Judging Restaurants – La Granja de Oro

La Granja de Oro is located at 1832 Columbia Rd NW. Their Web site says:

“In this restaurant, you will find the most extensive and varied selection of Peruvian food, which encompasses a wide variety of meat, fish, seafood and grilled chicken, along with a vast salad bar that is included with meals, and other delights. A chief requirement of a restaurant’s success is good food at the hands of those who prepare it; La Granja de Oro counts on the vast expertise of five master chefs of Peruvian cuisine.”

You can see their menus here. Any must order items?

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  • The menus link above says the restaurant is located in Annandale, VA – is this the same restaurant with multiple locations or a different restaurant with the same name?

  • Based on the menu PoP linked, I think the one in Adams Morgan is a different restaurant — it’s pretty much a chicken-only joint, with some limited other peruvian dishes like lomo saltado (but not nearly as extensive a menu as the one linked). That being said, I think the chicken and chica morada at the Adams Morgan Granja de Oro is pretty good, cheap too.

  • What’s up with that ghetto wire meshing? You’d think the owner would be a little wiser to his prime location and clientele and do something to attract clients with his aesthetic (in addition to his good food). The chicken-coop is horrific, and based on that alone I would never eat there.

  • It’s pretty decent, but won’t beat any of the other Charcoal chicken all-stars in the metro area. The new screen they put up is hideous, but they had an issue with vagrants sleeping on the porch at night.

  • The mesh is new, and definitely a confusing choice. I love the chicken, though! It’s tasty and cheap, and the rice pudding is also delicious.

  • I live across the street. I love their Yucca fries.I am just sad they close at 10pm ( read:9:45pm they don’t serve anymore)

  • Their Peruvian chicken is highly recommended. The lomo saltado is also quite good as are their lunch specials. FWIW, they receive glowing praise from Yelp community.

    With that said, the new chicken wire outside is VERY UNAPPEALING, it’s kind of skeevy on the inside, and the prices are too damned high (many dishes > $10). I’ll eat there, but I’d rather eat at Pollo Sabroso if it were closer.

  • The Lomo Saltado here rules! The chicken is pretty consistent but not as good as the lomo.

  • This is one of my favorite places. Looks like a total dive but has divine food. Lomo saltaldo is amazing but chicken is good too. Yuca is yummy as well..fyi-green sauce is spicy.

  • Divine chicken and yucca!

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