Judging Additions – Brookland

This Brookland addition is totally wild. Never in a million years did I expect to see it on this block because every single house was a brick row house. Having said that, I think it’s awesome. What do you think – thumbs up or down?

Couple more shots after the jump.

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  • Looks like a Plain Jane with a crazy hat on.
    The original building is ho-hum. The addition, the crazy hat, seems out of place.
    The many mailboxes hint that it’s a multi-residence and thus as long as the rent is cheap and there is parking I guess it doesn’t matter if it looks silly.

  • Are these apartments located on 7th?

  • It’s kind of like this place on 18th/Franklin NE that we call”The Mullet House” ; Business in front, party in back

  • Eclectic. I like it. I think the point is to introduce contrast into the mix as an asset rather than a problem.

  • I think like it, but it seems the windows on the original brick building are lacking.

  • Windows just need some trim. A little trim always works wonders 🙂

  • These were being sold as condos a couple of years ago, not sure what ended up happening to them. There was a total of 5 units and the unit on top was a 3 bedroom that was really cool.

  • I used to live on this block. Yeah they are 5 condo’s called “The Indalo”. They all were sold. 4 of them 2 bedrooms starting at 299K, and the top floor a 3 bedroom. Irving Street and 7th NE. I think it brings a nice variety as almost all the other buildings on this block are 4-plex apartments that are each 1 bedroom with a sleepers porch and all look almost identical.

  • I guess I don’t mind because the original building doesn’t have much style.

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