From the Files of – Thankfully Some Criminals are Jackasses – Vol. 72

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While I still feel like I’m in a science fiction film when MPD addresses us as “citizens”… the info below is good stuff. Props to the “female citizen” and MPD for getting the stolen items back and arresting these criminal geniuses.

From MPD:

“Dear citizens, on 2/28/11, a female citizen was approached by two juvenile subjects from the rear when they began striking her to the upper body. The juvenile suspects stole her cell phone and laptop following the assault. Later, the female citizen texted her cell phone number and offered a reward for the return of her stolen property. On 3/2/11, she received a response from an unknown person who wanted to meet her in a predetermined location.

MPD members were alerted and an observation post was established. MPD members observed the suspects arriving at the location and carrying a laptop. The suspects were immediately stopped and a positive identification of them was made. These suspects were arrested and charged with robbery, receiving stolen property, extortion, and burglary (from an earlier offense.)

Through their efforts, the MPD was able to apprehend these suspects in a safe an effective manner. Citizens are reminded to be aware of their surroundings and report all criminal offenses to the police department by call 911.”

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  • This is my Rave of the week.

  • where is the ASSAULT charge?

  • i thinks “dumbasses” is more fitting for the title of this article.

  • I had a similar thing happen with the police and they let they guy go after arresting him with the stolen goods! Lets hope this is not a repeat of that epic disaster of “policing”.

  • I feel sorry for the children of these criminals – present and future

  • She better watch her back now. The MPD is one thing, but given the complete lack of effective prosecution of violent juveniles in DC, and the DYRS fiasco, these kids might just be let go scot-free.

    • I’ve never been a victim of a crime, but that’s my big fear: that if I WERE a victim, I would be too afraid of retribution to follow up and do everything in my power to see the criminals prosecuted.

      • Life is like the movies so according to “The Brave One” you should get strapped and carry out on your own brand off vigilante justice until you bump into the kids that turned you into paranoidid dark knight and take your final act of vengagance.

    • I’ve read this so often on this blog, but don’t know the history behind it. How does DYRS effectively prevent the prosecution of juveniles? Can someone give some background? I’d like to know, and to know if there’s something I (we) could do about it.

      • What happens is that kids, except in the most heinous crimes I believe, are put into DYRS instead of the department of corrections. DYRS is simply incredibly soft on crime. You do a few weeks in their “correctional facility” and then they let you go.

  • …and they’ll be left effectively unpunished.

  • My favorite part of all of this was the William Jordan post on the MPD listserve saying that if the DC council and developers aren’t held accountable for their actions, then these kids shouldn’t be either.

  • William Jordan probably directly blames Chris Donatelli for these assaults. He’s a real character, that Jordan. Maybe he’ll obtain a post in the new Fenty administration. 😉

  • D’oh, I meant Vince Gray administration, obviously.

  • …and they were then release on their own recognizance.

  • Where did this happen?

  • near 9th and U

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