Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

I’ll start with a rant: I’ve been sick all week with some insane flu/cold. You’re not supposed to get a cold like this in Oct. Being sick especially sucks when you can’t take a sick day. But thanks to all who have sent kind words.

Rave: Nyquil, starting to feel better, and weekend parties.

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  • I heard on the news that there will be a severe shortage of Port-a-potties available for this event, because of a Marine corp event somewhere.
    I’m sure somebody could comfirm this story.

  • Rant: Shortage of port-a-potties.

    Rave: Grass.

  • They’ve started up construction on the Brixton at the corner of 9th and U and (hopefully) soon I’ll have another good beer option within 2 blocks of home.

    • Will they have brick-proof windows? The good news is that there probably are experienced bartenders looking for jobs on that corner. And a bunch of thirsty hipsters looking very uncomforable in Nellie’s.

      • Nah, Nellie’s isn’t the type of place where the needle drags across the record and everybody stops what they’re doing when some straight dude walks in.

  • Rant: People commuting on the metro with strollers. I’m all for helping you get seat so you can be with your kid, but don’t block the aisle and take up 4 handicapped seats at once. Ugh. Twice this week — same guy.

    Revel: Just found $30 in my pocket I didn’t know I had!!!

    • I think part of this is that people who are inconsiderate are going to find a way to be inconsiderate-this guy happens to use his stroller. I feel the same way about some people who bring unfolded strollers on to the bus. Ugh. Even though a lot of people do it the right way, the few who do it the wrong way just make all of the stroller commuters look bad!

    • next time take a photo and put it here: http://www.seathogs.com/

  • rant: dating in DC is the pits if you’re a single woman in your 30’s

    rave: more great fall weather!

  • Rave: After waiting 3 months (and numerous phone calls) for DCPS to supply us with our Supercan, one email to Councilwoman Bowser got us our trashcan the next day!

  • Rant: Knowing the nice weather is in short supply

    Rave: New Princeofpetworth mobile site. Finally I don’t have to squint and zoom around on my iPhone

    • +1 on the mobile site (and now you can see the photos)!

      I wish there was a cool graphic button when you bookmark the site though–I just have a button that looks like lined paper.

  • Rant: the ever-increasing instances and volume of profanity around me. I like to drop an appropriately-placed f-bomb as much as the next gal, but I’m finding it more and more annoying to hear groups of people mf-ing this and mf-ing that, at full volume, everywhere I go.

    Rant2: I am apparently very, very old. Inches away from full curmudgeon status, in fact. Get off my lawn.

    • Welcome!
      If you drop by our headquarters (my house) you can pick up your membership card, badge, and your very own cane to wave in the air as you shoo those pesky kids off your lawn.
      You will also receive a large duffel (emblazened with our beautiful logo!) to store all the baseballs, footballs and frisbees that land in your yard.
      See you soon!

    • +1
      Part of the general decline of civility in the US, but worse in DC

    • I’d like to be pronounced the Curmudgeon of Crittenden.

  • Rant: Mice in the kitchen
    Rave: Exterminator

  • SouthwestDC

    I was hit with the insane flu/cold back in September. Totally wasn’t expecting that! It seems to be making the rounds early this year.

  • Rant: idiot drivers who cut you off so you change lanes to avoid a wreck only to have them change lanes again and cause you to slam on your breaks

    Rave: Fall weather!

  • Rant: The Dorchester House’s leasing office. It should not take 2 weeks to process a rental application, period.

    Rave: Despite incompetent leasing agents, I’m still getting a kick-ass roommate out of the deal 🙂


  • PoP, you may want to lay off the NyQuil at the weekend parties. Or bring enough for everyone.

    Rave: Early voting in Maryland starts today.

    I’m 15 miles away from reaching the 1,000 mile mark on my bike odometer (not much for some of you, but the most I’ve biked in one season.)

    Rant: Still haven’t heard from the organization I interviewed with two weeks ago, and the pessimist in me thinks that means they’re not going to make me an offer. Oh well, could be worse.

  • Rave: Saw Client 9, the new documentary on the rise & fall of Eliot Spitzer. Highly recommend it. By the way, love a good documentary so share any recommendations if you have them.

    Rant: No, no, no! It is not OK to talk on your cell phone on the bus. For those that do it, how is it possible that you don’t know how obnoxious and self-centered you are?

    • Not new but I also think widely underviewed: Man on Wire. Of course, if you’re a documentary-hound, you have probably already seen it!

    • I actually think it’s ok to talk on your cell phone on the bus as long as you keep it at a reasonable volume. My problem is the people never learned what is an “inside voice” versus an “outside voice” — everyone within 20 feet of you DOES NOT want to or need to hear your conversation! keep it down! (please process my membership application to the curmudgeon club 🙂

  • rant: plans for Walter Reed and no Metrobus garage. Really hope that’s a game of cat and mouse or otherwise bureaucratic dilly-dally rather than death to the plan.

  • Ann- LOVED Man on Wire. Have you read “Let the Great World Spin” by Colum McCann? Made more powerful by the documentary.

  • My counter tops went in yesterday, my tile goes up today, plumber and electrician finish on Monday and Tuesday – new kitchen nearly done and a week early – YEAH.

  • Rave: I got a raise!
    Rant: Not as much as I was expecting. (I’ve worked really hard and brought in new business.)

  • Rave: Second weekend of baby showers for us!

    Rant: Last farmer’s market for me today, can’t make it next week due to midwife appointment in Frederick, MD.

    Rave: Learned Tom the Egg Guy sells year round at Dupont Market.

    Rant: Still want to try to get Yes! to carry his eggs!

  • Rave: leaving work … NOW!
    Rant: Boy out of town for a week 🙁 Guess I’ll just have to give a nice, long rogering when he gets back.
    Rave: a nice, long rogering. Oh, and fall weather. Though I could with a bit less wind.

  • Rant: No more freakin’ courtesy tows for street cleaning. $130 down the drain and from eyewitnesses the DC crew didn’t even clean any of the freakin’ street at all that day! We’ll take your money, but won’t do our own freakin’ jobs! I guess that’s how this stinkin town works! Lame!

  • Lovin’ the new iPhone stylesheet!

  • Rant: Took a trip to Brass Knob to find the 3 missing spindles I need… of course they have 75 different spindle styles, but no match for mine.

    Rave: I found an MCPS school that does piece work as part of their votech education. Hopefully I can get some spindles lathed.

    Rave 2: Filled up the boiler and pipes with water and no leaks. Heat, here we come.

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