Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Adams Morgan

This rental is located at 2400 16th St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Great deal***Grab it this week- Located in the Envoy Apartments….
We are putting the final touches on this steal of a deal and it won’t last long. Why pay more? Studio in Adams Morgan – steps from U ST!
For more information call 202-287-2500
$ 500.00 Move in fee
$45.00 Application fee
Sorry No Pet Policy”

Does $1299 sound reasonable for this studio?

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  • $500.00 move in fee?!?!?

  • I have never been in this building, but I hate their management. The $500 move-in fee is absurd.

    Also, when I was looking for a new place about three years ago, I wanted to check this building out. They wouldn’t let me see any apartments. before submitting an application. Seriously – they said they couldn’t let me in to see the unit in question because the tenant hadn’t vacated yet, and they didn’t have model units because each apartment was different.

    They said I would get to see the unit when I did a walkthrough before moving in. Yeah, riiiiiighhhht.

  • For reference, in DEC 2008 (albeit almost 2 years ago) I signed a lease at 1763 Columbia Rd, 1bed 1bath, $100 move in fee for $1300/month.

  • The title of the ad implies a “view of the Capitol” yet the picture suggests a view of the neighboring apartment building.

    Also, it’s not “steps from U St”, try 5+ blocks on a hill.

    $1300 is excessive.

  • $500 move-in fee is likely in lieu of a security deposit? Dated a guy who lived here but never went in. I always pictured his place having dirty carpet for some reason. the pics do not look that great and where, exactly, is the view of the Capitol??

  • I paid $825 for a studio in this building in 2004. The view of the brick wall outside my window sucked!

  • I didn’t see where the ad said how big the studio was – I know this building has studios as big as 750 sq ft. which would make $1300 more reasonable imo. I lived in this building for 5 years after college and loved it. The apartment was average with a view of a brick wall, but the location was wonderful – U Street and Adams Morgan are easily walkable and a bit longer walk to Columbia Heights or Dupont. Walking home up the hill sucks, but it is great exercise!

  • I’ve heard that this building is shady. Looks nice from the outside though.

  • Not a bad deal at all for this area – anything decent along the 16th st corridor and this close to dupont and u st will be gone in a second for that price.

  • I’ve been paying $1245 for my studio in that building and all I can see out my windows are my neighbors’ apartments. But yeah, the location is great and that’s what you’re paying for.

  • My boyfriend lived here in a 500 s.f. studio from 2007-2009…The first year he got some kind of move-in special for under 800 bucks; the second it was more like 1100 bucks. He had a view of the neighbors’ apartments too. He never mentioned any $500 move-in fee though; that’s just absurd. Mice were a problem at the time, but the rest of the building is OK. No frills. No pool, no gym, just a laundry room. The doorman Mark is a nice guy.

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