Chipotle Hoping to Come to Cleveland Park in old Cereal Bowl (Starbucks) Space

December ’10

Big news just released on the Cleveland Park Listserv:

“ANC3C has received notice from the Board of Zoning Adjustment that Chipotle Mexican Grill has filed for a Special Exception to occupy the former “Cereal Bowl” space at 3420 Connecticut Avenue. Chipotle Mexican Grill is classified as a “fast food restaurant” and is only permitted in a C-2-A zone, which is the zoning for this address, by Special Exception.

ANC3C would appreciate hearing the community’s thoughts on this application. Both positive and negative comments are welcome.”

Cereal Bowl closed back in Dec. and Starbucks closed back in Apr. ’09.

Do you think Chipotle will be a good fit for this space?

April ’09

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  • Good news for Cleveland Park. Bad news for Cal Tort.

    • I really hope this doesn’t drive Cal-Tor out of business in the neighborhood. Their burritos are like a hundred times better than Chipotle’s.

      • I also hope California Tortilla stays in business so I can go there and steal hot sauces to put on my vastly superior Chipotle burrito.

  • I think it’s totaly fine, but you can count on a strong, knee-jerk NIMBY reaction from the anti-everything town elders of Cleveland Park!

  • I think it will do well but also think the space might be too small.

  • great news.

    cue the neighborhood nimbys.

    someone has to protect the empty storefronts which are a part of cleveland park’s charm.

  • Oh, the Cereal Bowl. That has to go down as one of the worst business ideas……ever! In the future, when an MBA student fails a course in business school they’ll be told “dude, you totally cereal-bowled that course.”

    • Truly! Who in their right mind would walk down the street to pay $5 for a bowl of Rice Krispies, when they can get the same product, without having to leave the comfort of their own home (or their pajamas), with zero to minimal effort. It was doomed from the start.

    • it didn’t make sense because they just sold regular old cereal. so awful.

  • As a NIMBY-SIC (Not In My Backyard – Stick It in Crestview) I wish it was something a little more interesting than a Chiptole.

  • That’s too bad for Cleveland Park. They already have one awful burrito place, why would they need 2? A Chipotle doesn’t particularly fit the restaurant mix that Cleveland Park has, anyway. If people up that way want a sub-standard burrito, they can always come down to Woodley Park and fight the hordes of tourists at our Chipotle.

    • The WP Chipotle has gone down in quality by 300%. Can’t stand that place anymore. So slow, workers incompetent, and foodstuff scattered everywhere. BRING BACK THE ILLEGALS!!

    • There seems to be some unwritten rule that there must be two of everything in Cleveland Park. Preferably one on each side of Connecticut Avenue, but that’s not required. Drugstores, Thai restaurants, coffeeshop/bakeries, nail salons, tanning salons, Mediterranean place, and now burritos. Somehow they all coexist. So I’m guessing Chipotle will do pretty good business at that location even with the “competition” of equally mediocre food from Alero and California Tortilla.

  • The Cereal Bowl concept was pretty stupid to begin with, so no surprise they shut down.

    I don’t really see why Chipotle is opening up another store… don’t they have locations in Woodley Park, Tenleytown, and another opening in Glover Park soon?

    Besides that, Cal Tort has a pretty wide following AND outdoor seating.

    • Possibly because both the WP and Tenleytown locations always have lines out the door.

      This may help Cal Tort. If the line is too long at Chipotle, people may skip it and go to Cal Tort instead. That’s how I discovered Z-Burger in Tenley. Never would have gone in there had the Chipotle line not been out the door.

  • Cal Tort > Chipotle.

    There is an Alero right there, too. Talk about overkill.

  • I’d far rather have an “Inn at Little Washington Express” than Chiptole.

  • this blows imo. chiptole is way overrated and there is already one in woodley.

  • You can never have too many Chipotles. I’d be happy if the opened one in my living room.

  • The hearing for this special exception should be highly entertaining. Some of the local yokels are hypersensitive about anything new that might draw even a handful of new people into the neighborhood.

  • It would be a boring and redundant but acceptable addition to the neighborhood. Sure beats an empty storefront.

  • Interesting that they are opening near California Tortilla in Cleveland Park as they are also opening up near Surfside in Glover Park. I like Chipotle but just like with Starbucks if there is a local option I’ll skip the chain for some variety.

  • Cleveland Park needs to figure out its personality, so to speak.

  • We already have Alero, and California Tortilla, we don’t need more chains! A cool diner, indie coffeeshop, that would be great and there isn’t one close

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