PoP T-shirts Continue to Travel the Globe – Buenos Aires

“Just came back from Buenos Aires.

The first one is in an old Italian neighborhood called La Boca. I really like the mural.

The second one is Casa Rosada (the Pink House) is the official seat of the executive branch of the government of Argentina, and of the offices of the President.”

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  • How much of a fee did you have to pay to get into the country?

  • I believe it was around $130. The worst part was that that tiny little thing on my hand in the first picture had to pay the same amount. Ouch 🙂

    Apparently, it’s the same amount Argentinians have to pay when they come here. Still hurts.

  • Yes, they call it a “reciprocity fee”. It’s the same in Chile and in Brazil (although I think, but I’m not sure, in Brazil you actually need to apply for a Visa, they take the reciprocity all the way). In Argentina it was established in 2009. In the beginning they were only charging it in international airports (meaning if you were in Uruguay and took a Ferry or in Chile and took a bus, you wouldn’t be charged). I think this is still the case but I’m not 100% sure.

    • Yeah, and the Chilean fee also does not apply if you come into the country over land (at least based on my experience crossing from Bolivia earlier this year). Like you said, I think Brazil is a little more strict about it and they hit you up either way.

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