Good Deal or Not? “2 br condo with washer and dryer” (Owner Request)

This home is located at 1495 Newton St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Great 2 br condo with washer and dryer, hard wood floors, updated bathroom. Close to Columbia Hgts metro, restaurants, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wash Sports Club, Giant, 11th St Bars. Circulator Bus, downtown DC. Possible parking space available to rent.”

You can find more info here and a mouse on house tour here.

The owner writes:

“My boyfriend and I found and got our dream apartment in Adams Morgan. Now I’m a very motivated seller trying to find a very eager buyer for my condo. For what it’s worth, I bought it for a song because the owner got engaged and was eager to get a new place with her fiance. While I’m not saying the apartment is a good luck charm for finding love, the evidence seems to speak for itself…”

What do you guys think – does $264,900 ($250 condo fee) sound reasonable for this 2 bed/1 bath?

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  • The question is whether you think it’s worthwhile to live in a condo with only 650 sq ft (see the public records, not the listing) with an extraneous bedroom consuming the living space at any price. This strikes me more as something that would work as an investment property to rent out to others.

  • The info on the pictures actual says it’s in the 500 sq ft range. Tiny!

  • I had a little claustrophobic panic attack at that kitchen picture.

    But I’m spoiled. Maybe someone who doesn’t cook much would be ok with it. I think that anything under $300k that’s not a shell or a basement studio is a good deal.

  • Any condo under $300K in Columbia Heights seems to be a good deal to me. Unless this happens to be a not-so-desirable building, it looks priced to sell.

  • Under $300K definitely a good deal, but it looks more like a 1BR + den, the kitchen is awful, and when I considered this building while I was looking, my agent told me to not bother with it – said it was not a good building.

    • Your agent told you wrong – I used to live in this building and loved it. The neighbors were all so friendly and helpful. Low condo fees, good management company, underground parking – what’s not to like?

      I agree that this is really a one bedroom plus den, but that’s still a great deal for that location.

  • Hi all,

    I am the owner of this property. Just a quick note of clarification, the actual square footage is 657 sq feet. For some reason both MRIS and the pics have it listed incorrectly and we can’t seem to fix on the listing.

    Thanks again to PoP for posting!

  • I would trust the mouse-on-house people in terms of square footage; they actually measure everything so 550 sq feet seems accurate. I would not trust public records…

  • 2nd bedroom = man-cave. perfect for a couple that needs an office-ish space that can double as a guest bed.

    looks like it’s under-priced.

  • I think it’s supposed to say one bed one bath. If I could afford it, I’d consider, but I can’t.

  • Great deal — just the right distance from the center of Columbia Heights and close to the 16th st buses. I like the layout, too. This is a place that’s within a non-lawyer DC young professional’s budget and yet still very livable and centrally located. You don’t see stuff like this come up very often.

    If this isn’t a good deal then I want to see the other places in this part of Columbia Heights with a second bedroom, wood floors, and W/D in the unit.

  • Seems like a good deal to me–I find that 2nd bedroom/office space really charming!

  • seems like a good price!

  • The kitchen isn’t any smaller than Deb’s on smitten kitchen, and she manages pretty well. For a couple having a space that’s not the bedroom or the living room with a door on it is so key. My fiance and I have a full-sized bed and a desk and a dresser in a room no bigger than that second bedroom and it’s cozy, but it gets the job done when we have a weekend guest or someone needs to work late.

    Location seems pretty ideal, too…I lived on Monroe between 14th and 16th, and you definitely want to be on a street where you can exit to 16th if you have a car because of the traffic at 14th and Park. Good deal!

  • Definitely a good deal. I agree that the 2nd bedroom/ office is key, especially for a couple. I’ve been looking at CH condos for almost a year, and it’s rare to see anything in that location in good shape with 2 brs.

  • Well, this place sold for $235,000 in 2007 at the height of the bubble. A larger unit sold for $280,000 about a year ago, and on the second floor, same place really with slightly larger living room. So I guess this might be a good deal.

  • This place looks adorable – love the man cave. The kitchen looks a bit cozy, but I really like the way it’s open to the living room – good for entertaining. CH is a great neighborhood, too, haven’t seen too much below 300k that’s this quality.

  • I think I saw the unit on the second floor DL mentioned, looks to be the same floor plan. The kitchen was astonishingly tiny, as was the second “bedroom.” It’s really more of a den, suitable for an office (the one I saw was being used as an office), but not a bedroom. I ultimately decided that I couldn’t live in that space without cannibalizing the second bedroom for more kitchen space, and it wasn’t worth it to me to go through the expense, even if it was feasible.

  • i would totally buy this if it was priced a bit lower based on the fact that the kitchen and bathroom seem to need updating.

  • I think it’s a really good deal for a couple reasons. It’s a really, really good location (and arguably a better location than even a year ago, since the neighborhood has changed a lot). Also, since the square footage isn’t that great lots of people will automatically dismiss it, but it has a really good layout that makes it seem a lot bigger (even the small kitchen seems not so small when it opens out to the big living/ dining room).

  • This looks like a bargain to me. Good space, great neighborhood, very fair price.

  • are pets allowed?

    • Pets are technically not allowed, but several of the residents have cats and our management company knows and had not done anything about it. You’ll note a certain fuzzy friend of mine hanging out on the orange chair in the pics, too…

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