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  • This house was on the Logan Circle House Tour in 2004 and it was a standout. The District Grand Tabernacle Order of Galilean Fisherman bought it from the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in 1956 and made it their meeting hall. Legend has it that the cornerstone is thought to memorialize the life of one of their members but that’s never been proven. Maybe the real story has been discovered in the 7 years since the Tour but I haven’t heard anything. The house was returned to private ownership in 1978.

  • Ew. Dead body behind he cornerstone.

  • We’ve researched the house, but nothing to date has been able to explain the dates on the cornerstone. It remains a mystery!

    The gentlemen that own the house actually installed working gas fixtures all over: ceiling, sidelights, and even a portable fixture on the piano connected to a rubber hose.

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