I’m Still Hearing Rumors Sweet Mango Could Open a 2nd Location on U St, NW

We first heard the rumor back in July but I’ve noticed work is still ongoing at the former Brown Sugar restaurant and adjacent spaces next to Pinz-n-Needlz Tattoo on the 900 block of U St, NW by Vermont Ave. [Sadly, the Brown Sugar sign has been removed.] If the scuttlebutt is true that a Sweet Mango (Jamaican Jerk Chicken) could be opening a 2nd location here, I wonder how the recent fire at the Petworth location will affect the timeline. The Petworth location at the corner of New Hampshire and Georgia Ave remains closed will repairs are made. More info as it becomes available.

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  • After the fire, they opened for a day. They cooked their food outside on a grill on the sidewalk (behind the newish 8 ft. fence at rear of their building).

    They closed the next day, and have been closed every since (while doing alot of illegal construction).

    By the way, SM is also in the process of expanding to include fifty additional seats at 3709 New Hampshire, which is the building directly adjacent to their current location that used to be a T-Shirt/TV Repair shop.

    • They keep expanding that restaurant even though its empty most of the time… I think the spot next door should be made into a solid coffee/reading lounge instead. Their prices are way too high for the quality of food they sell. 9 times out of 10 they don’t have most of the stuff on their menu. The employees talk too much and the turnaround is slow on orders. That new fence is horrible. What a waste. They need to step their business up.

  • I don’t know how many of you have tried The Pink Snapper, at 826 Shepherd St., but the wife and I think it is better than Sweet Mango. The jerk chicken, the rice, the cabbage…..and it’s cheaper than Sweet Mango. You should really check it out!

    • i tried it once, and thought it was pretty decent as well. if nothing else, the employees were a LOT more friendly (not that it takes much when the bar is set at surly).

      my complaint about both of htese places is that the way the chicken is chopped, it’s a guessing game as to whether or not the piece you’re about to eat has a bone or piece of bone in it. somehow that really lowers my whole overall enjoyment, as once unanticipated bone crunch is all it takes to ruin it for me.

  • I hope it opens soon cause I love me some Jerk Chicken from Sweet Mango’s.

  • I try to like Sweet Mango because its location and how long it’s been in the neighborhood, but I’ve gotten really slow/bad service there a handful of times and never a great experience.

    I prefer JamDown

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