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Photo by PoPville flickr user fromcaliw/love

Congrats to Greg with:

“132 divided by 44..lets see…3 is 12, bring down the 1, 12 again thats 3………….Wait, is it 132 times 44? ….8, 12, carry the 1 and it again with the other 4…5808?

Ah Shit! Im gonna need more stamps.”

Please email me directly so I can get you a t-shirt.

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  • Sometimes you just have to not give the prize when you don’t get an adequate caption.
    Given the visuals, it is NECESSARY to address the obvious aspects of the image. Here there is no mention of that case (I don’t know what kind of case)which is prominently featured.
    Also, which one of these two is doing the calculation?
    I’d say it’s the woman at the box, making the guy and his case totally irrelevant to the caption, who by the way, are not irrelevant at all to the image.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Dude you take this caption contest way too seriously. Relax it’s just for fun.

      • Standards. You must have standards.
        This is simply silly otherwise.
        If something is worth doing it’s worth doing well.
        After all this is not a private thing.
        This website is open to the public.
        Also, if you disagree with my take on the caption I wish you’d say so. But if you simply don’t want to be taken seriously, well, that’s up to you.

  • This is wrong for stereotyping women for being bad at math.

  • ok, i’ll jump into the “taking captions way to seriously” fray. i think their should be a guest judge for the caption contests. I’m always underwhelmed by his selection of the funniest caption. sorry PoP!

  • It’s POP’s blog, his contest, his winner, his t-shirt. All of the other caption entries are on the web and you can enjoy them and pick your own favorite. I took the photo and was very happy to see everyone’s take on the shot. I know the context and that impacts how I view the image, but it was interesting to see how others perceived things. I am taking this way too seriously, but just want to point out this is another great way that POP supports local artists, especially photographers. So, thank you. Also, I like the recent additions you’ve been making to the blog!

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