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  • Haven’t been in a while, but yes, it’s good!

  • I love sorriso. It’s in a tough neighborhood for italian restaurants, with Dino and Palena being across the street. But it more than holds its own. The pasta, meat, and veggies are all fresh and the dishes are innovative. I had the veal last time – it was so tender you could cut it with a fork. I met the owner, who’s accent was so thick I could barley understand him. That’s a good sign for an italian restaurant.

    • Palena is American, not Italian.

      • Pretty sure Palena claims itself as Italian.

        Sorriso is fine. It’s sweet, small, good windows to sit in. Pasta is fine. Pizza is better. Kind of pricey, but it is CP.

        You know what though, is delic’? Their new neighbor Cacao. I suggest it… Mmmm. Very fresh French sandwiches.

      • Sorry Tim, I wouldn’t normally call someone out on something so petty and trivial, but since you did it to Van Ness Guy I figured I might as well do it to you.
        Palena restaurant’s website indicates that the place is named after the town of Palena in the Abruzzo region of Italy. Further, “..the environment influences the cooking wherein tradition still reigns.”
        It is pretty clear that the restaurant’s roots are in Italian cooking. You owe Van Ness Guy an apology.

  • The pizza is good but the service is very erratic.

  • The pizza’s really good. They’re justly proud of both their oven and their chef, who I think studied his craft in Italy.

    They have a penne with wild boar sausage on the menu that’s also pretty tasty.

  • I used to go here all the time when I lived in Cleveland Park. Pietro, the owner, and his family are so friendly and always happy to see you when you walk in the door. Stefano, his son, spent went to school in Italy where he learned his pizza making skills. The pizza there is great and the other items on the menu are always delicious!

  • We used to live near there, but live in Brookland now. I miss Sorriso and love their pizza, as well as many of their other dishes.

  • I have lived in Cleveland Park for 4 years and very rarely find myself going to Sorriso (I’ll take Palena, Dino, Ripple, Indique or even Nam Viet any day over it). When I do go, I stick with the pizza. The rest of the menu is overpriced, underseasoned and, quite frankly, not that good. With the new steak house, Medium Rare, opening up down the block where Janni’s used to be, I have even less of a reason to go there.

  • The pizza is delicious! Love this place.

  • We love Sorriso. Our favorites are the pizza di bosco and the gorgonzola gnocchi!

  • We love this place too. I’d recommend sitting at the bar and getting a pizza with bottle of wine from the owners’ vineyard in Italy. It’s great!

  • I love Sorriso- their pizza is great if you like thinner crust. The ambiance is very cozy there too- sitting at the bar is fun if you want to get to know the family that owns the place.

  • I went once last year. The food was average and the waiter very surly and unwelcoming.

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