Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Ft. Totten (Reader Request)

This complex is located at 5210 3rd St, NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

Prices range from $1200 for a studio to $1870 for a 2 bedroom. You can find more details on their Web site here.

The reader writes:

“Have you heard anything about the Fort Totten Station apartments? I am wondering if any of your readers have any thoughts on the complex… I do think their actual prices were a bit more inflated then what they are advertising on CL. I was looking at one of their 1 BR + Den and it was $1700.”

Anyone familiar with this complex? What do you guys think – do those prices sound reasonable?

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  • That is one dang ugly building.

  • I agree with DL. I do think those prices sound reasonable though despite the fact that you have nothing nearby except for the Metro. It’s a nice building with a pool and in 10 minutes you can be in Col Heights or Silver Spring.

  • I drove by last weekend. They are soul-crushingly ugly buildings, but they are very convenient if you are on a budget. That said, not as soul-crushingly ugly as some other post-war garden apartment buildings nearby. I fear, though, this has the potential to be a grim crime-ridden complex in 5-10 years.

  • It’s a great commuting location, but that’s it. don’t know why you’d rent there unless that’s really all you can afford. would suck having KFC being the only thing in walking distance.

    • Well, and to add to that, you have to figure for $1200 you could get a studio in a better area. I know that in MtP I have friends who rent $900 basement studios that pretty decent places.

  • I toured these apartments last year when I moved back to the DC area. I was looking for a two bedroom and since I had a dog, an apartment complex that was pet friendly.

    I was sorely disappointed with this place! The complex is made up of three buildings. Apparently, people with dogs are only allowed in building #3 (however, if you have a cat, you can live in any of the buildings). I was then told that building #3 was almost full and that no two bedrooms were available (I inquired whether people without dogs were allowed to live in building #3- of course, they were; why not put them in buildings #1 or #2 and free up some of that prime pet friendly real estate? I don’t know…). Instead, I was shown a 1-bedroom/1-bathroom with a den which was going for around about the high $1600s, if I remember correctly. The apartment was small, with a terrible floor plan. The kitchen, living room, and dining room was an open floor plan, there were no hallways (the the den, bedroom, and bathroom doors all open out into the living room), and closet space was at a minimum. Add to that the fact that the den had NO windows!!!! There was only one parking garage, which was connected to building #3, and somehow, you only received a discounted parking space in the garage if you lived in building #3; any other building and you’re paying full pricefor a parking spot (in addition to having to make the long trek to your own building).

    This apartment complex has been completed for a while now and still isn’t at maxiumum occupany, which is rare for a complex right next to the metro. I passed on it simply because I found everything about it extremely strange.

  • I live in the Totten and I will tell you that life and commuting is a lot less soul crushing when you have the option between the Red line and Green and Yellow. There isn’t much in walking distance and the 7-11 is always annoyingly packed, but you can’t beat the convenience for the price. Lots of stuff coming in, but probably not for a couple of years. Also, you can buy nearby for probably less than the price of rent.

  • eh. you can find a studio for $1200 is much better areas.

  • Yeah, I’d say that would be a good location if you were on a budget, but those prices do not reflect that at all. For $1200, you can find a studio almost anywhere in the city (it’s been done). And $1800 seems to be a going rate for 2BRs down in the CH area.

  • My BIL and SIL are paying about $1870 for a 2BR in Adams Morgan/Kalorama. There’s no way in hell I’d pay that much to live in Fort Totten. None.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I’d say its not such a bad price since it includes parking. As more and more folks fill up these apartments street parking is going to get scarce. But what makes it “luxury?” The kitchen are nice and new but nothing special. And the building is ugly.

  • I live in these apartments and it’s really, really convenient with the metro there. It’s exactly 3 minutes from my apt door to the metro platform and 20 min to Chinatown. I can also get a seat during the commute – by Georgia Ave, the trains are full on the Green Line. You do have to be organized when interacting with the leasing office – sometimes your requests get missed or they don’t let you know a package has come. It’s the usual miscommunication problems. They care more about renting the apts than taking care of the residents they already have, but I have found them to be better than other landlords/leasing offices I have dealt with. It’s fairly expensive to have a pet or we would get a cat. I have had problems with roaches going back a year or so, but after they FINALLY changed to another pest control company, I only see one roach every month or two and I’m ok with that. And there is not much around to walk to, but I just metro to C. Height for some Pete’s Apizza or up to Silver Spring to go to Giant for groceries.

  • I lived there for two years when I moved to DC. We were paying $1200 for a one-bedroom, and that seems about right. The apartment was nice — definitely nicer than what you would find in most parts of the city — with a good kitchen and a W/D in the unit. But it was a little small for the price, and as other people have pointed out, there’s absolutely nothing near there. I wouldn’t pay $1700 for a 1-bedroom plus den.

  • I also used to live there and was paying under 1200 for a one-bedroom with a patio. For the price, I had absolutely no complaints: the pool and gym were great and not usually too crowded, the apartments were reasonably nice (though I was the first tenant in my unit, so I can’t really vouch for how nice they are now), maintenance requests were responded to quickly, and I found the people who worked in the leasing office to be really nice, though not as organized as they could have been. That being said though, there’s no way I would pay what they’re charging now; as others have said, you can find apartment in much more interesting neighborhoods in that price range.

  • You could teach at St Anselm’s and walk to work!

  • From what I’ve seen, they apartments are decent, design-wise. However, management rents a surprising number of apartments to group homes and mentally ill folks with vouchers, which is why there are issues in some of the buildings.

  • One of my friend lives there with her husband and she does not hate it. Her main issue is that she feels isolated. She was telling me how awful it was last winter during the snow apocalypse, because the metro did not work and they could not go anywhere. So, they could not buy any food for instance. There is literally nothing at a walking distance. So, when the metro is not working you screwed. That’s something to consider. On her bachelorette night, she was like 1 hour late because none of the metro will show up. Poor thing… Imagine.
    The only thing I envy from her apartment is the open kitchen.
    Concerning the safety level, well it does not seem dangerous to me at all, as there nobody at the metro station outside of the people who live in that building. I heard her complain sometime though about some of her neighbors being unwell, and of the fact that she has a lot insect in her apartment
    I live in Rosslyn in Virginia and I think I am happier there. If the only thing I can afford in DC is to live in Fort Totten ( which is so far by the way) well I would rather live in VA. I am 10 min walk from Georgetown and 5 min ride to DC. I drove my friend back to Totten after her bachelorette party and it was really an expedition. I felt like I was driving back someone to Maryland, seriously. If you are going to live that far in DC. Just live in VA. Your life will be easier.
    By the way, she’s moving when her lease ends. But it’s not dirty or dangerous like some people said. It’s just boring. I would not move there and I work in Brookland…

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