Dear PoP – What’s Going on at 7th and S St, NW by the Shaw Metro?

This came up this morning when talked about the nearby Howard Theater restoration project. The metro construction is indeed the old Broadcast Center One project that will now become home to the United Negro College Fund. Washington Business Journal wrote:

UNCF is expected to purchase 50,000 square feet of office space at Seventh and S streets NW, in the $143 million development once called Broadcast Center One. The college financial aid provider is committed to building a 5,000-square-foot assistance center on the ground floor.

Work on the development is expected to start in August, with a grand opening in 2012.

Additionally the project, “will feature 168,000 square feet of office space, 133 apartment units and 15,000 square feet of retail space.” according to the Business Journal.

Stay tuned for more updates as construction progresses.

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  • At least there is some movement on this project. Further down 7th Street, all that was done to the ‘O’ Street Market project was the ground breaking last spring.

    • My favorite thing about the O Street fake groundbreaking is how they put all that work into cleaning the place up and putting all the racks of bricks around, to suggest that something is actually happening. It really makes you appreciate ACTUAL construction, like this, or like the new building going up on 14th across the street from the View 14.

  • Yay. Between this and visibly progress on the Howard Theater, we might be bidding farewell to the “Block of Blight”–locus of muggings, open-air drug-dealing and vagrancy–in 2011. Next up is the Jemal-owned Wonder Bread bakery.

    • I originally thought the steel beams were for the howard theatre, but noticed them ramming them down into the ground there. Not I can connect the dots. Glad to see progress

      I enjoy the “block of blight” comment. Bravo…

  • Good to see! What a relief that UNCF came through after Radio One backed out of moving to this area.

  • I saw a little work at O Street for a few mornings this fall. A couple of guys with some type of drill were drilling into the ground. Perhaps testing the rock/soil beneath the surface?

    • There is more work going on in Congress than going on at the O Street market— that is to say, there has been ZERO work. People need to start contacting council members and asking what’s going on.

      • Wow sweet one liner there Glenn Beck. You should get your own hour long show on Fox News.

        For the record, I believe there is a lot going on in Congress and a lot of prep work going on on the O St project.

  • Honestly, the problem is financing with a lot of these projects. The lending restraints that have been put on banks by the comptroller of the currency is totally overboard.

    Banks want to lend money for these projects, but they can’t because of the new federal requirements.
    The policies are now in place to eliminate predatory and wreckless lending practices, but its gone too far. An accomplished developer with a proven business model cannot get the same loan he/she got 5 years ago. It’s doing more to harm the economy than ANYthing else.

    My family is in the construction business in PA, and we pretty much have to raise all capital from private investors. That alone delays projects for years/kills them. I’m sure that’s happening to a lot of these projects, and there’s not much the developers can do about it until they find a partner with $10 million in liquid assets to fund the thing.

  • From several reports, the funding for the ‘O’Street Market was in place. Even if the funding is not there, them why have a big ceremony breaking ground and practically no movement on construction. Makes me think the whole development plan for that area is going to be tardy in its schedule, even the planned new Giant. A lot of folk in that area say that part of Shaw is moving forward, if it is, it is at a snails pace. This development could really change the landscape from Shaw just being a thoroughfare for commuters on NJ Ave,7th & 9th Streets, and R.I.Ave.

    • believe me … that’s what we’re all hoping for. They’re already tardy as the “luxury condos” were due late 2010. As long as the project isn’t completely dumped I’m still holding out a shred of hope!!

  • and click on ‘future’ to see some SketchUp renderings of what’s under construction.

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