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I love this row house from Bloomingdale. It has great details but also has alley side windows despite being an end unit row house, so I’m still confused as to why some end unit row houses have windows like this one and some have only 1 or no windows at all.

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  • It depends on what it’s next to. A wall along a lot line where an abutting building could legally be constructed can’t have windows or doorways. A wall inside its lot or adjacent to land that can’t be built upon, like the alley in this case, can have as many windows as construction technology and historic preservation regulations allow.

  • Hey! that house is across the street from me! that’s my friend Molly and Kevin’s house! Compared to the recycle bin house across the street (72 U Street), it is fantastic.

  • Hey- I live in that house! ๐Ÿ™‚ And I love the windows

  • My friends live in that house and the inside might be even more beautiful than the outside!

  • One reason some end units have no windows is because they weren’t always on the end. Sometimes there were other units attached that were removed for various reasons.
    PS-I know the owners, Fab house!

  • Hey! My friends live in that house, and they are much more beautiful on the inside than the house is on the outside.

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