Man Beaten to Death After Allegedly Throwing a Brick Through the Window of DC9 Last Night

Photo of DC9 located at 1940 9th Street NW from last winter

Thanks to all who sent word about this crazy incident. The Washington Post reports:

“A man was beaten to death by a group of others early Friday after he allegedly hurled a brick through the window of a nightclub in the bustling U Street neighborhood, D.C. police said.

The man, whose name was not released pending notification of his family, reportedly threw the brick through the window of DC9 Nightclub, located at 1940 9th Street NW, just south of U Street, police said.”

I’m curious if there will be calls for the club to be shut down as have been made after serious acts of violence at other clubs near U St and around town?

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  • Hmmm… I would’ve rather the guy had gone to jail. That is not how residents should handle property damage… Especially when the guy is fleeing and probably doesn’t pose a huge threat anymore.

  • Is DC9 a violence magnet? I never thought so. I think this is a case of one idiot pissing off the wrong group of other idiots. So he’s dead, and they go to jail.

    • Looks like the employees. Umm, if it’s your own employees you can’t control, sorry buh-bye license

      “Witnesses and police said the man was then chased down by five employees who were inside the club at the time. “

  • who the hell throws a brick through a window at innocent people? this clearly wouldn’t have happened if not prompted.

  • Death by Hipsters?

  • What does that mean? There’s no ‘prompt’ on earth that would compel me to throw a brick through a glass window into a crowded club.

    • let me clarify:
      prompt = brick
      result = beating

      • I can’t imagine a prompt like a brick through the window should result in a deadly beating.

        • never said it was a justified, humane or even deserved response to hit the person in the first place. i think the whole event is a horrifying display of idiotic machismo and blood lust. it’s also very clear that no brick would have meant no altercation in the first place.

  • Kids will be kids. If you can’t handle the heat move back to the ‘burbs.

    (i’m being sarcastic)

  • Even if Jim Graham doesn’t shut the place down after this, such an incident could have far-reaching effects on the bar’s reputation.

    • “Such and incident could have far-reaching effects on the bar’s reputation…”

      im sure you meant…

      “…Such an incident could have a far reaching effect on families, both of the dead victim and the five accused”

  • thats horrible. my god.

  • Beaten to death.
    That’s all that sticks in my mind.
    Beaten to death.

    • same here. perhaps there is more to the story, as DC9 is denying it, but I’m having a hard time understanding what the other story could be, having seen the pictures of the blood in the crosswalk.

      Awful, just awful.

      • Blood splatter in the cross walk could come from an injury caused by glass shattered by the brick thrown through the window.

  • wasn’t there a skinhead punk show there last night?? and not the usual regulars to that bar?

  • NBC “sources” say the brick thrower was denied entry and had a wee hissy fit about it.

    So don’t shut down the club, for crissakes: Unless there’s more to this story, idiot caused a scene of criminal violence and Thee Citizens took care of it.

    • If they don’t lose their license it’ll be evidence of a huge double standard. Lots of clubs have lost their license when one patron killed another.

      • not without other reports of violence and repeated patterns of underage drinking though.

      • Clubs usually lose their license b/c they are failing to provide a safe environment – (like allowing patrons w/ guns inside). I don’t think there was any such instance here – at least based on what the press has reported.

      • Bullshit.

        It’s impossible to lose a liquor license in DC despite customers being repeatedly killed. ABRA is the most corrupt and incompetent agency in DC — a feat of some renown given the low bar.

        Look no further than Island Cafe and Sweet Mango right in Petworth.

        “Island Cafe: Gunshot Wounds To The Head Free with Every Beef Patty!”

    • Thee Citizens took care of it??? What a reckless thing to say. I suppose you think it’s justified to beat someone to death if they throw a brick through a window.

    • The fact that it was club employees who beat and killed the victim should probably give a little more credence to calls to close the club. This is very directly their problem.

  • Bravo for mob justice. Now for a few teenage bike thieves, a few people chasing down drive by shooters and U Street will be made safe for civilized people.

    • drive by shootings are a form of mob justice too.

    • killing someone over a brick thru the window counts as justice in your book? Thats how civilized people handle business nowadays?

      • I wasn’t there but assume people were cut by flying glass or hit by the flying brick.

