NoMa BID: Chef Gillian Clark Brings Neighborhood Restaurant to 3rd and K St, NE

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Some more scuttlebutt turns out to be true. From a NoMa Bid press release:

Chef Gillian Clark plans to open a new neighborhood restaurant in NoMa at Third and K Streets, NE, in the Loree Grand at Union Place. “Kitchen on K Street” will open in April or May, bringing back the popular Colorado Kitchen concept Clark is known for. Clark also runs the General Store restaurant in Silver Spring.

Kitchen on K Street will be a full-service restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as offering a bar with counter seating. Clark chose the NoMa spot for its neighborhood feel and history – the Loree Grand is named in honor of Loree Murray, a longtime Northeast resident and community leader. “We saw the building and where it was – what it represents for the neighborhood in the naming of the Loree Grand,” Clark said. “It’s a new building, but has the neighborhood feel and charm of an older building.”

“We’re very excited to have the space leased to a local chef with a strong reputation,” said Eric Siegel of the Cohen Companies, which owns the Loree Grand in as Union Place Phase I LLC. “Chef Gillian Clark chose this location because she wanted to be in a residential neighborhood and part of a community.”

Kitchen on K Street will seat nearly 100 people inside and about 25 in outdoor seating on the patio. Clark plans to expand the Colorado Kitchen menu, featuring roasted chicken, meatloaf, doughnuts, and weekend brunches. “Imagine Betty Crocker gone Cordon Bleu,” she said. Hours will most likely run from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., 11 p.m. on weekends.

I have been assured that this won’t negatively impact Chef Clark’s Petworth plans for the Georgia Avenue Meeting House (expecting to open up this spring) and we can expect news of more openings around town in the coming years.

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  • Her place in Silver Spring (I wouldnt even call it Silver Spring–somewhere in the wooded frontier and frame houses between Rockville, Forest Glen and Silver Spring!) is great. She has no people skills, however, and many folk have said the food, while wonderfully comforting, is not so astronomical as to offset the price and her Spartan philosophy. But hey i’m glad she’s coming to the city. It’s natural, and frankly, I wish she’d come south of Petworth.

  • Agreed. So long as you don’t have to interract with her or ask for salt, you’ll have a pleasant dining experience. Ask for some ketchup and you might end up with your nuts nailed to a plank.

  • The food at Colorado Kitchen was amazing, but I have to agree, the experience bordered on ridiculous more often than not. Best of luck to her with the new place, though.

  • I am really excited about another dining option in the western part of H St / NOMA area. This is great news.

  • Not to pound this point into the ground, but she definitely has no people skills. NONE. My husband and I had dinner at her place in Silver Spring, and bought her book. We asked he to sign it (she did), but she barely uttered a word the whole time. Kind of freaky – but the food is good! I do wish her luck.

  • noma is totally kicking it.

  • I loved Colorado Kitchen, and I’m really excited to see it in my part of town.

  • Look at NOMA growing up!

  • Wow. No people skills? I apologize if I did not personally thank you for purchasing my book. Afterall I am in the kitchen and cooking, too. I might have had something in the stove. But there is ketchup, monkey. And 25 different hot sauces.

  • Busy is not Grumpy. It’s a difficult thing to interact and conversate while I’ve got other folks wondering where the he’ll their food is.

    • SouthwestDC

      ^ Why I wouldn’t want to open a restaurant– even though I’d appreciate my customers, I can’t imagine coming accross as such when I have a million other things on my mind. And I’d be too concerned about quality and consistency to let the kitchen staff take over while I engage with customers.

    • So everyone else is wrong about you? Uh huh.

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