Subway Restaurant Coming to Corner of 14th and U St, NW

Photo by PoPville resident Markusha

PoPville resident Markusha sums it up rather succinctly in an email titled, “A SUBWAY!!!”:

“For the corner space on 14 and U!!! What a waste!”

What do you guys think – is Subway a good fit for this location?

I wonder if this will affect plans for a proposed Waffle House.

Photo by PoPville resident Markusha

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  • Awful.. just awful. The landlord of that building is said to be a bit off. Even a bank might have been preferable.

  • me

    But… there’s one at 12th and U already. Will Subway be like the next Starbucks, having one on every corner???

  • wow. this is terrible.

  • ewwww. i mean, i used to eat there, but then i graduated from high school.

  • what a shame – bring back hogs on the hill!!!

  • SusanRH

    Complete waste of that corner.

  • jesus christ. they may as well make it a comfort one.

    don’t eat there, people! it will eventually fail if you don’t, I promise.

    • the amount of high school kids that hang out on 14 and U after school will keep it open. Look how many people spend all day at that McDonalds?

  • That sucks really bad. Right next to the Jamaican patties, too. Maybe I’ll pick up a spicy goat one on my way from home tonight.

    Subway’s gross. Last time a commenter on PoP convinced me to try them again, at the Petworth metro one, and posted exactly what sandwich to try, I did and all I got was an gurgly belly this close to food poisoning. Even McDonald’s doesn’t disturb my stomach that way.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Twitter user Ben Harris notes:

    “Worth noting that the Local 16 guys will own/operate a restaurant and lounge both above and below that Subway.”

    I’ll be sure to update when they open.

  • There’s a subway at 12th & U and another at 16th & U. Apparently, the average subway customer is incapable of walking more than 2 blocks.

    F&ck subway. I’m definitely never going to step foot inside this location.

  • I wanted to post this on the Cherkis Columbia Heights post, but I thought no one would see it.,19261/

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Once you get one of those horrible eyesores you can’t get rid of it. Like McDonalds and check-cashing.

    I look forward to subway branded trash up and down 14th and U Streets and in my yard too.

  • ha! these replies are so funny and predictable.

    sorry folks a used book store or an eco-friendly make your own pottery store will just not be able to pay the rent there…

    • no one is asking for a “used book store” or an “eco-friendly make your own pottery store.” ANY OTHER CHAIN OTHER THAN SUBWAY WOULD BE FINE, since there are two within 2 blocks of 14th and U in BOTH DIRECTIONS

      • I highly doubt that, I’ve been reading this blog long enough that if you replace Subway with Chipotle or any other fast food chain, the reaction would be same.

        • Are you kidding? I would do a happy dance if it was a Chipotle! Although, no I wouldn’t, because the Columbia Heights location is more convenient for me.

        • You’re an idiot.

          The last time PoP intimated a new Chipotle might be opening, everyone was happy.

          • PLUS Chipotle’s meat is actually MEAT – not nitrates with meat added for flavor (if you want to call it that)

            Can we sign a petition to keep subway out??????

      • +1 It’s not just about soulless boring fast food. Hey, I’ve eaten at Subway. But it’s about oversaturation of the same exact brand of soulless boring fast food.

        Three Subways within 4 blocks??? Seriously?? THere used to be a Subway right there at that same location (two doors up 14th St) and it failed!!! THat was before a Quizno’s opened right at the Metro entrance on 13th and a steak and cheese place on the other corner of 14th and U St. and Chidogo’s.

        What marketing genius decided that the turf size of a Subway franchise is 500 feet in radius?

    • I was hoping for an organic colonic hydrotherapy spa.

  • DC retail is interesting. Unlike other cities, many (most?) new small businesses are opened by a relatively small group of immigrants (mostly Ethiopian, but other nationalities as well). Yeah, all of us PoPville commentators want something “interesting”, maybe an upscale bar/restaurant, a boutique, or a bookstore. But guess what – the average immigrant is going to go for whatever guarantees cash flow and doesn’t cost much to open. And that’s pretty much cheap chain (Subway), bodega, liquor store, or dollar store.

    Now,the folks who could open the “interesting” retail are already employed downtown, in jobs that they can’t afford to surrender. Since many of us moved to DC to take those high-paying jobs, there really isn’t an endemic population to open “interesting” retail. I think other cities don’t have that issue – there’s a more even distribution of wealth and entrepreneurial motivation.

    Please don’t take this as immigrant bashing – I just think our parched retail landscape is a natural outcome of DC’s economic position.

    • Fixed something for you:

      “the average BUSINESS OWNER is going to go for whatever guarantees cash flow and doesn’t cost much to open”

      • Well true, but my point is that while middle/upper class urbanists can see the profit margin in a boutique or hand-crafted soap store, the folks who open DC businesses don’t really see that opportunity.

        • me

          I think the point is that we’re failing to see how it would be a good business decision to have 3 Subway shops in 4 blocks.

  • The whole intersection of 14th and U is turning into super cheap commercial joints. Horrible.

