Dear PoP: Car Break In – Cardozo Parking Lot

Photo by PoPville flickr user urban sherpa

“Dear PoP,

I normally park my car on Florida between 11th and 13th St, NW (right at the edge of the high school), but after reading about break ins there last week, I’ve been parking it overnight in the actual HS lot (generally if you move it by 7:30 or so, no one gives you any trouble). I thought this would be safer, but it seems it just delayed the inevitable. Although there was absolutely nothing visible or worth stealing in the car, my back window was broken into sometime between 11pm and 7am. They went through my car and trunk and didn’t take a thing. The worse part was that a cop car was parked across the street most of the night…but no cop to be found.

It seems no matter how empty your car is or where it is parked around there, it won’t be safe. What a great early Christmas present!”

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Sorry to hear about this.

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  • Don’t you wish you could catch them in the act? I would relish hammering a thief into the ground.

  • Put broken bottles under your seats. At least you can giggle over the bloodstains.

  • I live on that corner. A cop car or two is always parked there over nights. I think they live in one of the buildings.

  • I live on Euclid between 11th and 13th and it’s rare that a single day goes by I don’t see a freshly broken window along Euclid or 13th. House guests had their back window smashed for what apparently seemed like shits & giggles-nothing taken, no huge hole but a nice spiderweb where an elbow hit. We just bought a car and made sure to get strong insurance for things like this b/c it seems like the kids around here are bored enough to find smashing neighbors car windows out a good form of regular entertainment.

  • I live just north of there along Euclid, and there are constantly windows smashed in on my street and along 13th. I had friends in town for the weekend and the same thing happened with nothing being taken from the car.

  • I used to walk up and down this block every day to and from work, and I would estimate that I’d see anywhere from 1-7 car windows broken a week. I heard a rumor once that it was a gang initiation ritual, but its probably just the proximity to the high school.

  • I’m not sure if this is relevant or not, but the high school is currently off.

  • I think this is a fad that becomes popular every several months when a couple kids (or adults) get the wise idea to screw with the man. I live at the top of the hill and have noted its possibly more common with non DC plates. A VW with a roof rack says gentrifier, a new car with temp tags the same. Anybody need a dissertation topic?

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