Props to the Cops Vol. 7

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From MPD:

Last night at around 3am Fourth District Vice Officer Freddie Pujols gained information that a burglary had just occurred at the St Thomas Episcopal Church in the Second District at 2665 Woodley Road Northwest. Officer Pujols had received information that the suspect had broken into the church through the roof and had removed a large amount of electronic equipment from the church. Officer Pujols left his home and proceeded to the area of 14th and Spring Road Northwest where he made contact with Officers Clayton Smith and Shaun Heffelman who were working in the area. Officer Pujols had a lookout for a vehicle that the suspect was driving. The officers quickly spotted the suspect vehicle and conducted a stop. The officers observed that the vehicle was loaded down with high end electronic equipment. The officers checked the St Thomas Church and made contact with a person who was living there. That person was unaware that the church had been broken into but soon discovered that a suspect had entered through the roof and had indeed stolen all the equipment.

Investigation revealed that the suspect stopped was indeed the suspect who had broken into the church in the middle of the night and he was arrested and charged with Burglary in the First Degree. Fourth District and Second District Detectives are continuing to investigate this case to determine if this suspect might be related to other similar crimes in the area.

Officer Pujols was alerted of this information when he was at home and off duty however because of his dedication and sense of duty he did not hesitate to respond into the city and get the help of Officers Smith and Heffelman. These three officers dedication to duty resulted in an outstanding arrest of a burglary suspect.

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  • Thanks Officer Pujols! We need more like you 🙂

  • Sweet! Nice work. Wonder how an off-duty officer had the info but the guys working the beat didn’t?? Some local tipster deserves credit too?

  • I’m wondering who alerted the officer there was a break-in too, if it wasn’t the person living there. At any rate, it’s always nice to hear of successful police stories! Keep it up!

  • Wow, there was crazy screaming and a fight a block south of that an hour earlier that ended with a car speeding off- wonder if it was at all connected.

  • This is just awesome! perhaps a little too awesome…

  • Nice work officer Pujols! Thank you for your service and commitment!

  • why does it seem to me that every time the police do something good it is just a SLIGHT bit shady. like they pull someone over, and THEN call the church to see if anything is ACTUALLY missing?

    clearly i am nitpicking. good job nonetheless.

    • It says that he got a report (I’m guessing over a scanner) about the burgularly that included a lookout for the car. It makes sense that if he found the car first, to then check about precisely what was missing (brand, item, etc.) and match it up.

      As for “respond into the city” that could mean he lives outside of DC (I believe a lot of cops do…I wish that would change but I bet it’s a home rule act issue that Congress would have to approve…and fat chance of that!) or that he *called* into the city [central response center or whoever dispatches officers]. The sentence isn’t super clear.

      • Well, okay, but if he woke up and came into the 65 square miles of DC, how’d he know just the right intersection to stake out for that car?

        I mean, there are plenty of similar corners in DC, even in Col Heights.

        I guess I could wait for that Pat Whatsisname to do one of his oddly-phrased NBC news segments.

  • “You didn’t hear it from me, but…”

  • Officer Pujols doesn’t live in the District?

    “…he did not hesitate to respond into the city…”

  • Dude, do NOT break into a church and steal stuff. No wonder someone snitched. On the other hand, maybe Ofc Pujols got the message in a dream from the big guy upstairs.

  • Thank you Officers Pujols, Smith, Heffelman for your professionalism and capture of an alleged suspect. We miss Officer Pujols in PSA 403 in the 16th Street Heights Area. He got to know law abiding citizens and criminals in our neighborhood during his tenure patrolling on foot, bicycle, and in a patrol cruiser.

  • Good eye officer. Thanks.

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