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  • Anything for this price is a great deal, but this apartment has a lot of perks. Great location, utilities included, hardwood floors (and it looks like crown molding?), stainless steel appliance, and pets allowed. Not much space, but it’s liveable.

  • Wow, I wish I could’ve found something like this when I was renting.

  • Very confused by kitchen pictures. I cant see an over or a sink, but I see a dishwasher? Whats going on there?

    • I had to stare at the pictures for a while to figure it out, but I think it’s (from left to right): fridge, sink/DW, stove/oven with microwave above.

  • Sounds like a great deal to me.

  • If I’m not mistaken utilities aren’t included – “$875 + utilities”.

  • Props for them coming out and saying this is downright small and not “quaint” or “adorable” or “intimate”

  • how does a sink/dw work? where is the sink basin? something odd is going on there.

  • I’m assuming there isnt a seperate room for the kitchen? This still seems like a much better deal than what I’m paying for in the area.

  • I had one of those in the condo I owned in Dupont (also about 425 sq feet). It’s a DW with a small inside space and the sink is special one that is not very deep (like 4″ instead of 6 or 8″). I’ve seen them in NYC too, but not anyplace else.

  • Though its small, the place looks really nice, good location. I would say good deal!

  • i lived in a studio that was less than this square footage that didn’t look nearly this small. this is tiiiiiiiiiny! are we sure it’s actually 424 sq ft?

    • I was thinking the same thing too – you don’t get a full view of the space from any of the pictures, leading me to suspect it’s not as large as advertised.

  • Most of DC’s housing stock in areas close to adequate public transportation is way OVER PRICED!!! If you are from NYC, you’re not going to notice cause you are used to being gouged. If you are from around here…a closet should be priced like a closet… OR the City should provide us all with better public transportation so we aren’t all clamoring for a couple of neighborhoods. I’d say no more than $800 EVERYTHING included!

    • Maybe if you’re from NYC you should recognize that public transit isn’t as good here and get a car?

    • Oh, and for the record this IS priced like a closet. A single-person rental in this area would normally be $1500 at least.

    • Again, I don’t know where people come up with the idea that rentals/homes in this area should be cheap…Washington DC is the highest educated city in the country. We have some of the highest salaries in the world. Do you truly believe that a landlord shouldn’t utilize these factors in trying to get the best return on her/his investment?

      If you are looking for a place for less than $1,000, you would be crazy to not snatch this property up.

  • Amazing deal for that location. You cant get anything sub 1100 in this area.

  • seems like a great deal to me

  • sign me up. I’m starting to put out feelers for a new place (as I am headed toward a point where I want my own place rather than a group house, and a studio apartment is about all that’s in my price range), but I’m nowhere near ready to move. Otherwise, I’d be visiting this one ASAP to make sure it doesn’t involve a bank transfer scam or something.

  • I think this is a SCAM!! I emailed the contact through craigslist and they emailed back asking me to click on a credit report link and bring my credit report (generated by the specific site they mention) to our meeting…which they did not set up a time for.

  • yes, i agree–this seems like a complete scam. i did the same thing.

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