        Throwing a brick could be considered assault with a deadly weapon.

        Sounds like fair play to me.

          • Now knowing it was employees changes my opinion. If it had been patrons I could find it more palatable. Employee beat down will definitely close an otherwise fine establishment.

          • its funny how facts can change stupid ass assumptions like that.

        • Are you kidding me, that you could find it more “palatable” that five patrons beat a guy to death. Jesus effing Christ. What is wrong with you? It is never “palatable” when someone is beaten to death. NEVER.

          • +1

            How is the deadly beating of anyone considered OK?

          • I also haven’t heard anything that makes me think they meant to actually kill this guy. They probably tried to give him a beating and went way further than they had intended to. Details are gonna be crucial here. Maybe someone inside the bar was actually injured – maybe it was one of their girlfriends or something. I mean, its all speculation at this point so anything other than a “this is a very sad event” is premature in my opinion.

          • Palatable in the sense that if someone in the bar was hit and went outside and chased the guy down it’s more acceptable then just a broken window…someone hit me with a brick I’d beat him down too and I’m a pacifist.

  • did the brick he threw hurt anyone?
    are there other issues at play here.

    as dangerous as a brick through a window is, there’s got to be more to the story.
    why was the guy denied entrance?
    did the killers know the victim?

  • This story sounds fishy…

  • Don’t know if he still works there, but one of their bartenders has a serious temper. Threw a friend of mine out violently about 6 months ago because he was in his way when he was carrying a case of beer to the bar. It was crowded; there was no way to not be in the guy’s way.

  • I am troubled by the posters that think this is a justified response to an act of vandalism. Human life is worth more than that.

    • Vandalism? Reckless Endangerment, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Battery, Mayhem…this is no simple vandalism.

      • you can assume what you want, but to think that a man being beaten to death by a group of 3-5 guys in the streets of dc is acceptable is a disgusting belief.

      • How in the hell do you know that it was anything more than vandalism? Were you there?

        • When one throws a brick through a street level window of a crowded bar wherein, I am guessing, people are congregating you are, at the very least, engaging in an act that extends beyond vandalism. I would be curious to find out if anyone inside was hit by the brick or by shattering glass.

    • Agreed. I can’t believe what beasts people can be.
      Here I am referring to those here who have made light of this incident and worse who think there is justification for such brutality.
      Shame on you all!

    • +1 million. They murdered the guy!

    • Not to mention, it wasn’t as if the guy were shot in the head. He died a slow and horrible death while being beaten by a group of people. No one deserves that.

    • Not in DC it’s not. Life is worth about an iPod.

  • Agnostic Front!

    (And people can’t honestly think the brick thrower deserved this…they’re just trying to be edgy).

    • I was a big fan of AF back in the day, but there are some people who listen/follow them that are less then reputable.

      Just speculation, but I could definitely imagine a scene where there was something that would provoke the brick and absolutely imagine an irrational retaliation.

      Sad story.

      • That’s what I’m speculating too. I haven’t been to an AF show in 10-15 years, but I have little trouble imagining elements of the crowd they drew back then doing something like this.

      • shit, I must be old when I 1) miss an AF show and 2) don’t check when they’re playing because I have a job.

        Crap. I loves me some AF.

        But yeah – lets blame the band a la Marilyn Manson and Columbine!

        • Settle down – nobody blamed the band here. They aren’t bad guys… some of the idiots that follow them are, well, idiots

          Looks like this wasn’t the case anyway

          • Just classic how the fans were to blame before the story was out. Especially since one of their songs is about the same thing.

            Most AF fans are older, calmer now than they were 20 years ago. Having been to many of their shows at the Ottobar, there’s barely even a pit.

        • I’m not blaming the band. And I’m not blaming hardcore fans. And I’m not blaming AF fans.

          I stand by this statement: “I have little trouble imagining elements of the crowd they drew back then doing something like this.”

  • Agnostic Front played there last night. For those unaware, a NYC hardcore band that has been around for 20+ years.

    The crowd last night was not the typical Urban Outfitters, 120-pounds-soaking-wet type crowd that DC9 usually attracts.

    Not at all implying anything even remotely close to this should have been expected…just throwing in a factor that may (or may not) be relevant to what took place.

