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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • Rave: I won the caption contest this week!!
    Rave: Working out has been going well and I have lost at least 10 pounds since the year began.

    Rant:People who wear backpacks/huge purses on the bus/metro and seem to completely lack spatial awareness.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: I bought one of pablo.raw’s pictures as a gift for my parents. It is gorgeous!

    Rave: Getting my DC license tomorrow (hopefully) so I can fulfill my civic duty and sit on a jury. (Don’t lecture, I don’t have a car, so I haven’t been skipping out on all those fees, just the small license fee. And I know waiting to get it was wrong.)

    Rave: Dinner with Schwesti tonight.

    Rave: No Rants! Maybe first time ever!

    • Isn’t that ridiculous that you have to pre-defend yourself on here? Plus, you’re signing up to do your civic duty of being on a jury, which so many people in the District skip out on. Extra-good karma coming your way, for sure 🙂

    • I’ve been registered in DC for almost 3 years. Still haven’t gotten called for jury duty. Every time I say that out loud I feel like I’m tempting fate, so I’m now knocking on wood.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Interesting, I’ve heard people get called every 2 years like clock work. I’m going to be mad if it’s an urban legend.

        • Not an urban legend. I could set my clock to the 2 year time for 12 straight years. Literally every other December. Until I was part of a hung jury. And then I didn’t hear for 2 years and 9 months. Jury duty rules.

          • My husband and I got our DC licenses on the same day, over five years ago. I have been called for jury duty, in various jurisdictions, about four or five times. He hasn’t been summoned once. NOT ONCE.

        • I’ve had mine for 2 years now (after oof- nearly a decade in the city), and I’ve never been called.

          • I have lived in DC for 8+ years and have never been called though I fear this post just jinxed me for an immediate summons…

    • saf

      They also use voter registration records.

    • Most places use tax records not voter reg to determine eligibility for jury duty. I’ve lived in DC for almost 5 years now, and I’ve kept my voter registration and driver’s license from where I grew up (I don’t drive here), and I was called to serve on a DC jury in 2008. So I think your not having been called is more luck of the draw than anything else.

      • well I find that even more fascinating now, b/c I’ve def. got 10 years worth of tax filing in DC, perhaps 3 or 4 voting… and 2 with a license.
        Never a jury request, though.

        Of course, it’s going to be in the mail when I get home.

        • Emmaleigh504

          If it is, can I take your place? I really do want to do jury duty.

          • Would you like to take my place? I go the first week of Feb. They call me regularly, usually at a bad time. I defer alot. This time I will do it. It was definitely more fun when I lived in NYC.

  • Rant: another set of matresses abandoned on our corner lot this week.

    Rant: husband had them hauled off at our expense.

    Rave: it is really the worst thing that happens to us in DC besides photo tickets so I guess we are not doing to bad.

  • Rave: Excited to watch the J-E-T-S game this weekend! I’m so thrilled the Pats aren’t going to the Super Bowl this year 🙂

    Rant: Dating a Patriots fan. Booo

    Rave: Restaurant week dinner tomorrow night!

    Rant: Metro “random” searches. When’s that going to end? I haven’t been searched yet, and plan on refusing when they try to.

  • Rant: I’ll never understand women. I won’t go into details, but I might be single again soon. Bleh.

  • Rant: The morning after that minor ice storm last week, I was dropping off my kids, and this poor guy was trying to scrape off his windshield with a CD case. Here’s an opportunity to be kind to strangers, I thought, so I lent him my scraper, and said for him to put it on the hood, while I ran off to take the kids into the school. I get back, no scraper.

    Rant2: I had to buy a new scraper. Worse, I had to tell the kids about being generous, sometimes it doesn’t work out, etc.

    Revel: This week, the same guy comes over and hands me the scraper! He apologized, and said he’d had to leave for work. I guess he hadn’t heard me about leaving it on the hood. Faith in humanity, restored! My kids treat this saga as a melodramatic folk tale, and have been retelling it.

  • Rant: We lost one of the finest this week at North Capitol and Florida from yet another punk with gun. 2 shootings in Petworth Heights too with shooter still on the loose. Likely a child wannabe killer trying to get into a gang. Time for civil disobendience, holding hands and surrounding city-subsidized sanctioned gang hideouts, demanding the Council pass tougher gun sentencing laws for all, including juveniles. Let’s block the intersection of Florida and North Capitol too during rush hour every day for a month! The tolerance for punks with guns by DC elected officials is so lame it makes me want to vomit.

