Dear PoP – NFL Draft Viewing?

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“Dear PoP,

Do you know of anywhere that will be showing the NFL Draft (preferably with sound) on Thursday night? I tried to do a little bit of online research, but to no avail. Thanks for any help you can give!”

Hmm, I’d guess every sportsbar in town. Lou’s in Columbia Heights, Touchdown on U Street, Ugly Mug on Barracks Row, Maddy’s in Dupont.

Are you guys gonna watch the NFL Draft? If you go out – where will you watch?

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  • unlike watching actual games, the draft is mostly about commentary and interviews. best place to watch is your own couch

    • OP here. I normally have a few friends over and watch from home, but I have a friend who is asthmatic and extremely allergic to dogs, so no matter how much I clean/lock my dog up, she can’t come if I have it at my place and I don’t want to exclude her. Unfortunately, even though a few of us plan on watching, no one else has volunteered his/her place. That’s why I was hoping to find suggestions for a bar that’s a good place to watch it! I tried watching at a bar last year and, while it was on, it was difficult to really hear any of the commentary. I guess I wasn’t specific/detailed enough in my original e-mail. Totally my fault!

      And thanks to PoP for posting my question.

      • what part of town do you live in? I can think of a few places on H St that would accommodate. The Red palace on the bar side- Beergarten upstairs or outside, Star Shamrock(might be a little loud) Argonaut- upstairs is quieter.

        • Actually, I live on the Hill, so that’s pretty convenient for me. Thanks for the suggestions!

          • I would go a little early and suss out the spots. Thurs can get a little crowded on H. Of the list I think your best bet would be Red Palace, bartenders are really cool there and they usually aren’t crowded on the weekdays.

  • “with sound” is the key to the question. I’m not sure many places will be willing to do that. Touchdown or Ventnor in Adams Morgan.

    • Unfortunately, Touchdown hasn’t figured out that a sports bar (if that’s what they are trying to be) needs to play audio with their games. And by audio I do not mean turning up the television volume but turning on the surround sound system. I’ve been there multiple times and only once did they put it on surround…only after someone asked. I don’t even care if the sound is on a game I’m not even watching…it just the atmosphere.

  • DC Bills Backers is holding a viewing party at Laughing Man Tavern. It’ll be mostly Bills fans (yes, we do exist).

    Here is the info:

    Come join us on both Thursday AND Friday for the 1-3 rounds of the 2011 NFL Draft at The Laughing Man Tavern! Specials for this NFL Draft event will be .35 cent wings and $12 Labatt Blue Buckets. See you there and GO BILLS!!!

    • Thanks for the info! If none of the suggested places on H pan out, I might suggest that to my group of friends.

  • I will definitely be watching the NFL Draft as proud Panthers fun with the #1 selection! Possibly touchdown on U street

  • Nanny O’Briens in Cleveland Park will have the sound on for the draft.

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