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  • Had been to the one in Leesburg before and tried this one last week– We had a great server who took care of us despite also being charged with an 18 person engagement party. The food was not quite up to par with the one in Leesburg. Great crawfish etouffee, mediocre fried crawfish, tasty hushpuppies.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Ketchup on a po boy? no thank you!

    • That’s what you get at Domilise’s in New Orleans. Not my preference either but not without precedent.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I think the practice should be abolished! 🙂

        • I would kill for a fried shrimp po-boy from Parkway right now.

          I will settle for some Louisiana goodness at Angeline’s in Berkeley CA

      • depends on the poboy, I suppose.

        I wouldn’t choose it either, but on a french fry poboy, hmmm…. I could see it. But I’d wager they don’t have FF poboys at this joint.

      • that may have been cocktail sauce if it was a fried shrimp poboy. Not very different from ketchup, I know, but different enough.

      • I have been to Domilise’s often and never have I gotten ketchup on my po-boy.

    • Thank you! I tried to explain to them how a po-boy was dressed and it fell on deaf ears.

  • I went a couple of weeks ago, and it’s great! They have live music on Friday nights (make a reservation to avoid a long wait.

    The crawfish was very good, as was the gumbo.

  • My beef (pun intended) is also with price. I haven’t been there yet, so can’t judge the food, but an $11 poboy?! No thanks.

    ….and $12 for red beans and rice?! Holy cow. And that’s the lunch price. $14 at dinner, thank you very much.

  • They should take the bars off of the windows. Makes it look uninviting. I don’t know any other restaurants along that strip that have or need bars on the windows.

  • canjun food isn’t my style, but I’ve looked at the menu when passing by and it is really expensive, to me, for more casual food.

    However, it seems regularly busy which as a neighbor, I love to see. Inti was never really busy and looked sketchy becuse of it – but maybe it was the bars on the window!

  • crawfish mac n cheese was pretty bad- and waaayyy overpriced.

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