  • Will this have any effect on Matthew Dear live on Oct. 24th?

  • This is interesting in light of yesterday’s post about the lady who had her bike nicked on U St. and lamented the inaction of those who watched the thief steal it and ride away (Glad she got it back, mine was stolen from my front porch 3 weeks ago, locked and all).

    Here we have a physical attack on an individual in response to an attack by the individual on property and likely a group of patrons. So is it when a group is attacked that there is more likely to be a response, opposed to an attack on an individual?

    • It’s funny, it appears one of my comments on the bike post was modded out, but I don’t believe it was nearly as wrong/inflammatory as some of the things being said here.

    • I think it is that when there is an attack on people versus an attack on property is when there is likely to be a response. All of you calling the brick throwing “vandalism” or an “attack on property” are being incredibly stupid.

  • Looks like my speculation was incorrect. From Jim Graham:

    Dear Friends, there was tragedy last night in the vicinity of 9th and Florida.

    I have spoken to various people this morning and there are questions unanswered.

    But, according to MPD information, here are what appear to be the basic facts:

    An intoxicated person was put out of DC-9 at 1940 9th St. He returned and somehow managed to gain admittance. And was put out again. He then returned and threw two bricks (perhaps at one of the employees?) which broke the window. (Earlier that night, another patron had punched and broken a window, he was arrested for that again earlier in the evening.)

    Bar employees chased the man down to the 2000 block, caught him and beat him. MPD arrived and he was transported to the hospital where he died.

    Five DC 9 employees have been arrested and charged, some—at this hour– with homicide. Arraignment is this afternoon.

    There are questions unresolved in this matter. But MPD is now considering using the emergency police powers of the MPD Chief to shut the establishment for up to 96 hours, allowing the ABC board hold a hearing to consider possible suspension of the alcohol license.

  • Wow. Those bouncers don’t mess around.

  • Holy cow. Unbelievable. I am sure those employees would want to argue self defense, but if they actually chased a guy down several blocks away, that is a non-starter, self defense can only be used when harm to you is imminent. The best they can probably hope for is involuntary manslaughter (if they are lucky), and many years in jail. Absolutely crazy that this could happen.

  • And yeah, this is more than likely the end of DC-9. The civil liability for the club could potentially be off the charts; while the club will surely argue these guys were acting outside the scope of their employment, in a bouncer situation, that sounds like a stretch to me.

    • As a legal matter – among the things that DC courts have found to be within the “scope of employment” such as to hold an employer liable for the actions of his employees: an employee of a laudry who shot a customer in a dispute over a piece of clothing being removed from a machine; a deliveryperson who raped a woman because she wanted to pay for the delivery with a check.
      So, yeah, I’m thinking the family of this unfortunate victim will have a most excellent shot at recovering a ton of money from this club IF one of their folks was involved in this.

      • There is case law directly on point in several jurisdictions. A bouncer beating someone up is within the scope of employment because a bouncer’s job involves highly physical aspects. This club is gone.

    • I don’t think that a multi million dollar verdict will be worth even a full penny on the dollar. Or the legal fees.

  • oh hell. damned fools. and i guess i should go ahead and wish a fond farewell to one of my favorite venues.

    • The new Sala Thai in Petworth has live music most Saturday nights, if you’re looking for an alternative.

      • vz

        I’m guessing you’ve never been to DC9 or any small music venue in the district if you think Sala Thai is a reasonable alternative to DC9. Fortunately, we’ve got many, just not that one.

      • sounds like probably a different kind of vibe. but i didn’t know they had live music there; so i’ll have to check it out. thx.

        • SouthwestDC

          I was at the Arlington location once while there was live music. A flutist and a classical guitar player, from what I recall. Definitely a different vibe, but very cool.

  • I got the shit kicked out of me by a bouncer at a club in Adams Morgan. Broke my nose. Seemed intent on showing me how tough he was, kind of wierd rage I had never seen before. I guess bar staff aren’t the most stable folks in the world. Drunks either!

    • did you let it slide, or did you do anything?

    • I would’ve retaliated….hard.

    • My girlfriends and I got kicked out of Madam’s Organ by some dick bouncer. It was a bachelorette party, and it was 10:00. Considering that only one of us (the bride) had consumed more than two drinks, we were a little surprised.

