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  • I haven’t been there myself but I’ve heard that it’s mediocre.

  • I love the Sidecar (downstairs bar). Cool little place but it can pack up quickly.

  • Is this the old Olive’s space?

  • I think PJ Clarks is pretty great! Sorta the idea that Clarke’s restaurants are going for, but the real deal. The bar tenders are super friendly, and TOTALLY on top of their game. I haven’t sat down for a full dinner, but have had most of the happy hour food. It’s all pretty good, although the spinach dip has such huge pieces of spinach you almost need to eat it with a fork.

  • I ate there I December in the dining room and was very disappointed. My companion’s pot pie seemed pretty good, but my “Cadilac” hamburger was a Yugo at best. It didn’t taste bad, but it was a cheap burger on a wonderbread bun. It was very poorly presented and felt like a rip off. I expected a higher end meal.

  • I’ve only been there once. The tomato soup was awesome! My meal (fish & chips) was just ok. Also, the server went OVERBOARD on attention bordering on creepy. But I would go back again for that soup!

  • I’ve stopped in for a beer before – suited my needs. Didn’t eat. Works while in the neighborhood killing time, but I wouldn’t seek it out for dinner. I kind of feel that way about most bars and restaurants around K Street/Golden Triangle/Farragut.

    • True, for the most part it’s a triangle of mediocrity. And anything remotely good is priced for expense account meals.

  • Went once in the fall about a month after it opened. Food and raw bar were meh. Numerous other raw bars around town are better.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Had dinner there this past weekend and we all enjoyed it. First of all, it has a very low key, casual vibe. Totally unpretentious. And the dishes are very affordable. I got the Cadillac cheeseburger and I rather enjoyed it, esp. for its simplicity. I’m a bit of a burger purist and it was done just right. They offer Vermont cheddar too!

    Everynight has a different dish special on offer. I wanna go back on Friday night to try their Lobster Mac!
    And they got a rotating raw bar too specializing in east coast oysters.

  • Seemed pricey for what you got. But I went at lunch, maybe dinner is different?

  • ate here mid-jan. wouldnt bother to go back. sat nite it was nearly empty, food so-so. no bread for the table. really at a pub? felt rushed. CAN NOT recommend.

  • The food was mediocre. It was crowded when I ate there at lunch on a weekday, the second time I had tried (the first time there were no seats available). The place is filled with lawyers and lobbyists.

  • I went here for dinner a few weeks ago and as we walked up I saw that the valet people had parked cars on 16th St. before 6:30 and cops were giving out $100 tickets- don’t know how the valet handled that but it looked like a total disaster. Once we got inside we were greeted by our overly chatty waitress. I was having dinner with my Aunt and Uncle who I hadn’t seen in FOREVER and she just kept talking and trying to chat us up and it was kind of awkward. We ordered and the food was okay, I got the fish and chips for dinner and cheesecake for dessert. Waitress interrupted again to clear our plates and refill our waters like 100000 times and when we finally asked for the check she said “Its my Birthday!” WTF – I think that was her last ditch effort to try and get a stellar tip. Overall it was not a very pleasant experience and I probably won’t go back.

  • I really enjoyed myself here. As stated above, the bartenders *are* totally on their game, which for me is what I really want. I had the deviled eggs to start and lobster roll for entree. Both were great! There’s a lot of well-prepared classic American food on the menu, which is always a winner for business lunches and although the place is new, the decor is perfectly DC. I will be going back for sure!

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