  • there used to be a subway right there. it went out of business like 3 years ago

  • The more I think about this the more I wonder if the Subway Opening Soon sign is just a prank or a stunt. It’s small and on the outside window.

  • The Subway at 12/U always seems empty. Wondering if they are just changing locations?

  • If I want a sub, I’ll walk to the new place in the gas station on 14th & W. Now that’s a place for good food.

  • If I want a sub, I’ll walk to the new place in the gas station on 14th & W. Now that’s a place for good food.

  • I don’t hate chains, I don’t even hate Subway and I know a landlords takes the tenant paying biggest $$., but even looking at it rationally (economics) I have to say I am still disappointed. After all this time I hoped for something more on this corner. U street has been my favorite DC hangout for like 15 years I am pretty sure that building has been vacant the whole time. Adding Subway there now is like tearing beautiful working pocket doors out of a 100 year old row house, It may open up space more, but you don’t do it.

    There are still a few interesting places I have not tried on U/ 14th / 9th, I will just focus on those places.

  • It’s not going to be so bad, YOU GUYSSSS!!! They will have some local specialties, Ethiopian Melt, grilled chicken mumbo sauce sub, chili half smoke sub!!! Personally I can not wait to eat there. I will be supporting this business and helping it to succeed.

    • please tell me you’re joking….

      I think we all want business to succeed, but this lacks common sense (not to mention taste).

      Of course the sub is only 400cal – it’s made of CARDBOARD!

  • Waffle House. YUM. (Not meant sarcastically)

  • I hope nobody on here blasting cooperate over saturated Subway was defending DCUSA and the joys of Target and the new clean Giant last week. Pot calling the kettle black

    • There’s a big difference between those two things. This isn’t a corporate vs. non corporate issue, it’s about having too much of the same. Remember when people complained about Comfort One or the pizza shops of 18th? That’s what this is like.

  • A national chain is probably the only type of business that can afford the rent at that location unfortunately. Wish it was a Wendy’s or Chick-Fil-A opening there instead.

  • That building has been empty for a decade now. I think the owner is living off of the deposits that investors make and then plans fall through at the last minute. Its silly. There are already 5 clubs right next to that one, one more won’t hurt.

  • SusanRH

    I am fine with chains, but another subway??? Come on, bring on a Chic Fil-A or a Chipotle or something other than another subway.

  • it would make a good location for a cafe / diner

  • I would have preferred to see a used book store there.

  • I bet it does a great business! Fantastic news.

    They are on so many corners because, despite what this group thinks, like Starbucks, Subway is super popular, good food, and certainly one of the best.

    I for one think it is great news!

    • Yeah, and none of ’em will admit that deep down they actually like Subway, because 1)their subs are delish, and 2)it helped them get out of their Jared pants in 1998.

  • subway smells funny from a block away.

    • I am not a huge Subway fan, but I can’t let you talk nonsense about them. One of the best things about them is the smell of fresh bread you get as you walk by. It is so reliable that I am almost convinced they are just spraying some chemical odor out to make their subs more appealing. Either way, I won’t ahve you calling it “funny” smelling. It does smell like bread at least.

      And really, who cares. The building will be put to use now. If I ever do want Subway, I’ll still go to the 12th and U one because it is closer. People not as familiar with the neighborhood who are just visiting will probably go to the 14th & U one more. If they can all three make a go of it, awesome. Let’s just start filling in the empty storefronts North of U on 14th now…

  • My dream was always an Apple Store, but hence, it seems the new ANC Commissioner can care less as to what business he helps approve for the neighborhood. Peter Raia would have never gone for this!

  • I think some of you are forgetting who lives in this neighborhood. Fun little boutiques and dog colon spas and all that is fine and good. And I get the whole point about 3 Subways in 6 blocks. Really I do. It’s superfluous. But Subway is affordable and accessible. More so than the Whole Foods. More so than wherever the nearest decent full service grocery store is in that neighborhood. And (for the most part) better than McDonald’s and Wendy’s and all of the other business that help contribute to the overall decline in this city’s health, particularly in the lower income population. So if you’re all so passionate about your precious little corner, why don’t you advocate for better and more affordable food choices in the food desert that is most of DC?

    • There are huge tracts of DC that are dog-colon-spa deserts. We need to bring parity so that all dogs, black, brown, white, spotted, have access to colonic therapy.

      I’m just glad it’s not becoming a wing joint. Although that would make my dog happy…

  • Oh, alright. I’m not going to argue with the benefits of dog-colon-spas. Though the neighborhood could also use a good Pho place.

  • I would have loved to see something like Marvelous Market or a real bakery like Firehook,

    • YES!

      That would be a total hit!

      Seriously though – can we set up some kind of peition to show them that this is NOT what the majority of the community wants??

    • YES!

      That would be a total hit!

      Seriously though – can we set up some kind of peition to show them that another Subway is NOT what the majority of the community wants??

  • While I personally would have preferred a diner or a deli (with good bagels) at that location I think if you put it to a vote “the majority of the community” would probably vote for the Subway. The majority of people that read this blog would vote otherwise I’m sure.

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