      • My now-fiance got assaulted by the bouncer at the black squirrel all because we wanted to get dinner and I forgot my ID at home. We don’t drink, and I’m perfectly OK with a giant X on my hand while I eat dinner.

        We’ve never been back since. My fiance is a Marine (not huge, but still…) and he was very calm but still really pissed off. The manager contacted us and offered us a free meal and told us the person had been let go. We haven’t been back to confirm, so if you haven’t seen the big bald bouncer at the black squirrel, that’s why. If you have seen him, then it’s good we haven’t been back.

        Bouncers are a weird breed – some are awesome and take good care of the good customers and some are power hungry douche bags that will do anything to look cool b/c odds are they were huge fucking dorks in every other aspect of their lives.

        • you never tire of telling this story do you?

        • Jessica,

          The bouncer you mention was completely out of line to give your fiance a noogie. He has indeed been let go. I heard through the grapevine that he’s now working at ChurchKey. I absolutely do NOT condone any type of inappropriate behavior from our staff. Thank you for letting me know about the situation so that I could address it and have that bouncer removed. I understand that you’re still upset about the situation and if you want to talk to me about it further, please feel feel to contact me again. Amy

      • Maybe that’s because bachelorette parties are generally obnoxious.

        • Actually, we weren’t even an obvious bachelorette party. No tiaras, balloons, or phallic jewelry. Sorry if a group of women who dared to enjoy themselves in public has tarnished your view of bachelorette parties.

          You must be the guy from The Reef who called us sluts when we weren’t interested in accepting drinks from you and your butter troll buddies.

          • He said “generally” and I generally agree. So are bachelor parties probably, they just tend to do it in private more because that’s the expectation.

    • some bouncers are totally out of line. these guys clearly were and will go to jail. the guy you’re describing sounds bad, too. some bouncers are decent guys. i was a bouncer for a couple years at a college bar and it is not a fun job. you’re not really seeing folks at their best and lots of folks do the job for bad reasons. some guys do a good job at it, though, and can be nice.

  • One of the employees at DC9 once told me that he’d “punch me in the face” if he ever saw me again, because I walked through the kitchen by accident. There was some definite aggro behavior in that dump.

  • What do you expect the manager to say? Seriously?

  • I think when people hear “beaten to death” they imagine these 3 guys battering the victim heavily with blow after blow after blow even after the kid clearly isn’t fighting back. Maybe it happened that way. But there is the possibility that only a couple punches killed him if he fell and hit his head on the pavement or other hardscape item just the wrong way.

  • AGNOSTIC FRONT WAS AWESOME! the aftermath, not so much. that place was like something out of the wild west last night.

  • So it was a humane fatal beating. I getcha.

  • The thing to keep in mind about a beating death like this is that it is not as hard to beat someone to death as you might think. 3-5 people hitting someone at once can create 100 blows to the head and body pretty quickly. They probably did not mean to kill him but it is reckless and they should be held responsible no matter the provocation. You do have a right to defend yourself but you are not defending yourself when it is 5 on 1 and you chase someone down the street.

  • DC9 GOTTA GOTTA GOTTA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NPR just reported that the OWNER of the bar was one of the five men in question. Whoooops!

    • So did TBD this morning.

      Shut the place down for good and try the assailants for murder (at least from my read of the coverage).

  • wtf.. and we are fighting a war against taliban in afganistan. Wake up obama and look in your backyard.

    this is insane.

    • IF ONLY OBAMA or JFK had been there this never would have happened! OR Elvis! Or Randy Newman. Or the Quaker Oats army led by Jody Foster!!!

  • This is beyond absurd. The DC9 staff had no right to ever pursue this guy. Bouncers are not law enforcement… far far far from it. These guys should have called the police and let them handle it. The end result of this pathetic street vengeance is someone losing their life.

    I hope these douchebags get locked up for a long time and this shithole gets closed down quickly. Clearly there are deeper issues for this place if the owner was part of the beating and the manager doesn’t know any better than to blindly defend his/her workers. Good riddance – DC will be fine with one less dive bar.

    • I agree. They had no business running after the guy. They should of just let him go, call the police, then file a claim with the insurance. Now they’re sitting in jail wishing life had a rewind button. Just doesn’t make sense.

