A Little Scuttlebutt for some Retail Spaces Above the Petworth Metro

Not the most exciting news – but I know folks like to hear the scuttlebutt as soon as I hear it. So, I’m hearing that a florist and a dry cleaner are looking at two of the spaces in the Park Place building above the Petworth Metro.

It’s also not clear to me if Park Place Cafe is still coming. As many have noted and written – the coming soon sign has been up for ages with no progress. I’m still 99% sure a coffee shop/cafe will come into the space (corner of Georgia and Quincy), it’s just not clear to me whether or not it is going to be from the folks behind Tynan. Keep in mind this is all scuttlebutt and there is no confirmation on any of this. But based on the number of emails I receive every week about these spaces – well, I wanted to share what I had.

I promise to update you on these space as more concrete info becomes available.

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  • What would be nice here but will never happen – a bank. Not a check cashing place or a pay-day lender that charges exorbitant fees, but an actual branch office of a national bank.

  • Any new news on the big retail spot at the corner of NH and GA aves?

  • bfinpetworth

    A dry cleaner would be very good. I tried the one on Upshur but my non-drycleaned clothes came out smelling like sour milk. Yuk.

    • I really like the owners of the one on Upshur and haven’t had any problems (granted, I’ve been once). But I wish they’d stay open until 7:30! So, I’d be pretty excited about a dry cleaning place right by the metro and would love it if it stayed open until 7:30 (I work until 6 or a little after each night).

  • I would patronize a nice clean local dry cleaners the day they opened, just on principle. Even if it’s not as convenient as the one below my office.
    Second the request for bank. Can it be an M&T with a secured ATM vestibule? And a cop car parked in front.

  • Would love to see flower shop. Yup, gettin’ drunk at the old flower shop.

  • So loving Petworth but not loving all the crew gun action and senseless death. Every time I visit the suburbs now I think, boy I am glad I do not have to commute this far, the yards are nicely kept and I wonder if they have a young man gunned down every week around here?

  • Come to think of it, a florist wouldn’t be too bad up here. I don’t really feel any sadness over the coffee shop, but that’s because my favorite coffee is just a couple blocks up at Qualia, and it’s not like Columbia Heights Coffee is too far down the street.

    Still waitin’ on that kite shop, however.

  • Thanks for the update. More development right at the metro entrance, and access to a coffee shop, a dry cleaners, and a bank branch (BoA please!) are badly needed there.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    There is a Bank of America about 2 blocks North of here. Drycleaners is an interesting twist. I live at Park Place and we have free pick up and delivery drycleaner, just put your clothes in their special bag and pay through pay pal. Flower shop, hmm. I just don’t think there’d be enough foot traffic for either of those options. What I’d like to see is a nice shop selling beer and wine, maybe sandwiches or other light fare. An alternative to Subway (which I heart).

  • Since he isn’t paying property taxes, it’d be nice of the owner to bring businesses in who’d generate sales tax. He’s got 9 more years of tax free ownership. Frankly, until it’s leased up, I’d nominate this as a horse’s ass award.

  • I would want:

    1) A Bagel shop like Georgetown bagel or Einsteins

    2) A TEA house

    3) A smoothie place

    4) Mexican food since Lemonchera -sp? closed down 🙁

    5) a wings place! something like Buffalo Wild Wings would do awesome I bet.

  • We need a place for high school kids to hang out since nothing good exists in the area. Maybe a coffee hang-out with wifi, cheap food and a focus on young local artists…

  • i hate the empty storefronts, but these are such disappointing businesses for the space.

  • Both fine businesses, I’m sure, but a little disappointing, yes. Don’t forget that Mother Virginia flower shop/florist is just a few blocks north. Local small business and all. In fact, reminds me I should stop in.

  • Once the Donatelli development is completed on the NE corner, interest in these storefronts may be renewed.

  • Dunkin Donuts… Damnit! Also, a nice sit down and possibly a carry out/novelty/gourmet late-night shop like Julias Empanadas or a Hot Dog Shack..

    Because there is no parking directly in front of the store, quick pick-up spots like dry cleaner shops won’t fare well due to car parkers clogging the bus lanes…

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