Holy Deer in Crestwood

On Sunday in the middle of the day I saw this group of huge deer in Crestwood chilling in someone’s front yard. It made me nervous how close they were to the road:

There were three of ’em:

They really didn’t seem to care that I was photographing them either. One of them even stopped to pose:

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  • i haven’t asked Crestwoodians, but several folks i’ve met bordering the west side of the park there (same swath) sound pretty anti-deer (eating up their gardens).

    i think it’s awesome! i wish i lived that near the park and had deer up in my business. Heck, they can watch me through my windows.

  • They look delicious!

  • Trophy quality 8-point you’ve snapped there!

  • Don’t you mean North Country?


    Just kidding PoP!

  • I wish I could access YouTube at work so I could post the Louis CK clip about how much he hates deer.

  • LOL! The local coyote population has cut down on the deer considerably. There used to be herds of them. One time I counted 22 together. Now you only see about 4 to 8 at once. In the morning they always stop and sun themselves on my friend’s patio on Matthewson Drive then move to various front lawns on their way to the water in Rock Creek Park. You start to see a bunch of them again between 4-6PM when they make their way to wherever they spend the night.

    • Coyotes are about the size of a large spaniel, or small lab (15-40 lbs.) not likely to bring down an adult deer unless they are hunting in a pack. While we do have coyotes in Rock Creek park now, they are solitary or pairs and unlikely to have had any effect on the deer population.

  • I share a house over there and I saw six of these guys right outside my window last week. Very common, and there are two or three 10-pointers. The velvet is coming off the racks and they are starting to spar. Soon they will be bitter enemies, fighting viciously for breeding rights. Give them space – one growled at me last October. Then after a few weeks the annual rut ends and they are buddies again.

    And foxes galore. It’s weird.

  • A number of years ago I was on Mass Ave near the Naval Observatory and saw a rather large dog chasing at full speed, a sizeable deer (going north) up Mass and remember thinking at least the deer didn’t try to cross Mass because there would have been all sorts of problems.

  • I used to live in that area and would see deer all the time. Summer nights you can take a bicycle down Colorado and deer spot the entire way.

  • I beg to differ with you @Victoria. As I said, the deer population is considerably smaller than about 3 years ago. I was in my car one evening on Grant Street and had to brake suddenly when 2 female deer with 3 baby deer between them shot out of the woods across the road with 4 coyote in hot pursuit. They were going for the children, not the adults. Population control animal style.

    • four coyotes! that is awesome! i saw one about six years ago, and was shocked! it was only about three weeks later that the Post confirmed the long-rumored presence of coyotes in Rock Creek Park. incidentally, DC is the last state (ahem) in the nation to have a confirmed coyote population (after MD, in 1973)

    • correct. coyotes eat berries, small plants, small reptiles, birds, small mammals, deer fawns and adult deer carcasses. and the occasional pet. with so many choices our local coyotes scarcely have to worry about taking down a healthy adult deer….

  • That head will look mighty fine hanging up in the Oval Office in 2012.

  • I assume DC has no urban hunting (bows only) rules? I believe Baltimore does, as do scores of cities in the NE…

  • I want to know what are the rules to hunt them down in DC? I would love some Deer BBQ. And where is Crestwood?

    And PoP, could you please move the Captcha above the Submit button, I always press Submit and then I get the error message that i didnt put in the Captcha.

  • My inner redneck just popped a boner.

  • If you jog/bike in rock creek park north of the zoo, you’re almost guaranteed to see a few.

  • from what i understand even bow hunting is illegal in DC. i blame peta.

  • Big Rats.

  • they should offer venison at DCPS.
    teach the kids to hunt and butcher it

  • BTW: You might not want to get that close during the rut (mid Oct to mid Dec). Just because they’re cute and seem ‘tame’ doesn’t mean you’re safe.


    The’re wild animals and they can get pretty damn nasty when they’re threatened or horny.

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