    • I like the sentiment, but I think that goes too far too soon. I was actually thinking yesterday that we should stage stand-ins at problem corners. I don’t think block walks are focused enough to get the job done.

      Imagine 20 professionals hanging out at Big Ben’s. I could see it being done with signs, but I think a physical presence is enough. Make the 10 o’clock news. We all know that’s when our otherwise absent council members’ ears perks up — when there’s a chance to appear on camera.

  • Rave: I went o fruitbat last night and had a couple of awesome fruity cocktail! Sake, Cherry Vodka and Cumber was my favorite.

    Rant:I went to the soft opening of Church & State lastnight and the bartender said he already did last call….At 11:30. Realy?? he could of made one drink..disappointing!

    • I’m sorry you weren’t able to get a drink, but in fairness, it was a private soft opening, and it closed at midnight. But, please do come back when Church & State is officially open on the 25th (this coming Tuesday)!

    • me

      @Dantonio, were you still drunk while writing this post?

  • Placed in the top ten in the Meridian Pint Home Brewers Match Up I heard about through PoP. Really, really fun event, some great beers, and an awesome crowd of beer geeks. Can’t wait for the March contest!

  • Rave: I have nothing to do this weekend.
    Rant: I have nothing to do this weekend.

  • Rant: Being sick on the eve of what’s meant to be a glorious weekend with girlfriends.

    Rave: Going to SpaWorld with aforementioned girlfriends tomorrow.

    Rave: Going to the museums with boyfriend on MLK day. Great way to spend quality time together.

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: Giving the bus a try. Enjoy having windows on the commute.

    Rant: Got smacked in the face with a backpack this morning because bus was crowded.

    Rave: Workout pants have finally arrived so I can get my bum in shape.

  • Rant: Car got broken into last weekend.

    Rave: Managed to fix everything myself for half of what insurance paid!

    Rave: I’m a new uncle! (that probably should have been first)

  • Rant: Applied to an awesome job I was slightly underqualified for. Did not get it

    Rave: they offered me a different position at the same organization

    Rant: The job they offered me is pretty much entry level, I have 3 years of work expierence and a masters degree in this field. Can’t say I’m going to say yes, despite really liking the organization.

  • Rant: This has been bugging me for a while…those blocks on the way to the Petworth metro that are always covered in trash. The 4000 block of 7th St NW (b/w NH Ave and Taylor) and the 3900 block of New Hampshire Ave NW, between Randolph and Shepherd.

    I know there are a lot of litterers in this neighborhood, but when I walk past houses with what looks a month’s worth of styrofoam containers, newspapers, and milk jugs piled against the fence, it just looks like people don’t care. I know some of the houses have elderly residents but I see young couples going into many of these houses. What gives? On some blocks people keep the trash picked up, but these two are really bad.

    • rant – every time I turn around it looks like somebody’s dumped an entire trash can in front of my house.
      I think it’s a wind thing? And the way the houses are situated it goes to ours in particular? I don’t know, because we’re in the middle of the block, but it sure is annoying.
      Also, when I leave in the morning, I”m always in a rush, and at night, it’s dark and 30 degrees.

      rant: so over winter.

    • I keep putting in service requests with the Mayor’s Office about those very locations. They recently cleaned about 3 blocks worth of it, but for some reason missed one. The litter all the way down NH is there all the time!

  • Raves: Fantastic crowd at SOVA last night. Had my first beer in 6 months.

    Got a shave and a haircut at Michael Craig on PA Ave to treat myself. My…face…feels…like…buttah!

    Wife comes home from SF tonight. Can’t wait!

    Rant: DC’s broken justice system, the people who put it in place and the people who keep it in place.

  • Rave: Restaurant week! Had two delicious dinners this week (Sushi Taro on Wednesday, Vidalia yesterday).
    Rave: My birthday’s on Monday and I’m really excited about celebrating this weekend – I’ve got some great friends to chill with on Saturday and I’m planning on baking a chocolate cake with salted caramel ganache.
    Rave: It might snow on Tuesday. I’m still holding out hope for a big snowstorm this winter!
    Rant: I feel like it’s been cold and dark for *forever*.

  • Rave: Some new sayings I read today while surfing the interweb and one made up. DC’s Hug-a-Thug Policy. Violent States of America (VSA). Vigilante of Petworth (VOP).

    Rave: Crashing a poker game tonight. Hope there are no guns.

  • Rave: Celebrating my grandmother’s 90th birthday this weekend!

  • Rant: Cold!!!

    Rave: Pho for dinner tonight!!!

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