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  • Another loss for upper Georgetown. I see that Sixteen Fifty Nine mid-century modern is also closing. 🙁

  • So that brings the 24 hour options in DC down to what…3?

  • Horrible douchebag hangout in my opinion, So many fights happened there every time I went because of line jumping. Hanging out in Georgetown is like a night at the Roxbury these days, bunch of dudes with tight shirts… You’d think it was Jersey Shore. The GC staff was only pleasant if you had Middle Eastern friends with you most times, it won’t be missed from my standpoint. Maybe if they got a bigger location with good seating it would improve, but meh, I prefer to get my night fight food fix at Quick Pita or Armand’s Pizzeria in Dupont Circle.

  • I miss this place… it was so money for late-night breakfast on weekends.

    • There was a time in the mid 90s when, if I was going home alone in the wee hours, I would grab the next day’s Post from the 7-11 across the street and eat some eggs at the bar. I haven’t been in years, so I can’t speak for it lately. But I remember those times fondly.

  • yeah, it was pretty shitty, but it was ours. and it was open all night. usually worth the trip at 3am…though you regretted it the next day!

  • We’re having a bit of a debate- anyone know exactly when they closed? I thought it was over the last few days but my friend says its been weeks. Thoughts?

    • weeks – I noticed it the other week on the way to the airport. I wonder if it was the rent. What that neighborhood (and I admit I sound very old and even more yuppie) is a good bakery, with great bread and even better coffee. Sadly DC lacks in a decent cup of coffee – and no DD doesn’t make real coffee – Italians do it best.

    • There was a note from the people who ran it on the window. The now is no longer there, but I believe it was dated January 17.

  • OMG!!!! Not Georgetown Cafe! ANYTHING but that!!!! Now where will my circa 1990 @ 4am ‘fantasy me’ — complete with more hair (aka hair) and less flab — go when he’s drunk, starving and still holding out hope that there’s still time and opportunity to get laid?! He ALWAYS goes to Georgetown Cafe — right before he fires up his jet propulsion backpack and drunk-flies away (my fantasy always ends with this…I may need to change my diet…). Anyway, I recognize that I’m 40 now and GT is decidedly not ‘my part of town’ (and hasn’t been in years) but if anyone even THINKS about touching Anastasia, Au Pied du Cochon or Sports Fans THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY! And I mean it!

    • Hasn’t Au Pied du Cochon been Five Guys for years? You are talking about the place where Soviet double agent Vitaly Yurchenko snuck out the bathroom window while his CIA handlers waited in the dining room.

  • Georgetown? Who cares. If there was an opposite of Petworth, that place would be it.

    • Oh my lord, this is EXACTLY why I dislike the denizens of the website. I come here for the quality posts by the management, but always end up just getting irrationally angry at the wealth of idiots like you.

      • Go read Prince of Georgetown then. The “denizens” you refer to are mostly Petworth people.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Interesting statistic – while I live here and am obsessed with Petworth – only around 10% of PoP readers actually live in Petworth (around 25% live in Columbia Heights)the rest are spread throughout the city.

          • That’s because you are the only good blog about DC, and have a decent spread of posts from all over the city. Keep up the awesome work!

          • Dear Pop – A Stats geek question:

            Let me start by saying that I don’t doubt that your readership is indeed city-wide, since your coverage definitley is!

            However, my inner pollster wants to know: Are the neighborhood designations from a survey of users, or from an analysis of the IP addresses of users?

            Am I remembering a PollDaddy post some time back about where folks live?

            Basically, I’m wondering about the “downtown effect” whereby I live in CH, but work (and often times login) while at work downtown.

      • plus one. and i hate georgetown.

  • Based on the condition of the outside window, I’m surprised anyone patronized this place.

  • living just down the street, I have frequented this place, cira 4am… obviously not the greatest culinary treasure, but much cheaper then Bistro Francais. Will be missed, but looking forward to a new spot!

    PS. CHECK OUT MY NEW FOOD BLOG PEOPLE! I’ve been a long time foodie and now i have my own! Thanks for showing me the way of blogging POP!

  • Yea, Sixteen Fifty Nine the mid century modern store on that block is closing also..that block is going to have a lot of empty spaces this spring

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