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This super fresh one is from Hill East. It’s one of the most clever renovations (from the outside) that I’ve seen in a long time.

From head on it’s easy to miss how cool it is – the only indication of a reno is the steel front door:

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  • My wife and I were invited into to see this house while it was under construction and it is amazing. In the middle of it was a pool that divided the front and the back of the house.

  • i was just going to say that I bet it is completely insane inside.

  • I live right down the street from this house. It’s not Hill East, it’s within the Historic District.

  • Wow – civilization is not doomed after all – this is great.

  • Nice except for the fact that a garage door is now the focus instead of actual house.

    • the main entry door was actually increased in size to increase it’s importance and decrease the relative importance of the garage door . . .

  • Love it!! In my opinion, the garage door isn’t the focus It’s size is minimized and offset by the dark paint, the steel door, great use of steel beams, and the landscaping (pathway, fence, and planting).

  • The side treatment and the pop-up are awesome. I think the curved roof line should be a more frequent choice, but it’s probably cost prohibitive for most.

  • Hey PoP,
    Think you can convince the owners to let you post some interior pictures? Sort of a virtual open house?

  • This house is actually stunning… it used to be an auto shop if I remember right, and they took the oil change pit and it is now an indoor pool behind the glass block windows you see on the alley side. It is often in the Cap Hill house tours. The owners own a folk art gallery and are really nice folks.

    It’s a half block inside the 13th DMZ line for the Historic District.

  • anyone know who the architect on this was?

  • You were near my house! Fun. I have always wondered how this passed the historic review and have thought someone got paid of.

  • Beautiful.

    great design and great execution

  • Love it. If the owners end up here, please let me knwo who did your side windows?

    I think if they choose in the future, they can change the garage door to a type that have transparent material to make it look more living space than garage.

  • This is my favorite house in my neighborhood – I sometimes change my route home from work on nice days just to walk by!
    I’d love to see some interior shots or find out which house tours feature this beauty?

  • This is a great house. It was on the Capitol Hill Cluster School Renovators House tour a few years ago. I actually got the owner to put it on the tour, after chatting with him one day when I was walking my kids home from Watkins. He’s very nice and immediately brought us into the house and showed us around. I seem to recall his wife owns a gallery (maybe over on H St, NE?) and they have an impressive collection of folk art and native american pottery and other things. My kids still call it the “future house” and ask to knock on his door again to take another look.

  • I should have also mentioned that the houses in this block have incredibly deep lots, as you can see from the pictures. Almost directly behind this house, across the alley, is former Speaker of the House Tom Foley’s house, and it’s also another fantastic modern take on the Hill row house. It’s set waaay back from the street however, and was actually built on multiple rear lots, but it’s hard to see from the street. If you can ever get inside his, it’s worth it. It was also on the Cap hill Cluster Renovators Tour a while ago, maybe even the first year we did it.

  • I live near this house too, it has had a pool for as long as I can remember, but was re-renovated within the last few years. Historic preservation is usually only concerned witht he front of the house, inside and back are fair game. I beleive the current owner is the architect.

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