Tough Summer for Trees – Another One Down

Summer storms, overzealous businesses and now trucks. It’s been a tough summer for the city’s trees.

A reader writes:

“Passed this on my way to work this morning, and thought I’d send it in – a delivery truck hit a tree on the sidewalk of Conn Ave, just north of R street (around 8:30- 9 AM or so) – tree was uprooted and basically blocking the sidewalk – nothing too dramatic, but made for a more interesting commute as we had to inch around the foliage to get past.”

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  • anybody see the company this truck belonged to? they can get fined for this! how about the person who took the photograph and sent the email? info, info, please!

  • I saw it happen and called the police. The side of the truck said Richmond Restaurant Services. I’m not entirely sure, but I think it might have been a food delivery truck for Maddy’s.

  • How lame of a driver do you have to be to hit an enormous tree that is on the SIDEWALK? Did somebody hit them from behind?

  • Nope, nobody hit the truck from behind. It was at about 8:25AM, and that lane is usually empty except for buses. The driver just wasn’t paying attention. He tried to say at first that it was a dead tree and just fell on the truck, but a number of us saw it happen and said so.

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