The 5pm Post – Powell Elementary adopted by the Capitals

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From a press release:

“Washington Capitals defenseman Mike Green and more than 125 Capitals fans volunteered their time at Powell Elementary School in Washington, D.C., as part of the D.C. Public Schools Beautification Day. Green and the other volunteers took on gardening, painting, cleaning and decorating projects and worked with school teachers and staff to help prepare for the first day of classes on Monday.”

Powell Elementary School is located at 1350 Upshur St, NW. Very cool, nice work!

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  • @ PoP: what is the new trend about typing your email name(at)something(dot)com Did I miss something?

  • I saw them doing this work and was wondering about it – pretty cool!

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this is what we’re paying our tax dollars for.

    I appreciate Mike Green et al’s civic-mindedness, but I’m sick of DCPS relying on charity to do the work that the city should be doing for us.

  • This way more about community building then getting some free labor. It would be easier for DCPS to contract this out earlier in the summer than to run this program just as schools are scrambling to get everything together so they can open on time.

  • I was there and had a great time giving back to my community!

  • Powell 2009 DC CAS Scores. Reading – 26% proficient
    Math – 43% proficient. Reading scores went up in 2010, but math declined. Definitely a school in need of more community support.

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