this news first.

  • Crazy, I randomly tried their lobster and shrimp rolls a few weeks ago during a visit to NY. They tweeted me asking if their lobster roll was better than the ones in DC. I didn’t reply because I didn’t think so (at least not better than the lobster truck!)… I actually thought their shrimp roll was better, so I’m glad they’re coming nevertheless!

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