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  • My favorite restaurant in DC. Sleek decor, great service and superb food, the best soups I have ever had in my life. No pretense, just awesomeness.

  • Love it – last time I went I had a tasting menu that was amazing. Great food, great service, lots to love.

  • it’s good, though i was underwhelmed for the prices last time i went. need to retry it.

  • They moved to the area a few years ago with the understanding that it’d eventually get built up, including with the convention center hotel. So they’re probably thrilled that construction is finally underway. Grateful to have one of the best restaurants in the city in the neighborhood.

  • Not cheap, but worth the price. Consistently very good food, across the board.

  • Completely worth the price – food is excellent – service is excellent – atmosphere is dreamy.

  • I love this place. I wore my corduroy jacket in there for dinner about a year ago, and they comped my dessert! I’m not sure everyone gets such special treatment, but if you’ve got some nice corduroy clothes, why not give it a try?

  • Good food, great service.

  • Corduroy Story:
    Made reservation on Opentable.com, in the special request section, I mentioned it’s a first anniversary dinner. Arrived at restaurant, checked in with hostess, she said, “Happy Anniversary.” Nice touch, right.

    Ordered a drink once seated – drink never came.

    About half way through dinner, waitress asks how the drink she never brought was. Got the check after decent, but not spectacular meal. Instead of a check, there was a note that said this one’s on me, happy anniversary, regards, and some guy’s name we didn’t recognize. We should have just up and left then.

    We consulted with the waitress, asked us if she was sure it was for us, since we didn’t know the guy, nor did we tell anybody where we were going that night. She says she’s 100% certain; we ask her to check again. Ten minutes later, slick looking manager type comes over to apologize. Turns out there’s another anniversary couple in the restaurant; they got a deal. The manager apologized, but didn’t offer anything except well wishes and a faraway look.

    Two weeks later, a parking ticket came in the mail, supposedly from the time we were at Corduroy. There was no ticket on the car after dinner, and it was a legal spot, anyway.

    The moral of the story: Corduroy is like the little Tiki charm that cost Greg Brady the surfing contest and postponed puberty in Peter. Bad juju, that place.

  • Amazing restaurant. If you are afraid of the prices, go to the bar upstairs. This is one of the best in DC, for sure.

  • The City Paper’s beer guy is claiming that they want $8 for a pint of Racer 5 IPA. That’s effing ridiculous.

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