New American Bistro, Station 4, Coming to 1101 4th St, SW at Waterfront Metro

I’ll admit straight away that I don’t know a lot about the SW-Waterfront area. But after walking around a bit this weekend – well, stay tuned for lots of cool history/buildings and more. And straight away coming out of the metro (one stop after L’Enfant Plaza on the green line) you’ll see two very new buildings. One of them has a killer new Safeway and in the other one there will soon be a new American Bistro called Station 4. Though, peeking in the window it looked like a good deal of construction still needed to be completed on the space but when it’s finished according to a liquor license application out front, it will be a:

“New Restaurant. American Bistro. Entertainment with DJ music or band (maximum 4 pieces) dancing. Summer Garden with 70 seats”

And after walking around the neighborhood a bit, it certainly seems like the area will benefit from a new restaurant. More info when construction comes closer to completion.

Here’s a quick look at the whole building:

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  • Sounds like Station 9. They served food, or something like it, but it was really just a club. If this place is remotely interested in food, I’d lose the name.

  • Enos, this is owned by the same guy as Tunnicliffs and a decent place on U St (name escapes me now). It’ll definitely be more restaurant than bar

  • What an ugly building.

  • Yeah, that Safeway is nice. Totally unexpected if you haven’t been down there in awhile. The area seems like it’d be a good place to find DC real estate bargains.

    • You’d be surprised– real estate prices are in line with Capitol Hill, which in my opinion is a lot nicer. But it’s probably a better investment becuase the area will eventually get better.

  • An expedition to the SW-waterfront, eh? Is PoP expanding his colonial empire?

  • I think it’s from the folks who run Ulah Bistro.

  • I was just trying to find a decent place to grab dinner before a show at the Arena Stage, and there really are no decent options out there. Hopefully that will start to change soon.

  • ugly. def ugly.

  • saf

    PoP – walk the SW Heritage Trail before the entire quadrant changes again!

  • I live across the street and am so excited to have a sit-down restaurant to try. There isn’t much in the neighborhood: Phillips is out for me as I don’t eat shellfish, Cantina Marina is also meat/shellfish heavy (and only open in the summer, and too pricey for the mediocre food) and Jenny’s Asian Fusion is a bit further away and better for takeout.

    I plan to be a frequent visitor to this place when it opens!

    • also, it used to look like this so I think the building, if not awesome, is a definite improvement.

      As for the housing costs, apartments are definitely cheaper than on Capitol Hill, but condo fees can be high (they typically include utilities and swimming pools and the maintenance of mid-60s buildings). I think townhouses are also cheaper, though perhaps not by as much.

      • The only way prices are comparable to Capitol Hill is if you’re talking about the parts of Northeast and Southeast that aren’t really Capitol Hill, but might claim to be in realtor-speak.

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