      • If someone stole your new Ipod and you felt you could go after them and get it back and then call the police and send the thief packing would you consider it? Especially if you just had your old Ipod stolen the day before?
        I don’t condone beating anyone (duh) but I think running after someone that did you or your family (or business) harm, particularly after you just suffered a similar harm is totally normal. If somebody raped your kid or killed your dog would you pursue them? Yeah I know hyperbole but it totally belongs here.

        • +100

          If someone screwed with my huge investment (a business) no doubt I’d chase them down, rough them up a bit, and call the police. Mainly because I know there would be no real justice from the cops as they’d just ship the perp off to New Beginnings and he’d be screwing around with my business again in 3 months.

          Of course killing the guy is not justified BUT you take huge risks when you screw around with or in somebody’s bar whether you’re in DC or in the middle of Idaho. I got the absolute near death crap kicked out of me for hitting on a bouncer’s girlfriend about 7 years ago in a bar in Chicago. It is a terrible situation all the way around though.

          • If you’re a responsible, serious business owner, you have business insurance. The yearly premium seems like chump change to me in comparison to the amount of crap the DC9 guys are in. Again, they should have known better and let the guy go. cooler heads prevail.

            and seriously. Comparing rape of your family and murder of your dog to a drunk smashing the window of your business seems like a bit of a reach. Terrible example and doesn’t belong here.

          • Comparing a broken window to the rape of my child? Seriously? I absolutely would not chase someone for breaking my window. Anyone with any “real world” experience would know better. In fact, the last time I did that I turned a corner to have a gun in my face (New Orleans, 2003).

            Can we just have a call for sensibility here? 4-5 guys rationally made the decision to chase down and beat a drunk. Whether they intended to kill him or not (I’m sure they didn’t) they did decide the brutally beat a defenseless drunk. This is unforgiveable and unjustifiable. Let’s not forget either that your huge investment has insurance for this type of thing.

        • Someone raping your kid is the classic example of an incredibly emotional terrible tragedy that people often feel like they would break the law for. What about this scenario: someone raped your child and you murdered the person you thought it was, only to find out that you were wrong and had murdered an innocent person in your rage and your desperation for justice? There is a reason we try people for crimes. There is a reason we have laws. I feel like this example only illustrates the point–the justice system is imperfect, but so are people. If someone raped my child I think I would go mad and blame anyone, just to feel like I had control over the situation. That doesn’t mean I’d be right.

          Again, nothing is proven, but I am absolutely terrified that even if these allegations prove to be true, so many people in my community seem to think that the torture and execution of a human being is justifiable in response to his (also alleged) action of throwing a brick through a window. Punishment is carefully measured to crime, through due process and based on evidence–how can we have a community if you justify the kind of violence alleged here?

  • This is plainly homicide. It’s just a question of whether it was 2nd degree murder or maybe, possibly, manslaughter.

  • I think that a lot of the comments that appear to support the killing can be best understood as relief that the violence was not unprovoked. While still callous it does make sense that people are relieved that they would not have been in any danger

  • I mean, obviously you can cook up an explanation of how these guys are innocent, but look at the pictures of blood on the street. No doubt the dead man was out of line, but if everything is as it looks right now, this was an execution. I can’t believe the number of people who seem to think that this is some kind of acceptable accident. If your friend or family member died from a beating by 5 grown men and they said it was an accident–would you buy that? Do people get a blank check to go around beating people so badly that they die? Even if they didn’t intend to kill him, that’s hardly an excuse. Let’s see some responsibility here. if there’s one thing you should be responsible for, it’s violence that results in severe physical harm to another human being!

    Again, we don’t know all the facts and there are some plausible explanations that might excuse these people (e.g., he died from alcohol poisoning instead of injuries–a fact I’m sure an autopsy can establish), but saying that the guy deserved to be executed by torture on the street doesn’t cut it. *If* these people beat him to death, they deserve to go to jail.

    @11th: that video is from another employee–probably one of their friends. Sorry, but I don’t exactly buy him as an impartial witness. Again, just like the allegedly murdered man shouldn’t have been executed by vigilantes without proper due process, the DC 9 employees are innocent until proven guilty… but most of the excuses I’ve heard so far are pretty lame. People keep making a big deal that he was alive when police picked him up–so what? If he was beaten and died of blood loss or something else that got messed up inside his body from it, it’s absolutely still murder if it was a result of the beating.

