Stabbing by Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro

The Washington Post reports:

A man was stabbed in the leg Tuesday night during a fight with as many as three youths at an entrance of the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro station in downtown Washington.

The attack occurred near the station entrance at 7th and H streets NW at about 9:35 p.m.

I doubt the mosquito anti teen loitering device would’ve helped in this situation but it does makes me wonder.

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  • all the businesses in this area need to pull their money together and build a movie theater back at union station or in anacostia if they want to bring youth violence back in check at this location.

    • Metro is considering a special SmartTrip card for students that would prevent them from receiving a subsidized student rate on Metro after 8 p.m. and on weekends, I wonder how much that will help?

    • Yes, because more gentrification will solve the issue of these poor innocent souls getting accosted at metro stops. *sigh*

  • They were good boys and wouldn’t hurt anybody, except they just really can’t stand people with legs.

  • Vincent Gray comes into power and the whole city become a hellhole. I didn’t love Fenty, but he seemed to have a better control over the city

    • Have you been cracking open any newspapers lately? There have been a number of violent incidents throughout the city for months now—–well before Gray took office.

      • For Months …

        He was elected in November – 4 months ago.

        • The Gallery Place knife fight happened last August. There have been shootings that have been happening at a steady clip since before last summer. If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know this. Blaming Gray for these crimes is completely unfair and misleading.

          • Plus, he may have been elected in November but he just took office in January.

          • Blaming the previous mayor is unfair and misleading.

            Caroline – I am not sure you are on top of the details. You are remembering another attack from August.

            How about read the article –

            Wednesday, March 9, 2011; 12:06 AM

            A man was stabbed in the leg Tuesday night (3/8/2011) during a fight with as many as three youths at an entrance of the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro station in downtown Washington.

          • Frankie, I don’t think Caroline was referring to the fight featured in this piece. She was referring to another fight, the big one that happened last summer. Her point was that a big fight (but not this specific one) happened last summer, so it’s silly to say that these fights escalated when Gray took office.

    • No, it’s George Bush’s fault!

      • It’s LBJ’s fault for setting up the welfare system that has got us into the huge mess! 40 years and counting now.

    • This is idiotic. I liked Fenty, but crime hasnt gone up since Gray was elected/took office.

      Get a grip.

      • Er, actually it has! Don’t believe me, check out the MPDC Crime Statistics page which indicates that homicide is up 22% this year compared to last year. So yes, we can in fact blame Gray. And yes, I did tell you so because I voted for Fenty.

        • We’ve had 100% more precipitation this year than the same period last year. Blame Gray for that?

          I hate Gray. I think he’s a Barry-esque figure who is being revealed more and more with each morning paper for what he really is. But really, how the hell can you blame him for a 90 day uptick in violence?

          • For exactly the same reason that he would use to take the credit if the crime rate had decreased; he’s in charge. So whether it actually is his fault or not, he’s the one who gets the blame.
            Vote Fenty 2014

  • more of the same in dc, maybe by the next census we will have the political will to take on old dc attitudes.

    • I know – loitering and stabbiness never happen in other major cities!

      • This blog is about DC not other cities – what is your point Kev?

        It is accetable because it happens in other cities?

        Don’t be so easily fooled.

        • His point is that violent crime isn’t necessarily intrinsic to D.C. or reflective of “old DC attitudes.” It’s a frustrating urban problem, one that can’t be simply explained by who’s mayor. Stop reacting so damn much.

  • i dont care if it happens in any other cities or not.

  • Thuglies…

  • Frankie James:

    No, I’m pretty on top of the details. And yes, that fight was from last August. All I’m trying to say is that D.C. has had a problem with violence for quite a while now. It’s nothing new and certainly didn’t begin with Fenty (nowhere in my original post did I blame him).

  • The problems with youth violence in this city is way beyone Fenty and Gray! It’s a national culture of violence in the young black community that is driving this insanity! Unless it’s just a fad, it seems hip hop gangster graffiti rough tough fighting mentality may be here to stay.

    • It’s lessening as the demographic changes. You just hear more about it now.Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty wrong with DC youth, but that’s mostly because they know they can get away with it – and really bad parenting.Kids mimic what they see around them. As more and more of DC is reclaimed by stand-up folks, it won’t be so bad-ass to know you are throwing away your life beefing over sneakers.
      What we see now must just be an annoyance in comparison to what it was like in the 80’s and 90’s.

      • Good point!
        I think the fact that we now have 5x the people living in the ciy than we did 30 years ago affects perception too.

        Although I really wish people would wake up and realize that the only way out is to



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