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I finally had the chance to check out Yards Park located near Nationals Stadium. As expected, it’s pretty freaking awesome. However, I was shocked to see it nearly empty. I was reminded that it was Easter when I checked it out but Meridian Hill Park was smashed on Easter. I’m not saying I expected the park to be smashed but it just seemed sad that such a beautiful spot wasn’t really being used.

Does anyone know how much this park cost?

I think it would be awesome if/when a restaurant (perhaps a shake shack…) or concession stand opened up as well.

But let me say clearly that this park is awesome and I hope the neighborhood continues to grow so that people will actually use it on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

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  • I work right by the park and it’s getting some decent use during the work day by folks having lunch or just needing an outdoor break. And my boss said the couple of times he’s been there later in the day (after work) there quite a few dogs (and their owners) hanging out in the dog play area. It is a pretty awesome space – complete with chaise lounges for, well, lounging.

  • It is horrible. Don’t go there. Seriously. It’s really not awesome at all. Everything here has been photoshopped. Bums everywhere. Stabby bums as far as the eye can see.

  • I’ve been on the weekends and while not full, there have been lots of people. I think it’s beautiful (a lot like the High Line in NYC, landscape design-wise) and I like that it’s not super crowded!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      With the chaise lounges there was a def. High Line feel. But with much more azaleas! 🙂

      • Park chaise lounges are so much better in NYC

      • The High Line has gone for a more “organic” feel with the way the grass and plants are arranged (i.e., made to not looked arranged). This park feels much more staged.

        That’s not to say that it’s bad; in fact, it is beautiful, but there’s no real comparison to the High Line. Just like Yards is beautiful in its own separate way, so is the High Line.

  • I work by the park too, and even during the workday it isn’t getting a terrible amount of traffic. Hoping that the new lofts will bring more foot traffic. Also noticed that they’ve started digging around the Boilermaker shops site?

    I think that the space by the light tower thingy is getting ready for a concessionare, but it’s all just rumor around the Navy Yard for now.

  • Live a few blocks away, love to run through there in evenings. Good for picnics and is starting Thursday night movies soon for the summer. Alex doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

  • it’s a great outdoor venue…and this is happening every 1st Sunday starting this weekend!

    *shameless promo*

  • At least there seem to be a lot of events slated for the Yards Park– I’m especially excited about the 1st Sunday Sessions, the Friday concert nights, and Local Music Fest. I’m embarassed to admit I’ve only been to the park twice since it opened– it’s a little too far from my workplace at 12th Street, and a little too far from my home at Eastern Market. Lincoln Park is closer and satisfies my park needs pretty well. But I do want to get back there soon.

  • Awesome Awesome Awesome… best kept secret at least for now.

  • Anyone know what that shop/cafe/office/storage space is going to be on the lower level?

  • Guys – not only is this place amazing looking but it is so well constructed that it almost brings tears to my eyes – ipe decking, innovative design, mature trees, etc ALL IN DC

    This is yet another project that reminds me of how amazing a mayor Fenty was for bringing us so many more outdoor/fitness venues. Let’s hope Gray stops his shenanigans so that he can have the credibility to say we’re in a tough spot and need to raise taxes so projects like these can continue!

    • Why would Gray build more beautiful spaces for affluent people?

      Fenty realized that making nice areas nicer simply attracts a higher tax base, allowing the city to generate more revenue to trickle down to poorer areas of the city with no real tax base.

      Gray doesn’t seem to get this, or at least believes the race-baiters such as Barry who claimed only “white” areas (also not true as Barry believes affluent == white) of the city got nice things.

      I wish Gray was “1 and done”, but we may have to settle for “4 and done”. At least he is so embroiled in scandals that he doesn’t have time to screw stuff up.

    • What are you talking about? That whole area was on federal land that the government either sold off or redeveloped (DoT) and much of the park was funded by ForestCity which is a private real estate developer. And the designation of the land was in the early 2000’s while Williams was mayor. Pull your race-baiting head out of your ass.

      • It’s more of a sense of helplessness and hopelessness that Gray will begin to roll back some of the progress of Fenty and Williams. I doubt it’s accurate (and I hope not), but Gray seems more interested in returning DC to the “old ways”, meaning more pandering and all talk.

        Gray saw that “building nice things for nice neighborhoods” == “not getting re-elected”. E.g., the H Street trolleys are despised by the old guard that helped vote him in. He already displayed a willingness to trash the trolley while in city council. Why would anyone believe he will actually push it to completion?

        Gray would have never endorsed this park if it had been on his watch, either. It’s not race-baiting – it’s the truth.

  • We went walking around down there a couple of months ago but couldn’t find the damn place. It was chilly and we couldn’t look around forever and decide to abort. We found the pier part by Nats stadium and could see the park, but couldn’t figure out how to get over there. There weren’t any signs.

    I’m sure it’s not difficult once you know, but it wasn’t obvious, at least back in February.

    • Agree, it’s kind of hard to access – not being connected to the pier you mention. Unless they are trying to keep it a secret gem, DC should provide some signage.

  • this is a seriously nice looking park BUT that said, people need to not overdo it with the azaleas. there are too many other nice shrubs out there to just go 110% azaleas.

  • …just don’t tie your dog up there and leave it/him/her barking….

  • Anyone reading this live in Velocity condos? Pretty close to Yards Park, right? I’m thinking about buying there… this park makes the prospect of that a bit brighter (not to mention a Whole Foods just 2 blocks away, if they get the tax break). How do you like the place? Any issues with the building?

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