Vacant Building at 2448 18th St, NW to Finally Get Renovated, Become Affordable Housing in Adams Morgan?

This building located next to the Reef has been vacant and rather rundown for as long as I can remember. I just noticed a zoning proposal go up on the door for a project by Jubilee Housing. These are the same folks who fixed up the Sorrento building at 18th and Kalorama Rd, NW. I think they did a fantastic job on that building.

Jubilee Housing is:

“a faith based non-profit organization founded in 1973 to provide affordable housing and supportive services to economically disadvantaged residents of the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC. Jubilee serves more than 700 individuals and families, and has been a model for programs around the country seeking effective responses to the urban affordable housing crisis. The vision and purpose of Jubilee Housing is about more than providing housing, it is about making it possible for members of the Jubilee community to become their best selves in an atmosphere of supportive community.”

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  • Isn’t this that outdated and likely sham that has spent $20K a year, per year continually renovating the Sorrento, totaling over 600K per condo unit in taxpayer money?

    If so, not impressed. I am sure this will simply turn into another taxpayer funded money pit that is gutted every 10 years at enormous expense to all of us.

  • I think it’s a HORRIBLE idea to put housing, affordable or otherwise, right on 18th Street. They paid (wasted?) a pretty penny for this property. And you know the residents here will be the first to complain about noise on 18th Street… despite the fact that this has been an entertainment district for decades…

    • I don’t necessarily agree with that. I think there is a ton of market demand for a small apt building right there. Every 21-25 yr old I’ve met in this town over the years wanted nothing more than to live in Adams Morgan, right on 18th or Columbia.

      The people I’ve know that have love it for a year or two and then, as you say get tired of all the people and noise and move on.

      But I would be a nicely redone apt building there could command outrageous rents from the newly arrived yuppie population of the District.

  • Sorry PoP you are completely WRONG on this one. Yes, Jubilee is renovating the building, but it will not be for housing at all. It will be for office space.

    Originally they had hoped to put a small market there, but that fell through and so instead they are going to use it for office space. Jubilee Jobs, a division of Jubilee Housing may take over the space for their work, or as ED Jim Knight said, they would be willing to rent out the office space to an organization that has similar mission as Jubilee.

    Jubilee isn’t just about housing.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      That’s for clearing it up. That’s why I put an “?” at the end. Seriously appreciate it. You know I count on you guys.

  • Can anyone remember the building’s last ground-level tenant? I’m not sure it’s been inhabited in the last decade.

  • Hey PoP – Have you taken a look at Jubliee’s project ont he corner of Ontario and Euclid (I think the address is 1740 Euclid). I looked through your archives and didn’t see it. I walk by the building every day, and it looks great!


    • Prince Of Petworth

      Hmm, I’ll check it out soon (I feel like I must’ve walked past it but I’m having a tough time visualizing it at the moment.)

  • If you want to talk about a building in AdMo that’s been vacant for years, I give you the erstwhile location of DC CD. I think that went out of business before the Amsterdam Falafelshop opened.

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