PoP Pho Patrol: Pho DC Opens up in Chinatown

Photo courtesy of @mpyzocha

“Dear PoP,

I went last night and thought it was great. There’s a pretty varied menu compared to my favorite Pho place (Pho 75 is Rosslyn, VA) but I stuck with your basic Pho. Definitely worth a stop. Reasonably priced and cute interior design as well.”

Pho DC is located at 608 H St, NW. We’ve first heard about their arrival back in June. Glad to hear they’ve opened. And super glad to hear the Pho is good. Anyone else check them out yet?

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  • My office is two doors down and this might be lunch…how good does hot, steamy pho sound on a windy day like this? Pretty friggin good.

  • While I welcome Pho DC with open arms and will likely be visiting multiple times a month, it is not “reasonably priced” – a bowl of pho costs $12. That is absurd.

    • Agreed, but unlike the pho place that recently opened on Penn Ave SE (which is priced similarly), it sounds like they give generous portions here.

    • The prices are a bit high, but the broth is outstanding and there was a lot of meat. I came in during the soft launch, and was surprised to find that they had no sriracha on hand. I’ll take this to be a start-up issue. They also have a variety of bun bowls and broken rice dishes, which I’ll be back to try. There were people getting vegetarian pho while I was there. They also have a bar, unlike the other pho spots in DC.

  • Does anyone know if they offer vegetarian options? The lunch menu doesn’t list a single vegetarian offering, but I’m wondering if they can substitute tofu for the meat in some of the dishes.

  • Their lunch prices are less by a few bucks (even for Pho)

  • Does anyone know if they deliver?

  • I don’t think they deliver, but they just opened this past weekend and don’t even have takeout menus printed yet so maybe they will eventually. Also, as of last night they were only accepting cash, but have plans to take credit soon. But the delicious bowl of Pho I had was just the thing on a cold, windy night. Yum.

  • Also, the music they were playing over their sound system was choice, and others in line to get in commented on this as well.

  • I assume rent is the reason pho in dc is absurdly priced? I work by 7 corners and there are a million options for a big bowl of awesome pho, $6 out the door.

  • Please note, for now….PHO DC is Cash only. No Take-Out!!

  • $12 for pho? who goes there?

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