    • There is virtually zero possibility that they are innocent.

    • i hear you. i was just surprised at how very contradictory the reports were. my take from the evidence offered is that the bouncers committed a serious crime and should be punished. the guy who threw the brick was a jerk and committed a felony, but that is not grounds for being killed. i can understand the impulse to lash out at someone who has throw a brick at people (or, to a lesser extent, property), but that does not free you from responsibility for the outcomes of your actions. hopefully this gets sorted out and hopefully folks realize that doing violence is playing with fire.

  • The dude was beaten before they got to him. He was bounced from several places before he tried to get into DC9. The staff held him until police got there. The cops put the thug in the back of their car for almost an hour. (If he was soo hurt, why didn’t they call an ambulance or drive around the corner to Howard U?) Dude was drunk, mugged, and pissed, and threw some bricks as a revenge. The staff had no involvement in his beating—- course, people might want to look at patrons of Etete and other specific venues as to the perps that did this. The video evidence will prove that DC9 staff wasn’t involved.

  • I’m really starting to get tired of defending my city to friends and relatives when they read the stories about all the shootings, gangs, feral youth, etc etc that goes on here. I dont have anthing to say anymore. I know most major cities have their fair share of this sh*t, but I feel like the past few months things have really gotten out of control! (granted, I’ve only lived here for 6 years and not 20 years ago when the city really was a war zone, but it SEEMS much worse to me recently).

  • You guys are hilarious. Please remember that these 5 guys have families. Even though I’m a relentless “troll”, I wish them and the families of the deceased well during this troubling time. Closing DC9 will do nothing but take a great venue from this city.

    • Its a great venue till someone gets killed. The city needs to take strict actions to set a precedent so such things dont happen anymore. Agreed not many people do end up throwing bricks at storefronts/club windows, but this sort of barbaric behavior is not acceptable.

      There was so much hate for the cop who shot a dog in Adams Morgan, here we are talking about a man who was beaten to death, probably in a painful way.

      And trust me, i have been in several figts, it takes a lot of punches and kicking even at the right places to kill a man.

    • Exactly – Plenty of go-go clubs were shut down for violence that happened outside the clubs that had nothing to do with the employees. The theory being that these clubs attracted violent crowds. Why not apply the same theory to a club that employs violent bouncers?

      Latest news is that the owner and four employees have been charged with second degree murder. That charge and the comments from Chief Lanier do not square with the scenario that these folks just chased the guy down and held him until the cops showed up. But time will tell.

  • Head wounds bleed and splatter a lot. Sure looks like he might have taken a punch. And he might of hit the curb the wrong way when they took him down. I have NO DOG in this fight (never even been to the joint) but I think we should wait to claim homicide. I’m all up for manslaughter at this point but that’s reactionary too! If they killed him, it was wrong, prison, amen. It really may have been an accident. I hope it gets figured out. Let’s move on.

    • I agree, these guys probably didn’t intend to kill the dude. However, they were definitely overstepping their bounds. A bouncer’s job is to keep undesirable people from coming in. This guy was RUNNING AWAY from the club. No reason to go after him!

    • Move on?? This was less than 24 hours ago, and you’re ready to “move on”? Granted, there will likely be a whole new spate of random violence this weekend, so you’ll have plenty to move on to, but c’mon… give it a day before losing interest.

      • I say move on because all these 100+ comments are purely speculative. They do nothing to change the situation except make some people look like callous clods and others look like bleeding heart panseys. I think the cake is done on this one for the time being. And I’m still recovering from the murder of Jamal Coates, thank you very much.

  • Chuck E. Cheese is a notorious mecca of violence. No joke. Should that whole chain be shut down because of a few bad apples?

    I’m not condoning anything that was done here. Both parties were in the wrong, but I doubt anyone was intentionally killed.

  • A drunk driver who hits and kills someone doesn’t intend for them to die, but we still hold that individual responsible for his or her actions. I’m sorry, but if the allegations are true, ‘I didn’t mean for this person to die… I just beat him to a bloody pulp’ doesn’t cover it. If he was hit and then hit his head on the sidewalk, yeah, that’s a different story (still problematic, but not on the same level). However, these people are adults–they should be able to foresee the consequences of beating someone into a bloody pulp.

