Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Bloomingdale

This rental is located at T Street NW at Rhode Island Avenue:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Available Jan. 1. Fully renovated. Convenient NW location.
Nice clean quiet secure English Basement apartment.
Sunny open living room and kitchen, separate bedroom.
Central air, tile floors, WASHER/DRYER, newer appliances.
Front and back entrances, with motion lighting.
Tenant pays electricity and 1/2 cable.
One month security deposit. References/credit check. No application fee.”

First time I’ve seen a craigslist ad for a location in this area without mention of Rustik and/or Big Bear Cafe…

Props to Caroline for finding this one. Does $1200 sound reasonable for this 1 bedroom english basement?

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  • Prince of Petworth! 🙂

  • houseintherear

    Sounds about right. Looks nice, too.

  • Is it just me or does it seem like rent in the District has gone up the last 3-4 years while home prices have tanked?

  • Fantastic location if you want to live in that area.

    Anything S and North to Channing, 6th and East and West of Lincoln I suspect you’ll be happy with proximity to public transit (the further north and east you go, the further it is from Shaw), rustik, big bear, Windows, the new ledroit park park, cripus attucks, etc. This is definitely a neighborhood that doesnt get enough credit (props to PoP for covering it nearly once a week, though).

    The safety concerns exist, but are often overblown and you can find great deals to rent and buy.

    1200 seems good, but I do notice its not closed off from the rest of the house.

    Flooding might be a concern on this specific block. Definitely size up their sump pump system and drains prior to putting too much of your net worth on the ground.

  • 1200 sounds about right but my biggest concern would be carpet flooring on this block which is prone to flooding / wet basements. It’s like a river running down 1st from the hospital.

  • I just don’t get $1200 for a place with low ceilings. I don’t care how nice it is. You can do an english basement that’s not for short people only. (I first DC English basement had 10 foot ceilings — but a crappy layout.)

    Considering I live in a two bedroom in Brooklyn for $1200 with 14 foot ceilings, I have a hard time imagining moving back to DC at these prices.

  • Depending on the location of the unit, it might avoid the floods. But I would be wary of that. Otherwise is a nice block, easy bus access (G8 to shaw/farragut, G2 to dupont/gtown), short walk to metro & bars on u st. Price is fair.

  • $1200 seems high for a basement. I found a 2 bedroom in Columbia Heights with a fireplace for $1200 over the summer. But I’m sure somebody(ies) out there will pay that amount.

  • “First time I’ve seen a craigslist ad for a location in this area without mention of Rustik and/or Big Bear Cafe…”

    –makes me want to rent it MORE. the landlord must have some damn sense.

    • seriously. just tell us about the damn rental. not what it’s near. we’re already on the internets! we can look tha stuff up easily.

  • It will flood, almost a certainty in that location. Whether it happens while you are living there is a crap shoot. The point where T hits RI Ave (more so the stretch of RI on the south side of the street) is the low point of the Tiber creek drainage. There is no residential sump system that could overcome the amount of water that can collect very quickly during serious rain events, never mind any complications due to blockages. Anybody considering this place should ask point blank how high the water gets and how often it has happened.

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