House of the Day

This is an interesting alley house from Capitol Hill. Do you think it was once a proper carriage house and was completely renovated or just new construction. Either way, I like the wood siding:

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  • Nice. Where is this located?

  • Is that a garage? Wow. So little space, and so much of it dedicated to housing a car. Still nice exterior even if it is a garouse (house whose most prominent architectural feature is the car storage).

  • This is actually my friend’s moms house, hahahahaha… it’s not just for housing a car. There is a single car space and then the rest is a efficiency, murphy bed, marble bathroom and all… it used to be a two car garage, then the garage/office and now garage efficiency… it was done very well and is actually quite impressive considering space limitations.

  • People forget that a lot of alley houses were for African American servants. The structures lacked heat/AC/plumbing, but that’s where they lived. Perhaps this is a fixed up servant’s quarters.

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