Judging Buildings – The Bus Depot

As we’ve noted before, given how posh the new buildings of 1st St, NE have become – how much longer do you think the bus depot will last in NoMa? Can these buildings coexist? As a side note, it’s absolutely amazing to me how much this area has transformed, when I used to go to the bus depot back in the day, it was not a pleasant experience. At the moment the area is still very quiet but when the Harris Teeter and all the other surrounding businesses open up this area is going to be unrecognizable to me. I never in a million years thought the area could look so good.

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  • Same here… never thought it would happen. You just didn’t go behind Union Station unless you needed GreyHound.

    Hmmm, sounds like someone in the Mayor’s office is doing his job…

  • i love the glass building.

  • That bus depot is worse than the one in Adventures in Babysitting where Penelope Ann Miller got stranded.

  • can we get some condos in that area? im not interested in renting luxury apartments…im interested in purchasing an affordable one bedroom.

    • Which will almost certainly not be “affordable.” Noma’s just too close to the Capitol and all the Senate & House office buildings for the prices to remain reasonable.

    • They don’t make those anymore.

      It is all about making it at least look more luxurious/upscale so that they can charge more and make more profit for themselves.

  • That glass building is even cooler from the Red Line. On the train, that building feels like it’s impossibly close to the tracks.

    Re: the bus depot, I believe the plan is ultimately to redevelop that spot after the intercity buses (Greyhound and Peter Pan included) move to the Union Station garage in a few years.

  • piss off.
    most of us loved dc when it was chocolate city. and we like it as it turns vanilla.
    you know what matters? individuals, not races. catch up.

  • Yeah, I’m pretty sure they are moving Greyhound pickups to Union Station eventually so I imagine it will stay there until that happens. Speaking of that area, it seems like alot of the buildings are vacant – including the glass one in the pic. My question would be, when will those office buildings finally find tenants?

    • I know Constitution Square already has DOJ in a big portion of the offices, and I think GSA is moving their HQ into another part of the complex. Roll Call is apparently moving into some part of Noma, too. That glassy one in the picture is office condos, though, so it’ll be some operation(s) that would rather own their space than rent – who knows when that will come along.

  • Shout out to the Prince, you have a great blog. Start and end the day reading what you have to say.

  • Love a bus station, especially the 70s-80s versions I recall from my youth— drug dealers and druggies, runaways, grandmas and grandpas, hipsters, college kids, soldiers; late night layovers in places like Toledo; the pay-to-watch TV sets and pay-to-use toilets—- The MegaBolt Bus generation doesn’t know what it’s missing.

  • Another good prospect is from the base of the steps from L Street up to the Met Branch trail. From there the bus station appears sort of nested among the newer and taller buildings and actually looks rather cool, a reaction I would never have thought I could have to _that_ structure.

    My Prince, you might also like the Met Branch trail itself. You can get on it at the L Street stairs, a ramp up from M Street across from the south entrance to the New York Avenue Metro station, or another set of stairs by the N Street entrance; on the other side of Florida and New York, it seems like pretty much every cross street from R on to Franklin (where it ends) connects to it.

  • I have only been to the bus station once, and although the experience and circumstances were not pleasant, I thought the building was kind of cool. I like clerestory windows.

  • Wow, that area used to be pretty desolate. I took Greyhound in my younger days before I could afford to switch to Amtrak. Of course, with all the deeply discounted Chinatown/Metro Center buses, I’m not sure why anyone would bother with Greyhound anymore. Unless they’re going somewhere other than NYC/Philly/Boston, I guess.

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