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  • Where are these from? I just finished lunch, but these pics are making me hungry again…especially the first one!

  • Om nom nom nom!!!!

  • There should be a rule that all good looking food pictures should be tagged with where they’re from. Thanks for making me hungry, I hate you all. 😛

    • Not only where they’re from but what they are!?!? What is that first pic? Looks sort of like pizza in the shape of a reed boat? That bread/crust looks fantastic. I’d schlep out to Georgetown to Cafe Divan just for that, but what is it called?

      • Bear

        That’s a pide (pronounced pee-dey). It’s the Turkish take on a calzone, and they’re delicious. I’ve never had one from Cafe Divan, but Rosemary’s Thyme in Dupont serves a mean version of them (try the sujuk and cheese, or the kymali, which is ground lamb).

  • I just had one of those pulled pork sandwiches from the PORC mobile the other day, they are fantastic, well worth checking out if the truck is in your neighborhood.

  • Josh and the boys at PORC make a mean sandwich! We definitely enjoy catching them when they’re in our hood.

  • I got one of those pulled pork sandwiches from PORC about a week ago. It was amazing. I’ve had dreams about it. The sauce is incredible and the meat is perfect.

    I basically will head out to get lunch in the park every time PORC is there and every time the Floridian is there.

    Ah crap, my mouth is watering.

  • Cafe divan has a more extensive Turkish menu but Rosemary’s pide is mighty tasty, especially if you get the Sunday special with eggs on top.

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