The Source Launches Saturday Dim Sum Brunch

From a Press Release:

On Saturday, March 19th, The Source by Wolfgang Puck will launch its new dim sum brunch menu, offered every Saturday from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. The dim sum menu will replace the existing Saturday brunch menu and will be offered in the restaurant’s bar and lounge area.

Priced at $30 for five plates, $40 for eight plates, diners will have ample variety from which to choose, including General Tso’s Wings, Chow Fueng Noodles with rock shrimp and Lobster and Shrimp Spring Rolls. Several dishes will feature Drewno’s rendition of bao buns including Sweet roasted bao buns filled with pineapple custard, Duck bao with lacquered duckling and Char Sui bao stuffed with slow-braised veal cheeks. The menu will also feature a variety dumpling dishes including Szechuan “Dan Dan” dumpling with chicken and peanut sauce, Crystal chive dumpling with King crab and Chinese mustard and Sea scallop Sui Mai with curried lobster emulsion.

Guests seeking more traditional flavors will enjoy The Source’s Maryland Crabcake Benedict, Kobe beef hash with poached egg and potatoes and Maine lobster club with bacon vinaigrette. All dim sum can also be ordered a la carte for $7 a dish.

Complementing the tasty bites is an impressive selection of sweet and savory cocktails such as Pear Bellinis, Pimm’s Cups, Pomegranate Mimosas and three different kinds of Bloody Marys – a Classic Mary with horseradish and olives, a District Mary garnished with a housemade half-smoke and an Old Bay rim, and a Shanghai Mary with chili paste and lime juice. All brunch cocktails are $8 per drink.

The Source by Wolfgang Puck is located at 575 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW (entrance on 6th Street).

We judged The Source back in Jan. ’11.

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  • $7/plate?? Defeats the whole purpose of dim sum. For these prices, you could take a bus to Chinatown in New York, eat 10 times as much food, hop back on the bus and be home in time to go out.

    F*ck P*ck.

    • You don’t have to go all the way to NY for dim sum. There are some good places for it in the Wheaton/Silver Spring area.

      • Good to know. My point was more that you could grossly inconvenience yourself and still pay less and probably have dim sum that is just as good.

        That said, I am jonesing for a bbq pork bun. Any good grocery stores that sell such things? I miss Sunshine and M2M markets in New York. They may have been Japanese, but they sold good pork buns.

        • saf

          The Da Hau market used to, but I think they moved to the burbs.

          Hollywood East at Wheaton Plaza has really good BBQ pork buns though. Baked or steamed.

  • Way overpriced

    • Unlike everything else Wolfgang Puck sells.

      This is upscale dim sum at upscale prices. If that’s your trip, more power to you. You’ll get a better deal in Wheaton.

  • I think this sounds awesome. But for real Dim Sum go to New Fortune in Gaithersburg…amazing

  • And we’re not going to eat dim sum in NoVa (or Tony C’s in Chinatown) for what reason, again?

  • Enough with the dim sum already!

  • overpriced, of course, but I’d still probably go there than Ping Pong Dim Sum, to whom this move is probably directed.

    • Exactly. Both are overpriced dim sum for people who either can’t travel to the real stuff or are afraid to (or both).

      At least the food at the source is good.

  • Mmmm.. German dim sum is the best!

    • Ugh. The German dim sum is SO much better in NYC. I don’t even bother making an “anschluss” in my “lederhosen” anywhere else. It’s the Hitler.

  • Dim Sum expensive brunch.

  • This is one of my favorite restaurants in town – stop by and say hi to my friend Rikka Johnson – the GM.

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