Hookah Bar Opens on Georgia Ave, NW – Zippin Chicken Not Yet

Thanks to all who emailed that the Nati Hokah/Hookah bar has opened at 2839 Georgia Ave, NW.  Anyone happen to check them out? Unfortunately next door at 2851 the Zippin Chicken still hasn’t opened yet. Their Web site says they’ll be opening the second week of April.

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  • Went there last week.
    The women who work there are very nice and very attractive.

  • I stopped in last week to look around. They didn’t have the multiple small table and chair groupings expected in a hookah place, but rather a long bar and one table with chairs. Lots of empty floor space. Maybe tables are on order or maybe they expect people will be standing and talking or dancing. No menus were out for either hookah or food, but the lady said they will have “hot and cold food, like chicken salad sandwiches and spaghetti alfredo with chicken or fish.” She said they hope to be able to start serving alcohol in the next few weeks.

    • Actually theres a lounge area upstairs with plenty of tables and couches. I also heard that they may be applying for a liquor license so that’ll be a plus.

  • This city needs spell check.

  • Any idea how did they get a license to smoke indoors?

    • That’s easy, it just has to be a cigar bar or ho(o)kah bar.

    • I think you have to prove you earn 25% of business from tobbaco products or accessories to be exmept for the legislation. Like the Cigar bars Ozio and Shelly’s Back room

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