Props to Metropolitan Police Department

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From MPD:

“On Tuesday, February 15, at 2:25 PM, a citizen, who was house sitting for a friend, returned to her home in the 1700 block of U St. NW, and found a suspect in her home. The suspect fled out of the back door and was apprehended a short distance later. The suspect was placed under arrest for Burglary 2. The Third District Detective’s office continues with the investigation.”

What a terrifying situation – awesome work that MPD caught the guy!

If you’ll excuse my language – I think I would shit myself if I came home and found a burglar in my house. I’d like to think I’d grab a golf club and start swinging but I suspect I might accidental fall on the floor and curl up in the fetal position mumbling incoherently…

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  • This is my block (until the renovations on our Petworth rowhouse are done). Very scary. Good work (again) by MPD. It helps that there’s a police station a block away. This burglar must have been a real buffoon.

  • How did suspect enter, might we ask?

  • Agree with T – burglar is a dumbass. Response time is 0 if there are cops next door not to mention the fact that they are probably mighty pissed if this crap starts happening on their doorstep. I know I would be.

  • There have been several break-ins on the 1700 blocks of T and Willard recently. I hope this guy is the culprit.

    The alleys between T and Willard and between Willard and U are essentially dead-zones. It’s no wonder these break-ins are happening.

    • What do you mean? I’m often in the alley between Willard and U and always see people. Dog walkers, packs of joggers, neighbors using their back doors, parking spot tenants.

      • I’m more often in the one between 17th and Willard. To me, it’s a complete ghost town. Usually, I can walk the entire length, i.e., from 17th to 18th, without seeing a single person–even during rush hour.

        So, I can only imagine what it’s like during the day when most of these break-ins are happening.

  • Please tell how they got in.

    • A few years ago there were some burglaries on my (the same) block where the burglar came in through the skylights (by walking on the roofs between the houses). No idea if this was the same M.O.

  • They smash the sky light in.
    This happened to my place on U Street YEARS ago (between 13th and 14th, in 1995). Luckily I was home and scarred them off. How to stop it? Replaced the sky light, and then covered it with lots of razor ribbon (covered all three sky lights with it). It never happened again (well, not through the sky light).

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