    • I agree with you. But, did you see him get beaten to a bloody pulp? I didn’t. A bunch of blood doesn’t always equal a bloody pulp. If they did it and there are no mitigating circumstances, send them to jail for a very long time. My goddaughter and 4 other people, were killed by someone who exhibited very poor judgement and who should have been able to forsee the consequences of his actions. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. I think, all in all, that’s about right for showing absurdly poor judgement resulting in the death of 5 people. Don’t you?
      He was sober by the way.

  • Officials at the Medical Examiner’s Officer say they have not ruled Mohammed’s death a homicide. They would not elaborate. Police had called a press conference for 3:45 p.m.

    FREE THE DC 9 FIVE!!!!!!

    FREE THEM NOW!!!!!

  • Oops. The cops canceled the press conf. Probably in order to make up a story.

  • DOWN WITH DC9. I’m writing a letter to J. Graham demanding that DC9 never see the light of day again. This is unacceptable.

  • “Officials at the Medical Examiner’s Officer say they have not ruled Mohammed’s death a homicide. They would not elaborate. Police had called a press conference for 3:45 p.m. Friday to possibly amend the charges, according to sources. But that news conference was canceled. “We don’t have cause of death yet,” Police Chief Cathy Lanier said in an email. The autopsy was not yet complete, she said.”

    Yeah, difficult to prosecute a ‘homicide’ if the ME won’t rule it as such. Lanier should be slapped for talking smack this morning about ‘vigilante justice’ before she even had an autopsy. That aside from the fact that there was no ambulance and the ‘critically injured’ guy was taken away in an MPD car. We have your back, DC9.


    I don’t give a rat’s ass if ME hasn’t ruled the death as a homicide. The fact is that the bouncers left the property of DC9 to hunt down and beat a man. That act alone is illegal and shows poor judgment on the part of the bouncers and the punch-happy co-owner.

    I own several businesses and never would I strike any of my patrons. I have to much to lose, any and all business men should know laws favor/protect the consumer.

    As for the letter, it is complete now. I just need you come over and lick the stamp.


    • Hey genius, how do you know that they beat him? Were you there?

      Not saying they did or they didn’t, it just that you’re not as concerned about the facts as you are about firing off in an emotional way. If it turns out the kid got into an altercation and then showed up at DC9 with a brick, you’ll have to eat your words.

  • during these sort of incidents few consider the consequences (most criminals do not consider theirs) and in the stress of the moment probably don’t think about their insurance when a brick comes through their window. Google crimes of passion and such, flakes.

  • Anyone notice that lots of weird bad things happen at Joe Englert’s bars?

  • I did not see this event so I cant comment on what actually happened. However, I do believe there is a bigger picture here. The amount of physical force that security uses can often get extremely out of hand. I recognize that security at clubs & bars can be a very tough job and often does require physical force but I have seen it many times and experienced it get out of hand before. A few years back I was at Heaven & Hell in Adams Morgan. A fight broke and yes I was involved and shoved a bouncer. I admit I deserved to be physically removed from the club. However, they went way beyond that. Three security guards who were all easily twice my size (I’, 5’6″) proceeded to jump me. I was punched in the face numerous times. I received a few cuts, my eye was swollen shut the next day with a badly swollen lip. At one point, one of the bouncers had me in a headlock and then placed my neck against a handrail hard enough so that I couldn’t breathe and eventually passed out. I came to and saw my friend come over to try to convince the bouncers to let me go and they then hit my friend on the head with a flashlight cutting his head open. The situation at that point basically came to and end and the security let us go. I apologize for the lengthy story but the details are important. Again, I recognize that my actions in the club were out of line and I deserved to be removed. I do think they took it too far though and this happens more often than people realize.

  • I didn’t. The reason why I didn’t is because of that fact that I did push one of the bouncers. Even though they clearly went overboard with the amount of force they used, I didn’t think I had a very solid case to sue given the fact that I had been drinking and I did put my hands on the bouncer. Honestly, I think most people would tend to believe the security over myself in that situation. On top of all that I just really wanted to move on from the incident. It wasn’t one of my finer moments.

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