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  • As a frequent visitor to the heart of Texas, I have to say the BBQ there is awesome, especially if you prefer beef. Not sure how well the country western theme will translate to Chocolate City, but holding out hope.
    In that part of the country, people wear giant belt buckles and Western cut shirts unironically.

    • i wear regular belt buckles and east coast cut shirts unironically.

    • Yeah, and all of us wear ten gallon hats and ride horses too.

      It’d be nice if Hill Country turns out to be good, but everyone here should settle for not awful — like the vomit-inducing fare at Rocklands.

  • This is Texas BBQ by way of New York City, and if the quality of other recent NY theme restaurant transplants is any indication, this place will suck and then shut down in about a year.

  • jack5

    Drove by this place just yesterday evening, Not expecting anything spectacular because the parking is horrible. They should have opened in Petworth. The best BBQ spots don’t end up in city locations….

  • I for one am really looking forward to the opening. I am from Texas and have friends who live in NYC (who are also from Texas)and swear that this place is delicious and authentic. Bring on the Big Red!

  • Interesting, I wonder how it will compare to Capital Q in Chinatown (which is pretty good, IMHO).

  • ah

    Yeah, Petworth is out in the sticks.

  • ah

    BTW, what happened to the Waggamama “coming soon” next door to this?

  • “Market” sounds interesting. I still need to give American Ice a shot before this joint opens.

  • Hill Country in Manhattan is amazing and I expect this to maintain their brand quality. Before you say “New York City?! Get a rope,” I went to school in Texas and have traveled the South far and wide in search of great bbq. Hill Country was right up there with the best I’ve ever had. Capitol Q might as well close because HC is a DC bbq game changer. After the disappointing early reviews of the bbq at American Ice Company, I’m happy to see HC coming along. I have supreme confidence in their commitment to quality.

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